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  • Family Guy "Okay, so anyone who loves this show is destined to go to hell... but hell hath no fury like this jaw-droppingly funny show. Seth McFarlane and his team have ignored walking the fine line of what is too far and what is not far enough. They always go too far. And though I cringe at times at the audacity of what is presented, I am secretly smiling through the attack on my conscience. Family Guy is a ride through the scariest, funniest, most surprising fun house of any carnival in the world."
  • The Daily Show With Jon Stewart "Intelligent, funny and current -- three components that are very hard to pull off successfully. They do it regularly. Is there a more perfect host that is adroit in all these?"
  • 30 Rock "At the top of their game in smart, sophisticated, adult humor. Maybe that's why it's always been a ratings-challenged show. Can a show be too smart? Not for me. I appreciate how it makes me listen carefully to catch each innuendo, pop culture reference, and the inside political skewering. What run-of-the-mill comedies would use as a centerpiece set-up and punch line joke, 30 Rock tosses off within normal conversation. Brilliant. This show has always made me laugh."
  • Mad Men "Consistently well written and performed. The show has the courage to dispense the story on its own time, not succumbing to the pressure of our society's fast-paced, quick-cutting TV standard. The art direction is superb. The hair and costumes take us back to that rich and alluring era."
  • Modern Family "Not since my days on Malcolm in the Middle have I seen a show that can make you laugh out loud and at the same time resonate on some deeper level. Extremely difficult to do because if the audience smells a "message" in an episode -- game over, show loses. This program has it all: wonderful writing, fantastic actors. Bravo."


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