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The Monday Playlist: Bones Gets Shot, So It Must Be Sweeps

Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz

Soul searching doesn't come easily for a character as clinical, rational and emotionally aloof as Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel), but near-death experiences have a way of waking people up to what's important in life. Doesn't hurt that this is a Big Sweeps Month dictating Big Stunts on long-running shows, an opportunity for Fox's Bones (8/7c) to try its latest change of pace: a mystical trip into a heaven-like netherworld for this non-believer, prompted by a shooting in the lab that leaves Bones fighting for life.

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Bones Exclusive: Meet Brennan's Mom (Again!)

Emily Deschanel, Brooke Langton

An upcoming near-death experience for Bones' Temperance Brennan will have her seeing things — including her dead mom!

Fall TV Report Card: How's the new class doing?

Former Melrose Place star Brooke Langton has been cast as Christine Brennan, has learned exclusively. Astute viewers may recall that Brennan's mom ... read more

I wrote you a few years ago ...

Question: I wrote you a few years ago about Monk's second season, which was fairly awful, but the show has been incredible ever since. (I'm thinking my complaint made the difference). Now I'm writing because I'm a huge TV fan, and I know a good show when I see it — and Life is it. I DVR everything, and when I have the time, I start with the best shows and go from there. Life has become my first watch. For the other TV fans out there, some of my old faves are NYPD Blue, Boomtown, Third Watch and The Wire. I've been blown away by Damian Lewis and the quality of Life. I cannot handle this show being canceled, so I hope that everyone gives it a chance. We're talking about a lovable hero who was wronged and is trying to set things right while being a Monk-ishly brilliant detective and solving very interesting crimes. And the 12 years he spent in prison gave him a hard yet Zen-like attitude. Add Adam Arkin and Brooke Langton, and we're talking a must-see show. Answer: As I noted in my Dispatch ... read more

Friday Night Lights' Langton Finds New Life

Brooke Langton courtesy Hollywood Pictures

Melrose Place alumna Brooke Langton, who had been a recurring player on Friday Night Lights during its freshman season (playing Jackie Miller), has joined the new NBC drama Life as a series regular, says the Hollywood Reporter. Langton is replacing Melissa Sagemiller in the role of the married lawyer who gets the central figure, a wrongfully imprisoned cop, sprung from the joint and back onto the force. Adulterous sparks ensue.Related: Friday Night Lights Adds 24 Fave, Tree Hill Hottie. read more

Exclusive: Friday Night Lights Signs Melrose Alum

In what amounts to another big score for Friday Night Lights' resident man-whore, Melrose Place alum Brooke Langton is joining the cast as a love interest for Riggins (Taylor Kitsch), sources confirm. Langton's character — a single mom who moves in next door to Riggins — first shows up at the end of sweeps. The little cradle robber's on board for at least four episodes. Speaking of FNL, there's a new episode on tonight. To the uninitiated, please watch.... And spread the word. I really need this show to come back next season. My health and well-being depend on it. read more

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