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Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins - Trailer No. 1
Roscoe Jenkins (Martin Lawrence) is a successful talk show host who returns home, for the first time in years, to attend his parents 50th wedding anni (more…)
2 Broke Girls - This Good
03:33 — Max and Caroline sign up for a new fitness class.
2 Broke Girls - Fart Rumor
03:17 — Caroline has a rumor started about her.
Classic Cold Open - Max Sums Up The Summer Of 2013
01:30 — To celebrate Season 5 of 2 Broke Girls, let's take a trip in the way-back machine and revisit the time Max perfectly summed up the summer of 2013.
Max Gets Snappy In This Classic Cold Open
01:51 — To celebrate the upcoming season premiere of 2 Broke Girls, let's take a trip in the way-back machine and revisit the first time audiences got to expe (more…)
Classic Cold Open - The Hipster Hold-Up
01:49 — To celebrate Season 5 of 2 Broke Girls, let's take a trip in the way-back machine and revisit the time Max lets a hipster trying to rob the cupcake wi (more…)
Classic Cold Open - Caroline Learns To Waitress
01:10 — To celebrate Season 5 of 2 Broke Girls, let's take a trip in the way-back machine and revisit the time Caroline really settled in to waitressing.
2 Broke Girls - Boring Proof
02:31 — Caroline has proof about a historic building.
2 Broke Girls - Really Sore
02:45 — Sophie has some surprising news for Max and Caroline.
And the Big Opening
Max and Caroline host a grand opening celebration at their new cupcake shop. To show off her success, Max invites her former flame Johnny and her ex-b (more…)
And the Secret Ingredient
In the midst of her new obsession with couponing, Caroline discovers the secret ingredient to Max's cupcakes.
And Not-So-Sweet Charity
In danger of losing their cupcake shop, Max and Caroline approach Caroline's rich but callous Aunt Charity for help.
And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving
It's Caroline's first broke holiday season and, to earn extra money, she and Max apply to work as elves at a department store's 'Santaland.'
And the Messy Purse Smackdown
Caroline promises Earl that she will drop his tax return in the mail, but when she learns that Max has never filed her taxes, she gets sidetracked try (more…)
And the Broken Hearts
It's Valentine's Day and Max shows her softer side when Earl has a heart attack and ends up in the hospital after seeing Sophie all dressed up. Meanwh (more…)
And the High Holidays
Desperate for a way to pay their overdue rent, Max and Caroline get involved with a group of sketchy customers willing to pay top dollar for their cup (more…)
In the series premiere, experienced waitress Max Black meets her new co-worker, former rich-girl Caroline Channing, and puts her skills to the test at (more…)
And the Break-Up Scene
Caroline thinks she's doing Max a favor -- but she is really stealing Max's thunder -- when she takes it upon herself to facilitate Max's breakup with (more…)
And Just Plane Magic
When Max scores tickets to a music awards show in Los Angeles, she and Caroline end up flying on a private jet with Grammy-nominated rapper 2 Chainz.
And the Window of Opportunity
When Max and Caroline offer to deep-clean a previously hidden part of the diner, they discover something that could re-launch their cupcake business.
And the Three Boys with Wood
Max and Caroline enlist two Amish boys who are exploring the modern world to build a barn for Chestnut. Meanwhile, Candy Andy discovers Caroline's ex- (more…)
And the 90s Horse Party
Caroline and Max throw a '90s-themed party at the diner to attract rich hipsters and raise money for their cupcake business. Caroline is horrified whe (more…)
And the Rich People Problems
Max gets a taste of Caroline's posh life when they break into her former townhouse to retrieve her night guard. Recurring guest star Nick Zano appears (more…)
And Strokes of Goodwill
Max introduces Caroline to the art of thrift store shopping, which takes a dangerous turn when a battle erupts over a T-shirt. Recurring guest star Ni (more…)
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