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Batman Returns: Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar Reunite for Classic DVD and Blu-ray Release

It's about Bat-time! After being held up for decades due to brand-ownership and rights issues, the original 1966-68 Batman live-action TV series is being released on DVD and Blu-ray as a box set on Nov. 11 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. And it will be loaded up like Batman's utility belt with knockout extras, such as a complete episode guide and more than three hours of bonus features.read more

VIDEO: The Batman: Lost Powers - Part 2

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The Batman: Lost Powers - Part 2
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Length: 22:18
Posted: 9/6/2014

When kidnapped members of the Justice League have their powers transferred into alien androids, it's up to Batman to help his friends get their powers back and prevent an alien invasion. Part Two of a two-part episode. watch

VIDEO: Lost Heroes - Part I

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Lost Heroes - Part I
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Length: 21:00
Aired: 2/23/2008

One by one the most powerful members of the Justice League are abducted and it's up to Batman, Robin and Green Arrow to uncover the mystery. Part One of a two-part episode. watch


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Year Title Description
2006 TV Land Awards TV Show Series, Appearing
1997 Alien Force Movie, Actor - Omnipresent Praxima
1992 Smooth Talker Movie, Actor - Lab Technician
1991 Virgin High Movie, Actor - Dick Murphy
1990 Roboc.H.I.C. Movie, Actor - Harry Truman Hodgkins

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Exclusive Preview: TV's Classic Caped Crusader Blasts Off the Page in Batman '66

Holy revival, Batman! DC Comics has brought the Caped Crusader's iconic 1960s TV show back to life in a weekly digital comic book series. Batman '66 debuted last week with new vibrant adventures of Batman and Robin, famously played by Adam West and Burt Ward on the ABC series.

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Adam West's Batman on Blu-ray Disc? Yes!

Since the TV-on-DVD craze went mainstream around 2000-2001, one of the burning, unanswered questions has been "when will episodes from the Adam West version of Batman finally come to DVD?" The classic, campy series has a ton of fans, and lots of rumors surround the reasons behind its absence from the DVD market.One popular rumor (possibly the most popular, especially on the internet) is that the hold-up is between Fox and Warner Brothers. But in a June 2006 interview with members of the Home Theater Forum website, executives from Warner Home Video stated that they have nothing to do with any sort of hold-up for Batman episodes. "This is an issue between DC (Comics) and Fox. Fox owns the series."For their part, Fox has told us "We are continuing to work on participations issues and resolve, so that we might be able to bring it out. The issue is that there are several entities that have rights to this particular series. The contract language didn't clearly specify home entertainment.... read more

On the Batman TV series, ...

Question: On the Batman TV series, every Batman and Robin wanted to slide down the Batpole, they would flip up the head of a bust just outside the hidden door. Who was the bust of?

Answer: Holy setup, Kevin! Why do I get the feeling you know the answer to this and are simply trying to stump me? I usually avoid such questions because I like to help out those who really need to know something, but this time I'll bite since I grew up with that show and have a soft spot for it.

To gain access to the Batcave, either Bruce Wayne (Adam West) or Dick Grayson (Burt Ward) would push a button in a bust of William Shakespeare.

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Ka-Pow! Batman Wings it Back to TV

Here's a twist on the increasingly popular TV reunion: Legendary dynamic duo Adam West and Burt Ward — who became pop culture icons via their respective roles as Batman and Robin in the classic '60s series Batman — are reteaming for an upcoming CBS special that is neither a clip-filled retrospective nor a cheesy sequel chronicling the superheroes' much-later years. No, Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt is a tongue-in-cheek comedy adventure in which West and Ward, playing themselves, stumble upon a diabolical plot to steal the original Batmobile from a charity benefit. Talk about silly! "We decided to do something that was fresh, innovative," says West, "a modern-day caper with [me] and Burt and maybe with an occasional allusion to or reference to some of read more

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