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Grey's Anatomy's Sloan and Hahn: Where Were We?

Grey's Anatomy by Ron Tom/ABC

Our final refresher features a look at Mark Sloans aka McSteamy promiscuous behavior and his recent advances on Dr HahnThe Couple Mark Sloan Eric Dane and Erica Hahn Brooke SmithWhere We Were McSteamy earned his nickname because of his bedroom eyes and overtly flirty nature but as weve gotten to know plastic surgeon Mark Sloan weve realized that his nickname might as well be McSlutty He burst on to the scene in the second season as the guy who was Dereks best friend before sleeping with Addison Thats a good best friend right there After Derek slept with Meredith at prom he apologized to Addison for having a part in the destruction of their marriage but when Sloan McSteamily appeared half naked out of her shower Derek was freed of any lingering guilt After several more Sloan-Addison hookups or cross-continental booty calls she finally dumped him for good Although he first turned to a recently wounded Callie to ease his pain Sloan moved on to rebuilding h read more

The Top 8: Who's Your Idol Now?

American Idol by Frank Micelotta/Fox

The following contains spoiler information about Wednesday night's American Idol results show.No huge surprises this week. There may have been one or two others who could have been sent home, but there certainly is no arguing with America's latest decision. The Davids were of course safe, Carly's still more than solid, and you have to figure Jason can work the pretty eyes and charm for another round or two. So, after all was said and done tonight, as it boiled down to Kristy Lee, Brooke and Ramiele, it was the littlest lass who got sung off.All of which is my long-winded way of saying: Who's your pick to win Idol now? Paula's got the Davids, Michael and Carly in her "final four." But is there a dark horse who could still ride up and steal a win? Vote here, and have your say in the next Power Rankings.PS. Got questions for when Ramiele drops by for her video Q&A? Share them in comments! read more

"Lay Your Hands on Me"

After a long absence Greys Anatomy returned tonight with what could be the last glimpse we have at Seattle Grace for a whileand they did not disappoint In a change from the norm Bailey talked us through tonights episode and from the moment she stated God created man and its been downhill ever since we knew that it was going to be a night unlike any otherDerek and Mark started things off by taking what looked like a light-hearted nature walk through the woods Their travels ended up on a picturesque hilltop where Derek exclaimed he was going to build his dream house He wasnt kidding With the architectural plans already mapped out Derek blindsided Meredith with the news and her reaction was less than enthusiastic Perhaps she was as shocked as I was to learn that McDreamy had put any thought into ever moving out of his shiny trailer Or perhaps she was too preoccupied with her culinary creation for Lexie to properly process the news Either way I was disap read more

It's Good to Be Scared

Episode Recap Crash Into Me Part Two December 6 2007What a night Mer finally tells Derek that she doesnt want him to date other people and he goes and locks lips with Rose at the hospital Shonda couldnt have planned that cliffhanger any better herself because tonights episode marks the last new episode available this month All I can say is I really hope that Derek doesnt choose Rose over Meredith Its true Mer was slow to open up to him but how can he walk away from her now Especially after she told him I dont want to lose youMy heart really goes out to Bailey too Tonight she put her troubled marriage on the line to operate on Shane Gale Harold a white supremacist Though it didnt really surprise me that Shane was more concerned about his ruined tattoo than he was about how Bailey had saved his life For me it was almost harder to watch Tucker Cress Williams disregard the importance of Baileys job and then suggest to George that their marr read more

Loose Ends

Hi everyone I hope everyone is enjoying some time off this week ABC treated us to a brand new episode of Greys Anatomy last night and I still need to catch up on the latest drama at Seattle Grace So feel free to post your thoughts here and Ill be sure to write up a full recap soonEpisode Recap Crash Into You Part OneSorry for the delay everyone I wish I could have watched this episode sooner but better late than never So lets get to recapping Watching Cristina dance it out at the start of this episode was priceless Mer on the other hand probably wont be joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars anytime soon It was almost like watching Elaine dance on Seinfeld but I guess thats beside the point In between her moves I was glad to hear Mer finally say that she didnt want Derek seeing other people Unfortunately when the moment came for her to tell him she chickened out and walked away Oh well Judging from the previews it looks like ne read more

