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Ask Matt: Arrow, Homeland, Love for Jane, Sons of Anarchy Finale, Forever and More

Stephen Amell

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Question: The mid-season finale of Arrow certainly got the fans talking, but it was Stephen Amell's tweet of "It was a good run" that sent the fandom into a tizzy with speculation of his and the character of Oliver Queen/Arrow leaving the series. Amell further fanned the flames when he took to Facebook noting that Arrow was more then just about Oliver Queen. And the executive producer stated this episode would change the series. All of this feels like blatant fan manipulation beyond normal entertainment standards. I'm in serious doubt that we saw Oliver "die," and feel it is all part of the next evolution of his experiences as The Arrow, but it did get me to wonder, can a show like Arrow continue to be successful, even on a smaller network like The CW, should the decision be made to kill off the main character? You've already fielded questions about the "Laurel Lance/Black Canary problem," and there are many out there who feel she is the weakest link when it comes to the Arrow narrative, but there are some strong supporting characters in Arrow's cast. That being said, we've spent the last three years invested in the story of Oliver Queen as Arrow. What are your thoughts on a situation such as this? — Chris

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Game of Thrones' Kit Harington: Jon Snow Is Prepared to Sacrifice Himself

John Bradley, Kit Harington

Game of Thrones waits for no man, not even a Dornishman.

Although fans may still be reeling from last week's brutal trial by combat, Sunday's episode (9/8c, HBO) will barrel ahead with yet another deadly engagement. The wildlings have made their bloody way south and are now closing in on the Night's Watch in a conflict that will test everyone's mettle. "In this battle... read more

Game of Thrones Power Shift: Hodor Loses Control; Littlefinger Gets Laid

Kristian Nairn

Our feelings for Sunday's Game of Thrones can be summed up in one word: Hodor! If you need more than that, check out the rest of the recap. read more

Exclusive Turn Sneak Peek: Will Abe's Pride Tear His Family Apart?

Meegan Warner and Jamie Bell

Tensions between Abe Woodhull (Jamie Bell) and his father Richard (Kevin McNally) have reached a tipping point on AMC's TurnBut will Abe put his pride aside if his son's well-being is at stake?

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Game of Thrones Power Shift: Joffrey's Killer Revealed; A Baby Gets the Blues

Isaac Hempstead Wright

[WARNING: The following contains spoilers from Game of Thrones' "Oathkeeper." If you haven't watched it yet, don't make us leave you out in the cold for the White Walkers!]

Game of Thrones finally unmasked the people who had a hand in Joffrey's death, but fans had to pay close attention to figure out exactly who ... read more

AMC Orders Two New Dramas Starring Jamie Bell and Pushing Daisies' Lee Pace

Lee Pace, Jamie Bell

AMC has ordered two new dramas starring Pushing Daisies alum Lee Pace and Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell, the network announced at Friday's Television Critics Association's fall TV previews.

Pace will star in ... read more

"Out of Time"

What an odd start — the episode just sort of launched in with no explanation. How did Jack and the gang know to be at that particular spot at that particular moment? I suppose there was some kind of alien device that let them know that a plane from 1953 had slipped through a "transcendental portal," a door in time and space, and was arriving in Cardiff. The three guests offer a peek into a different way of life, and for some of the Torchwooders, they offer lessons into their own character as well.Captain Jack attempts to give the time transplants new names and new identities, and Ianto takes them on a shopping trip, showing them the wonders of packaged foods, laddy mags, DVDs and waterproof mascara. The plane's pilot, Diane Holmes, is puzzled by the "Smoking Kills" warning on a package of smokes (she buys them anyway).For Diane and the young Emma Cowell, the change in time, though difficult at first, sort of sticks, but for John Ellis, the notion is too much. All he wants is to... read more


Ewwwwwww. I'm not such a fan of the cannibal genre in general, and this one was quite... well, gruesome. Not to mention grim. It all seemed to start out innocently enough: Torchwood left the comfortable confines of Cardiff to investigate a series of unexplained deaths in a small village; once in the country, they set up camp and started a provocative conversation about snogging (which revealed, among other things, that Tosh has a thing for Owen). Too bad for poor Tosh — Owen and Gwen take a stroll in the woods, to "gather firewood," and end up thisclose to snogging yet again. When they make a gruesome discovery — a skinned, maggot-infested corpse — the rest of the gang join them to investigate, leaving their camp unattended, and giving the mysterious bad guy a chance to drive off in their car. So the gang take off in the stunning, if menacing, landscape, toward the seemingly abandoned, utterly creepy village.There they split up (of course, because what else do people ... read more


And with that... we hit the first Torchwood clunker. This episode verged at times on the absurd (yes, I'm aware that it's a sci-fi series — you know what I mean) but mostly was just rather boring. For the first time I was aware that it was an hour-long show; while last week my heart was in my throat waiting to see how it turned out, this week I was sort of waiting for it to be over.The story revolved around a cybernetic menace who gave a whole new meaning to the term "bionic woman." Lisa, a gorgeous former Torchwood employee, was at some point in the organization's murky past "upgraded" with cybernetic implants to fight a gruesome battle. As the episode begins, Ianto is sneaking a doctor who specializes in such matters into the HQ basement, where he's hidden Lisa — who, in her former manifestation, was his girlfriend, and still considers herself as such. She's the last of her kind (as far as we know; please let her be the last) and only escaped because Ianto rescued her. T... read more

"Ghost Machine"

I'm all for a quick start, and "Ghost Machine" certainly had that: Gwen and Owen (who really impressed me for the first time, but more on that later) are pursuing an alien signal through the streets of Cardiff, with Captain Jack closely following in the Torchwood-mobile. Gwen is apparently the fastest on her feet, and she catches up to the guy who's giving off the signal — only to have him slither out of his jacket and get away. Tosh convinces her that the alien signal is still with her, and Gwen fishes in the jacket pocket and finds another alien doodad. The only conclusion I can draw is that all alien creatures and artifacts are utterly irresistible. It's the technological version of last episode's hyped-up sexual pheromones: Even though you'd think she's been around such items long enough to realize not to touch the alien on/off button, she does just that anyway.She's transported to the same place, a train station, some 60 years ago. A young boy with his name pinned to his j... read more

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