Continental Divide - Official Trailer
01:55 — A Chicago journalist forms an unlikely bond with an eagle researcher.
Radio Days
02:23 — A nostalgic reminiscence about growing up in 1940s Queens, New York (the days prior to WWII)...mixing family vignettes with incidents about radio perf (more…)
The Weather Man - Trailer
Nicolas Cage stars as a disillusioned meteorologist who comes to resent his place in life.
The Manhattan Project - Official Trailer
00:36 — A teenager becomes a fugitive when he decides to alert the world to the ease with which nuclear weapons can be made.
Big - Official Trailer
02:20 — A young boy wishes himself into becoming a 35-year-old man, then must deal with the consequences. Touching, funny and instructive!
Music From Another Room - Official Trailer
01:30 — Some people spend a lifetime searching for their true love. Danny found his when he was only five. It only took him 25 years to realize it.
My Life - Official Trailer
02:58 — Tearjerker about a terminally ill man who decides to make a video tape for his expected child.
Mad Dog And Glory - Official Trailer
02:08 — Serio-comedy produced by Martin Scorsese about a police photographer who is granted temporary use of a prostitute by a mobster when he saves his life. (more…)
Radio Days - Official Trailer
01:43 — Allen's usual movie family in an affectionate homage to the golden age of radio. This should bring a lot of memories back for older viewers!
Sour Grapes - Official Trailer
01:58 — Richie and friends till debt do them part! After Richie wins a $436,000 slot payoff with 2 quarters he bummed from Evan, their lives evolv (more…)
Outbreak - Official Trailer
02:00 — An Army doctor races to find a serum for a deadly virus in order to save a California town and its residents. The military wants to destroy it all to (more…)
Scientists in Portugal Discover the Fossils of Earth's Largest Predator
In Lourinha, Portugal, scientists have discovered the fossils of Metoposaurus Algarvensis, a huge predatory amphibian who lived during the rise of the (more…)
Video Captures Praying Mantises in Flight
Researchers have captured incredible video showing praying mantises leaping.
Watch Laser Zap This Mosquito
A Bellevue, Washington company is developing a high tech method of getting rid of mosquitoes and other pests. KING5's Glenn Farley reports.
Obama Becomes First 3D-Printed President
The Smithsonian teamed up with the White House to take a 3D portrait of President Obama.
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