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John from Cincinnati's Rebecca DeMornay Needs a Hug

Rebecca DeMornay, John from Cincinnati

It's been 24 years since she gave Tom Cruise an El of a time in Risky Business, and Rebecca DeMornay is still one hot ticket. As Cissy Yost, the way-damaged surf-family matriarch on HBO's John from Cincinnati (Sundays at 9 pm/ET), DeMornay has been tearing up the scenery while proving that some sex symbols never go out of style. TV Guide: What is going on with this show? DeMornay: [Laughs] It's like a Rorschach puzzle being formulated inside the locked doors of [series creator] David Milch's mind. Everything is hidden behind those doors — even from the actors. TV Guide: You find out as the scripts come in? DeMornay: read more

Bruce Greenwood "Surfs" Up John from Cincinnati Scoop

Bruce Greenwood, John from Cincinnati

Air Jordan meet… Air Greenwood. As the levitating surfer, Mitch Yost, on HBO's new mystical surf-noir drama John from Cincinnati (Sundays at 9 pm/ET), veteran film and television actor Bruce Greenwood takes the sport to new heights. Here he (surf) waxes poetic on sword dancing, acting with poultry and why he believes he can fly. TV Guide: Why does Mitch levitate? Greenwood: I'm not privy to that information. You have to make up theories in your mind, but chances are my guesses are not going to [match] what [show creator] David Milch (Deadwood) comes up with. TV Guide: Do you guys talk about it? Greenwood: That kind of question is not one that he would give you a straight answer to. He would say something li read more

Surreality TV: Inside HBO's Quirky John from Cincinnati

John from Cincinnati

When you work on a show like HBO's John from Cincinnati (Sundays at 9 pm/ET), it can screw with your head. Recently, Austin Nichols, who plays the enigmatic John, was memorizing lines for a scene when he had a premonition. "I knew in my heart that I should scream, ‘Stare me down!'" he says. "The next morning when I arrived to shoot the scene, I looked at the revised script and those exact words were staring me in the face. It took my breath away." HBO hopes its surreal new drama has the same "Whoa, dude!" effect on viewers. Set in the border town of Imperial Beach, Calif., about 130 miles south of L.A., John rips through the turbulent waters of three generations of a down-in-the-dumps surfing family — grandparents Mitch ( read more

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