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Hogans In Disguise
18:21 — The family travels to Universal Studios in Orlando where Brooke has a big concert. After the show, Nick wants to go on the rides but knows that fans m (more…)
Casting Special
11:10 — A sneak peek at the nationwide search to find America's Prom Queen. Then watch the first episode to find out who made the final ten and a chance to be (more…)
Brooke Breaks the Bank
18:37 — Brooke is hard at work on her music career, recording her second album and rehearsing for upcoming performances. After Linda and Hulk see that Brooke (more…)
Hoda’s Celeb Doppleganger? ‘I Get Gayle King All the Time’
02:35 — Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb reveal the celebrities that they often get mistaken for: Brooke Hogan and Gayle King.
Hulk Hogan's Daughter Joins Pro Wrestling
Brooke Hogan has signed a deal to join the TNA wresting family, a rep has confirmed. And as sexy as it is to watch two greased up women attacking each (more…)
Hulk Hogan Breaks Silence Following Racism Scandal That Ended His Contract With the WWE
Hulk Hogan is ready to talk. Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea , is finally speaking out after a secret recording that showed him making racist r (more…)
Brooke Hogan on Going Country and How Nashville Inspired Her New Sound
01:14 — Brooke's new EP 'If I Was Your Girlfriend' is out September 4.
EXCLUSIVE - Brooke Hogan on Her Dad Hulk Hogan's Racist Controversy: 'That's Not Who He Is'
01:12 — The singer opened up to ET about the controversy surrounding her famous father.
Hulk Hogan and WWE Split After Racial Slurs Caught On Tape
00:57 — Hulk Hogan apologized on Friday for a racist rant caught on tape, in which he reportedly makes vulgar remarks about his daughter, Brooke Hogan, dating (more…)
EXCLUSIVE - Brooke Hogan on Dad's Racist Rant: 'That's Not Who He Is'
The singer opened up to ET about the controversy surrounding her famous father, Hulk Hogan
Hogan Knows Best Season 4
Get ready for the main event of the summer TV season as the Hogan family returns to VH1 for a fourth round of realitymania! The family is still adapti (more…)
Hogan Knows Best Season 2
Part time wrestler, full time stage dad, Hulk Hogan is still trying to help daughter Brooke get a record label contract and finish her album. But offs (more…)
Hogan Knows Best Season 3
Papa Hulk has all but hung up his wrestling boots except for the occasional guest appearance and is trying to make a name for himself in business, ped (more…)
Insane or Inspired? Season 1
Insane or Inspired? features the craziest, most exciting videos from the internet that lean into the world of imagination, invention, and extreme expe (more…)
Brooke, Great Stuff!
00:47 — Brooke Hogan tries to convince her manager that her debut album is not a commentary on the sad state of the music industry.
Brooke Hogan's Crimes Against Fashion
22 year old Brooke still doesn't know best when it comes to style.
We Talk Strippers With Brooke Hogan!
01:16 — Is taking your significant other to the strip club with you a bad idea?
Brooke Knows Best | Ep. 10 | Episode 10 Show Clips | The big decision
02:30 — Will Brooke choose to continue with her music career or give college a try?
Brooke Knows Best | Ep. 10 | Episode 10 Show Clips | It'll be like Legally Blonde
04:13 — For Brooke Hogan, college is less about the class and more about the party
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