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Nip/Tuck First things first. Last...

Nip/TuckFirst things first. Last week I referred to Nikki's murder as "Sean's daydream" because when Sean went into the bedroom after he heard voices, nothing was there except the note Nikki left behind. Lots of people I spoke to (like my roommate, whose opinion I respect since he's a TV addict like me) agreed that it was indeed a daydream. But then I got several feedback e-mails from people saying it wasn't a dream — Nikki really was shot by that creepy guy. So I consulted my FX contact, who confirmed it wasn't a daydream! He agreed with me that it was confusing and vague, but that was the intention. This is a rarity with this show since it usually ends each week with most (non-Carver) mysteries solved. So, building on this vague theme, I wasn't surprised that they never me read more

Dreams' Meg Is a Nip/Tuck Neo-Nazi!

Brittany Snow on Nip/Tuck

Your grandmother wants to buy her presents at the dollar store. Your parents want you to be like her. And you want everyone to like you the way they like her. Yup, it's easy to love Brittany Snow. The 19-year-old actress is doe-eyed, chatty and a splurging giggler. Alas, granny may soon suffer a heart attack when she learns that American Dreams' darling Meg Pryor is now a neo-Nazi with some serious anger issues. Snow took time out from shooting her guest gig on FX's Nip/Tuck (beginning tonight at 10 pm/ET) to chat with about evolving into a bad-ass, the truth behind Dreams' MIA finale and being the object of affection for a Desperate Housewives hott read more

Wow, knowing that you're a ...

Question: Wow, knowing that you're a USC alum makes me a bigger fan of yours. Go Trojans! Anyway, I can't wait to find out more about the American Dreams alterna-finale, like you promised in last week's AA. Please tell me that Chris disappears from Meg's life and she ultimately ends up with her true love Sam!

Answer: Well, the first half of your wish came true, LJ. Chris is definitely out of Meg's life. And I know this because — brace yourselves, Dreamers, — I've seen the elusive epilogue! Jonathan Prince sent a DVD copy to me via armored vehicle late last week and all I can say is it more than lived up to the hype. Now, before I present you with the highlights, let me assure you that, come hell or high water, you will see the ending, too. Worse case scenario: You'll have to wait for the Season 2 and 3 boxed D read more


Talk about doing a 180: American Dreams sweetheart Brittany Snow will play a white supremacist in a multiepisode arc on Nip/Tuck. Snow's character — who shows up in the Nov. 22 episode — becomes romantically involved with Matt (John Hensley). read more

American Dreams Cries "S.O.S."!

Television characters aren't real, but our attachment to them is. With that in mind, I hope we haven't seen the last of plucky protagonist Meg Pryor, the headstrong, idealistic teen daughter on American Dreams, played so convincingly by winsome actress Brittany Snow. In last week's tumultuous season finale, Meg rode off to an uncertain future in California on the back of a motorcycle, leaving behind a family in Philadelphia divided by issues of war and peace circa 1966. "I was trying so hard to break people's hearts with the truth," says executive producer Jonathan Prince, who oversaw an episode as uncompromising as it was honest, a send-off meant to send a message. "I wanted to have the network executives and [viewers] say in the end, 'We've got to keep this show on the air.'" Here's hoping that NBC considers how crushed the show's 7.5 million viewers will be if the netwo read more

An American Dreams Nightmare

As the sophomore year of NBC's superlative American Dreams comes to a close (Sunday night at 8 pm/ET), viewers should brace themselves: Summer hiatus may bring as many changes to the series as the 1960s did to America. Here, executive producer Jonathan Prince tells TV Guide Online (almost) all about the season finale:

Meg and Sam might finally get together. Although thus far the era has made it impossible for the white American Bandstand dancer and her African-American friend to acknowledge, never mind act on, their feelings for one another, their moment could be coming. This fall, "Sam's going to college. In that world, away from East Catholic [High], so much more is possible," Prince says. "In fact, this week, you'll see a scene where someone at Penn actually mistakes Meg (Brittany Snow) and Sam (Arlen Escarpeta) for a couple... and of course, that lands on them strangely yet wonderfully."

JJ could die read more

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