Just Like Old Times

Episode Recap Forever Young November 15 2007Tonight Bailey took charge and let the residents know there was a new boss in town but she soon lost her drive when an old crush Marcus DB Woodside appeared in the ER So while I was excited to see the old Bailey laying down the law early on I was equally disappointed to see her turn to mush for a guy who obviously used her all throughout high school And so we had our theme for the night---Seattle Grace is just like high schoolWhile George and Izzie did their best to avoid each other tonight rumors regarding their rocky relationship kept cropping up everywhere I have to admit watching Izzie confront George by saying I heard we broke-up certainly took me back to my school days Sure the hallway dramas back then were painful to watch and even more painful to be a part of but a part of me found myself longing for those days again Thanks for making me all sentimental ShondaOf course at every school theres u read more

The Chief Gets a New Girlfriend

Episode Recap Physical AttractionChemical Reaction November 8th 2007Chemistry Either youve got it or you dont And tonight Gizzie fizzled I thought it would bring me happiness to see this pairing finally come to an end but it left me kind of sad instead Here were two people who went to great lengths to be together only to find that the thrill was gone once the moment of truth came And in the wake of all that drama a marriage was destroyed and reputations have been tarnished The question now is where do George and Izzie go from here On a happier note the Chief did get a new girlfriend tonight Okay so thats not entirely true but it was funny how Mark suggested thats what Derek had become Im loving the chemistry between all three of these guys who remind me of schoolboys at recess the way they playfully tease and taunt one another They definitely bring a fun element to the show that otherwise seems to be lacking this seasonMeanwhile Cris read more

I find your taste in ...

Question: I find your taste in television as varied and eclectic as mine, which is probably why I love your column so much and respect your opinion. A personal "jeer," however, to all the cynicism this year from some of your e-mailers toward Grey's Anatomy. It will be very difficult for this show to live up to the greatness of Season 2, and it's awful to hear everyone complain so much about a season that I find has been refreshing if not redefining. It has been terrific at times this season, exploring the dynamic between the residents and their new interns. The episode several weeks ago had spectacular moments, with Callie's announcement of the George/Izzy affair and the budding relationship between Sloan and Derek. Derek's "daddy trick" on Sloan was hilarious, as was Mark's retribution. I can see why these two characters used to be best friends, and I think the show would benefit from them becoming close again. Answer: I love that this defense of the show came from a pharmacy manager, ... read more

A Gentleman's Evening

Episode Recap Kung Fu Fighting November 1st 2007Well tonight wasnt exactly the evening I had anticipated at Seattle Grace but it was still a fun night The highlight of which was every scene shared by Derek and Mark as they tried to decipher what the Chief meant by a gentlemans evening It did sound dirty and with three eligible bachelors in attendance it certainly had the potential to involve tassels So I cant help but wonder how it might have ended up if Dr Hahn had not crashed the party And while were on the subject of Dr Hahn I have to say Im having a hard time adjusting to her cut-throat style I realize shes a no-nonsense type of person but cutting Cristina out of that heart surgery tonight was just cruel Especially when it was Cristina that provided the answer to how they could operate on Mr Arnold Cullen Douglas avoid using the anesthesia he was allergic to and ultimately save his life Okay so some credit does belong to Izzie here After a read more

Preview: Cristina Vs. The New Hire

What a difference a season makes! Last year at this time, Cristina was sleeping with the cardiothoracic chief; now she's staring daggers at the new one, steely Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith). Don't be surprised if things change, but for now Cristina's hardly the favorite in her surgical smackdown with Izzie, who's now officially half of “Gizzie.” Poor Callie. (When she was with George, did you ever hear anyone call them “Gallie”? It's every bit as cute.) Now Callie's living with Cristina. Are things getting circular — or just tied up in knots? — Paul Droesch read more

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