Tue May 26 4:00pm
The Fairly OddParentsThe Good Ol' Days; Future Lost NIK

Zaniness ensues when, in an effort to please his Grandpa Pappy, Timmy transforms the modern world into a black-and-white cartoon from the 1930s. Later, Timmy wishes himself into a futuristic society populated by seemingly harmless robots.

Tue May 26 4:30pm
The Fairly OddParentsVicky Gets Fired; CHINdred Spirits NIK

The Crimson Chin is lonely, so Timmy wishes up a girlfriend for him, then regrets his actions; Vicky gets fired from being Timmy's babysitter and gets a new job as a power-hungry mayor.

Wed May 27 4:00pm
The Fairly OddParentsOpen Wide and Say 'Ahhh!'; Oddpirates NIK

Timmy needs a tonsillectomy and Vicky is his nurse, determined to make his stay as painful as possible. Next, Timmy wishes to see his favorite ball team, the Pirates, but Poof sends him to a real pirate ship.

Wed May 27 4:30pm
The Fairly OddParentsFarm Pit; Crock Talk NIK

Timmy's dad turns their home into a farm, and a tornado strikes and carries away Wanda and Cosmo; Mr. Crocker starts a Web show to cast a spotlight on Dimmsdale's recent monster invasion.

Thu May 28 4:00pm
The Fairly OddParentsSomething's Fishy; Presto Change-O NIK

Cosmo stands trial for sinking the fabled city of Atlantis. Later, Timmy and Mr. Crocker accidentally switch bodies, a situation that puts Wanda and Cosmo in danger of being exposed as fairies.

Thu May 28 4:30pm
The Fairly OddParentsFinding Emo; Dust Busters NIK

Timmy takes a liking to a new girl at school; the fairies join Timmy to help rid his house of fairy dust.

Fri May 29 4:00pm
The Fairly OddParentsOld Man and the C-; Balance of Flour NIK

Timmy's dad enrolls in his class after confessing he dropped out of school; Timmy swipes a secret brownie recipe, which then gets downloaded into his brain.

Fri May 29 4:30pm
The Fairly OddParentsMice-Capades; Formula for Disaster NIK

Poof spends too much time watching a violent cartoon, then turns Timmy and Vicky into characters from it; Poof and Crocker butt heads when Poof refuses to take his medicine.

Sat May 30 7:00am
The Fairly OddParentsNega Timmy; Love at First Height NIK

A wish goes horribly wrong when Timmy is transformed into a bad kid; Vicky falls madly in love with a teen version of Timmy.

Sat May 30 7:30am
The Fairly OddParentsTimmy the Barbarian; No Substitute for Crazy NIK

Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda are unwilling participants in a bedtime story, which casts Timmy as a barbarian who faces all sorts of obstacles as he searches for a prized chalice. Later, Timmy's substitute teacher, Mrs. Sunshine, is too good to be true.

Sat May 30 11:00am
The Fairly OddParentsForce of Nature; Viral Vidiots NIK

Timmy helps clean up a park and angers the animals when he wishes they would keep things tidy on their own; Crocker kidnaps Timmy's mom because he thinks she's a troll who possesses magic.

Sat May 30 11:30am
The Fairly OddParentsTurning Into Turner; The Wand That Got Away NIK

Crocker uses Timmy's DNA to pose as a futuristic Timmy; Cosmo's wand goes missing, so Timmy leads a search for it.

Sun May 31 7:00am
The Fairly OddParentsDadbracadabra; Timmy Turnip NIK

Timmy helps his dad with some magic tricks, leading Crocker to mistake Timmy's dad for a fairy; Timmy doesn't enjoy spending time in Ustinkistan, his grandparents' homeland.

Sun May 31 11:30am
The Fairly OddParents NIK

The zany, fast-paced adventures of a 10-year-old boy and his fairy godparents, who inadvertently create havoc as they grant wishes for their pint-sized charge.

Mon Jun 1 4:00pm
The Fairly OddParentsTake and Fake; Cosmo Rules NIK

Timmy attends Trixie's costume party, but problems arise because he doesn't know how to operate the Fake-i-fier machine he borrowed; Cosmo gets to be in charge when Jorgen falls ill, but Timmy causes problems with his green crayon.

Mon Jun 1 4:30pm
The Fairly OddParentsThe Odd Squad; For Emergencies Only NIK

Timmy wishes for a talking car and gets "Carsmo," who takes Timmy on a tour of Fairy World, where they learn Mama Cosma is missing. Later, Timmy gets a magic wand with 10 wishes for emergencies, but Timmy uses the wand recklessly and puts himself in danger (more…)

Tue Jun 2 4:00pm
The Fairly OddParentsMooooving Day; Big Wanda NIK

The Turners move into a luxurious---but rather off-putting---gated community after Timmy helps his mom become a big success at selling real estate; Wanda runs the fairy world's mob with a feminine touch.

Tue Jun 2 4:30pm
The Fairly OddParentsThe Boss of Me; He Poofs, He Scores! NIK

Timmy goes to work with his father and impresses his dad's boss; Timmy mistakenly eats Poof in his cereal, and then suddenly he becomes great at soccer.

Wed Jun 3 4:00pm
The Fairly OddParentsThe Bored Identity; Country Clubbed NIK

Timmy tries to inject excitement into his dad's life by wishing it were an action movie; Timmy's family visit a country club, where Cosmo battles with a gopher and Timmy experiences life as a socialite.

Wed Jun 3 4:30pm
The Fairly OddParentsTwo and a Half Babies; Anchor's Away NIK

Foop needs to care for an egg, but he breaks it, and then he replaces it with a dangerous one; Dad becomes an anchorman after Chet Ubetcha resigns.

Thu Jun 4 4:00pm
The Fairly OddParentsLet Sleeper Dogs Lie; Cat-astrophe NIK

Crocker tries to program Sparky as an unwitting sleeper agent in his war against Timmy and the fairies; Catman mistakes Sparky for his old archenemy Dogman.

Thu Jun 4 4:30pm
The Fairly OddParentsFly Boy; Temporary Fairy NIK

When Timmy isn't allowed to watch a new horror film, he wishes to become a fly; Jorgen becomes Timmy's temporary fairy when Wanda and Cosmo are too busy.

Fri Jun 5 4:00pm
The Fairly OddParentsStage Fright; Gone Flushin' NIK

Vicky wants to be an actress, and she seeks Timmy's help in obtaining her debut role; Timmy and the fairies get flushed down the toilet by Dad.

Fri Jun 5 4:30pm
The Fairly OddParentsLame Ducks; Perfect Nightmare NIK

A thief strikes, so Dad forms a neighborhood-watch program; Timmy wants a perfect family so that he can win a contest.

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