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EXCLUSIVE: 'Thicker Than Water' Star Brooklyn Tankard Opens up About Her Total Body Transformation
01:42 — The 27-year-old reality star underwent a variety of procedures to achieve her ideal look.
Know If Your Date Is A Serial Killer & Other Dating Tips From Brooklyn Tankard
Season 3 Exclusive: Brooklyn Tankard recommends asking potential dates probing questions.
Is Brooklyn Too Picky When it Comes to Men?
Season 8 Episode 13 Exclusive: Brooklyn Tankard is a woman who knows what she wants -- confidence.
Hair Show Sabotage?
Season 1 Episode 2 Preview: Brooklyn Tankard accuses her brother, Benji, of messing up her hair show.
What Would Patti Do. . .to a Lawyer?
Season 8 Episode 13 Show Highlight: A whole lot more than marry him, apparently! Brooklyn Tankard better take notes!
Patti's Vlog: Brooklyn Chose Wrong
Season 8 Episode 13 Exclusive: Patti Stanger thinks that Brooklyn Tankard got swayed by the sexy and missed out on a man of substance.
Brooklyn Puts an End to the Fighting
Season 2 Episode 8 Preview: Brooklyn Tankard decides to play mediator when Jewel, Junice, and Junetta can t stop arguing.
Brooklyn Gets Cheeky About French Kissing
Season 8 Episode 13 Show Highlight: In one of the sexiest mixers ever, Brooklyn Tankard gets real about what she likes to do with her lips.
Brooklyn Tankard Needs a Man
Season 8 Episode 13 Preview: This Tankard's dating life is 'zero, nada, zip.' Can Patti find her a man on her level?
Brooklyn’s Marathon Mix Up
Season 1 Episode 1 Show Highlight: Brooklyn Tankard, if you are going to run a marathon you should think about signing up in advance.
The 3 Commandments of Wearing Weave
Season 2 Exclusive: Brooklyn Tankard knows a thing or two about weave, including how to look your best while wearing it.
Brooklyn Is Ready to Leave the Nest
Season 2 Episode 6 Show Highlight: Brooklyn Tankard may be ready to leave the Tankard Palace, but Ben and Jewel aren't so sure.
Brooklyn Tankard’s Car Crash
Season 1 Episode 3 Preview: It s wreck number 7.
Brooklyn Tankard Won’t Drive a Hoop-dee
Season 1 Episode 3 Show Highlight: That s like having a closet full of suits and wearing your pajamas to work.
Ep 13: Brooklyn Tankard and Amit Ram
On the 100th episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker, Brooklyn Tankard of Bravo s Thicker Than Water is in town from Nashville to find herself a mate. C (more…)


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