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House of Cards

The episode revolved around the ring that Kyle sold and how to get the ring back, since it opens the box that Kyle found in the remains of Zzyzx.Ballantine (MadaCorp) thought things were going too slowly, so he invited himself to dinner with the Tragers. I am not sure how this would speed things up, unless he wanted Kyle to see that he possessed the ring. Nicole seemed to take the unexpected dinner guest well.Kyle, Foss and Declan hatched a plan to get the ring back, which almost didn't work out, but it resulted in Foss sacrificing himself to make sure Kyle and Declan escaped. Again, it seemed too easy for Kyle, Declan and Foss to bypass all the security and get into MadaCorp.Speaking of security, that place seemed very 1984 to me: retinal scanners and CCTV cameras all over the place, yet there's no security at the entrance? You can just walk in and go through a metal detector. Most buildings I’ve worked in since the early '90s require you to swipe your ID card to pass through ... read more

What's the Frequency, Kyle?

As you all know, Lori was attacked in the last episode. When she wakes up in the morning, her father is sleeping in the room. Meanwhile, Lori asks Kyle “Do I speak with a British accent? No. Do I wear a crown? No. Then stop guarding my door like I’m Queen freaking Elizabeth”. I loved this exchange.I am wondering why they are writing Steven’s father into this episode if he is terminal. It doesn’t seem there would be a long drawn out story line. We find out that Steven and his father are estranged. Steven’s father is hooked up to a brain wave monitor and is supposed brain dead. Yet, while Steven is filling Kyle what happened between him and Kyle, all the lines on the monitor peek and Kyle gets a headache. Could, Steven’s father not actually be brain dead and is trying to communicate? Somehow, Kyle seemed to receive a picture of the church that Steven’s father led.Amanda goes with Kyle to the hospital to see Steven’s father. She... read more

June 4, 2007: Endgame

Before the second season of Kyle XY premieres next Monday, June 11, here's a refresher of where we left off. I spent last weekend watching Season 1 on DVD (available at Amazon), and the special extended-cut version of the DVD has some differences, but I think it works better.At the start of the last episode, Kyle's in the hospital recovering from his seizure on the merry-go-round, which befell him while straining to hear Declan and Charlie’s conversation. While he is in the hospital, we find out that Kyle supposedly disappeared five years earlier on his way to school. He was living in Hong Kong at that time. We also find out that the supposed reason that Kyle has no belly button is because as a child he had several operations to reposition his organs, and as a result, he was left without a belly button.Does anyone else find this hard to believe? First, if they really did that type of surgery, there would be visible scars on his skin that a trained eye, like a doctor, would be a... read more

Season-Finale Scoop from Kyle XY's Dad!

Matt Dallas and Bruce Thomas, Kyle XY

For months fans have wondered, "Who is Kyle XY? What is he?" In the end, might this seemingly supernatural being with the rather super abilities be just a long-missing milk-carton kid named Noah Peterson? That is precisely what's proposed in the opening minutes of the ABC Family series' first season finale, airing tonight at 8 pm/ET. But it can't be that simple, right? Right?! spoke with Kyle's "dad," Bruce Thomas, about the switch in parental units ahead. I just watched the season finale where Kyle's real parents show up, so I guess we're all done here, eh? The series is over?Bruce Thomas: [Laughs] Yeah, no more need for the Trager family! We're out of the picture! I actually thought about that this m read more

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