Wed May 27 11:35pm
The MentalistGreen Light(Season 7, Episode 6) CBS

A DEA raid goes badly and the FBI is asked to consult on it, but Abbott's put in a sticky situation when his old boss attempts to blackmail him into protecting the DEA.

Thu May 28 8:00pm
The MentalistStrawberries and Cream(Season 3, Episode 23) MNT

Season 3 finale (Part 1): The CBI mole is discovered and Jane finally confronts Red John face-to-face.

Thu May 28 9:00pm
The MentalistStrawberries and Cream(Season 3, Episode 24) MNT

The Season 3 finale (conclusion): the CBI mole is discovered and Jane finally confronts Red John face-to-face.

Thu May 28 11:35pm
The MentalistLittle Yellow House(Season 7, Episode 7) CBS

Lisbon's brother is sought by the FBI as a key witness in a homicide investigation.

Fri May 29 11:35pm
The MentalistThe Whites of His Eyes(Season 7, Episode 8) CBS

The team put themselves in danger to protect a witness from a trained assassin, leading Jane to grow concerned about Lisbon's safety.

Mon Jun 1 11:35pm
The MentalistCopper Bullet(Season 7, Episode 9) CBS

Abbott's career is at risk, so Jane hatches a dicey plan to save Abbott's job and freedom.

Tue Jun 2 11:35pm
The MentalistNothing Gold Can Stay(Season 7, Episode 10) CBS

A group of violent armored-car thieves are hunted by the FBI, and Jane's willing to go to great lengths to halt them from taking more innocent lives.

Wed Jun 3 11:35pm
The MentalistByzantium(Season 7, Episode 11) CBS

A young man claims to be psychic and offers to assist the FBI with solving some murders, but soon the team suspect he might be the person who committed the killings.

Thu Jun 4 8:00pm
The MentalistPilot(Season 1, Episode 1) MNT

The murders of a pro golfer's wife and her doctor are investigated in the opener of a series about a former fake psychic (Simon Baker) who now uses his gift for observing details to assist a California crime unit.

Thu Jun 4 9:00pm
The MentalistRed Hair and Silver Tape(Season 1, Episode 2) MNT

The team probes the murder of a waitress in Napa Valley, but Patrick opts to conduct his own private investigation, using Grace as bait. Sheriff McAllister: Xander Berkeley. Malcolm Boatwright: Eric Stonestreet. Sandra Boatwright: Judith Hoag.

Thu Jun 4 11:35pm
The MentalistBrown Shag Carpet(Season 7, Episode 12) CBS

Jane goes back to his roots and pretends to be a psychic in order to lure out a serial killer for the FBI.

Fri Jun 5 11:35pm
The MentalistWhite Orchids(Season 7, Episode 13) CBS

In the series finale, Lisbon agrees to marry Jane, but their bliss may be short-lived thanks to a serial killer's passion for vengeance.