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Miss Virginia Named Miss America 2010

Miss America 2010 - Caressa Cameron

Caressa Cameron, Miss Virginia, was crowned Miss America 2010 Saturday.

The 22-year-old Fredericksburg, Va., native, who succeeds Miss America 2009 Katie Stam, is an aspiring television news anchor... read more

Idol's Brooke White Readies for Album Release

Brooke White

Hard to believe, but American Idol judge Randy Jackson — despite incessantly trumpeting his music-producer cred on the show — has never collaborated with an Idol alum — until now, that is.

Which Idol judges will be back next season?

Jackson has lent his talents to Season 7 fifth-place finisher Brooke White, whose debut album, High Hopes & Heartbreak, is out Tuesday, July 21. The pair also cofounded the indie label on which it will be released. "I'm very appreciative of Randy ...
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Brooke White: "I Wouldn't Have Made It On This Season" of Idol

Brooke White

If you aren't feeling the new American Idol voting system, you've got a friend in Season 7 finalist Brooke White. She tells she's certain she wouldn't have strummed her way all the way to the top 5 last year if this year's rules were in play, and also gives us the lowdown on her new album and health campaign — plus her thoughts on Season 8. Have you been watching this season at all?
Brooke White:
You know what, I ...
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Idol's Brooke White Tries to Save the World

Brooke White courtesy Fox

Sweetie-pie American Idol finalist Brooke White has teamed up with Idol Gives Back and Malaria No More to launch the "Save the World Summer" campaign, which invites kids to use their summer vacation to raise money for worthy causes.The fundraising effort was inspired by 10-year-old Ryan Skarnulis, who used his birthday party to raise close to $1,000 for bed nets in Africa. Brooke is urging kids to pick whichever issue inspires them the most and use birthday parties, lemonade stands, car washes or dance-a-thons to raise money for that cause. The vibrant and positive White has chosen Malaria No More — which helps distribute mosquito nets throughout Africa — as her own cause.Says the singer, "It's empowering for kids to learn how they can take simple steps to make a huge impact." Seeing as Brooke was sort of the mama bear to the younger wannabe Idols, it's no surprise how much faith she has in America's kids to make a difference. "They are learning what I learned through my... read more

VIDEO Q&A: Is Brooke White Still a Believer?

When Brooke White stopped by the other day, there were no trademark tears to be seen. Rather, we welcomed the arrival of a sunny blonde still riding the high of her Top 5 run. In this video Q&A, Brooke talks about Carly Simon's amazing endorsement, the disparity between the guys' and gals' fan mail, and whether she would have (or even could have) braved Idol sans her piano and guitar. — Matt Mitovich read more

Brooke White: Surviving Idol

Brooke White and Ryan Seacrest by Ray Mickshaw/Fox

After a tearful exit from the Idol competition at the edge of its final frontier, Brooke White is nothing but grateful for the experience she had on the show, and knows that she's a survivor. Speaking to press Thursday, White confided that she'd had her bags packed for two weeks before she was actually voted off the show Wednesday night. But when she woke up Wednesday morning, she said, she knew that it was her final day. "Weird, I know" she admitted, but somehow, she was right. On Tuesday, she took to the piano and the guitar for two Neil Diamond songs, the first of which, "I'm a Believer," Simon deemed "a nightmare." Despite the fact that White recovered nicely for her second song, "I Am, I Said," it wasn't enough to save her another week. "Boom, it hit me" she says of the moment of truth. "This is over." Racing her through her mind as the tears ran down her cheeks was "the fear of going back into the real world, and what does the future hold?" She told reporters, "I hoped so much... read more

The Top Four Revealed!

OK so lets face it last night was as boring as whale sh-t Bet you didnt know whale shizzle was boring but it is And last nights show almost made it seem interesting And was it me or did Neil Diamond not make the greatest mentor Or maybe they just cut it all out for times sake Either way I was disappointed Tonight the Idols begin with a medley of ND songs starting off with snooze-fest Jason Castro singing Cracklin Rose However the others come in with some awesome harmony which saves the song They keep going with more songs and end with their hands in the air like theyre the Osmonds or Bradys Its weird and stagey So moving onRyan points out that Constantine and Gina are in the audience not just to say Hi but to pimp out their new American Idol post-show gig for Fox Ugh Next Then we get a recap of last nights performances Wow In an unusual move by Idol and Seacrest they address the rumors about Paulas behavior last night basically everyo read more

Carly Simon: Brooke Sings "So Much Better Than I Ever Did"

Brooke White by Frank Micelotta/Fox

Though finalist Brooke White has had her share of missteps the past few weeks, she was an early favorite of the judges after her Top 20 performance of Carly Simon's "You're So Vain." Now, Ms. Simon is doing the judging, and she says Brooke is the best contestant left on the stage.Simon tells the AP that she began tuning in when she heard about White's performance of her 1973 No. 1 hit. "I thought, 'Oh my god, this girl is so talented and she sings the song so much better than I ever did or ever could,'" Simon says. "I was so flattered that she chose the song and... more than impressed. I think she should win."Unfortunately for Brooke, the Simon who gets his say in front of the millions of Idol viewers each week called White's stiff performance of "I'm a Believer" on Tuesday night's Neil Diamond-themed outing a "nightmare." Maybe she caught a case of Carly Simon's legendary stage fright?Only Wednesday's results show will determine which Simon the American public agrees with. What do ... read more

The Top Five Perform

American Idol by Michael Becker/Fox

Hey guys So its Neil Diamond night and Ive had Sweet Caroline in my head all freakin day Thanks a lot Neil PS my husband says were related to Mr Diamond Yeah Ill believe that when I get front row seats to his concertRyan introduces the top five Syesha looks amazing Brooke looks like someones mom from the Jersey Shore out for a night of gambling at the Taj Majal and everyone else looks decent Why does Brooke insist on dressing like either an old lady or a fairy princess Please explain Tonight the Idols will be singing two Diamond songs so buckle up and enjoy the ride The contestants gather around the piano and Neil tells them not to be nervous that the songs are meant to be enjoyed Thats cool Ryan tells us that the contestants will be judged after their second song Thats kinda annoying Well see how it worksJason Castro Forever in Blue Jeans OK I know a lot of you love Jason and I used to dig him but how is he still here Really he should read more

Top 5 Power Rankings: Will Anyone Challenge the Davids?

American Idol's final five by Frank Micelotta/Fox

With Carly removed from the running, Brooke inarguably on borrowed time (and/or the benefactor/involuntary puppet of a, ahem, questionable website), and Syesha yet again mired in last place, it's pretty safe to say that your next American Idol is going to be... a guy. According to the latest Power Rankings, David C. now has 56.2 percent of our readers' votes, again topping the tally. Meanwhile, at a time when wannabes want their piece of the pie to be increasing, David A. took his biggest hit in over a month, dropping 3.5 percent week-to-week. As for Jason... well, he apparently has pretty eyes.Top 5 Power Rankings55.8% David Cook20.9% David Archuleta12.7% Jason Castro6.7% Brooke White3.8% Syesha MercadoThis week we switch to double performances. Realistically, folks, do you think any surprises are left to be seen in the standings? I suppose only the next 72 hours will tell. read more

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