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Oliver Stone Lands TV Deal

Oliver Stone

Filmmaker Oliver Stone and writer Bruce Wagner have inked a television development deal with Epix for a one-hour scripted drama, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Still Holding, based on the Wagner novel of the same name, will follow ... read more

I remember watching a very ...

Question: I remember watching a very short-lived show (it might even have been only a two-hour pilot) about a planet that had one half permanently in the dark and one have permanently in the light. Do you know the name of this show? Thanks.

Answer: You're thinking of Fox's White Dwarf, a two-hour pilot produced by Bruce Wagner (Wild Palms) and Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather, Apocalypse Now Redux, etc.) which originally aired May 1995 and never made it to series.

In what The Los Angeles Times termed "a sort of Willow meets ER set in the time of Star Wars, Neal McDonough starred as a young doctor from Earth who traveled to the planet Rusta in the year 3040 to study the ways read more

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