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Brittany Snow Joins David E. Kelley Pilot

Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow is heading back to NBC: The American Dreams alum has scored a role in Kindreds, David E. Kelley's dramedy pilot for the network, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Kindreds centers on ...
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Gossip Girl Spin-off May Involve O.C. Teens, Too

Brittany Snow

It might be East meets West, CW style.

As if exploring Lily van der Woodsen's roots via a Gossip Girl spin-off wasn't enough, Josh Schwartz may ...
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Gossip Girl Spin-off Finds Its Lily in Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow

The Upper East Side will have nothing on the San Fernando Valley, if Brittany Snow has anything to say about it.

The perky star of Hairspray and NBC's American Dreams is set to headline Gossip Girl's spin-off, a Warner Brothers rep confirmed for The show centers on a teen Lily van der Woodsen (née Rhodes) living in 1980s Los Angeles.

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At the Movies: Reese Witherspoon Seeks Bunny Lake

Per Variety, Reese Witherspoon is likely to star in a remake of Bunny Lake Is Missing, a 1965 Otto Preminger thriller about a woman whose daughter goes missing, yet perhaps never existed. Um, Flightplan? That Julianne Moore thing?... Brittany Snow has landed the lead in Finding Amanda, an indie in which a TV exec (Matthew Broderick) tries to save his niece from her life as a Vegas hooker and stripper.... Spike Lee will direct L.A. Riots, a drama based in the racially charged events of 1992.... Per the Hollywood Reporter, James Franco, Frances Fisher and Jason Patric have joined the cast of Paul Haggis' new film.... Dennis Quaid plays an NFL coach in The Express, a biopic of Heisman Trophy winner Ernie Davis. All together now: Let's go, Orange! read more


Samuel L. Jackson is joining John Cusack in 1408, based on the short story by Stephen King.... Sean William Scott is Gary the Tennis Coach in a comedy about a high-school janitor who trains a group of misfits.... Paul Giamatti will play Santa in Warner Bros.' Vince Vaughn-fronted comedy about the jolly one's black-sheep brother.... Brittany Snow and Kristin Cavalleri are sisters in the indie thriller Fingerprints.... Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg will play an accident-prone, Evel Knievel-worshipping daredevil in the comedy Hot Rod. read more

Veronica Mars "Why can't the evil...

Veronica Mars"Why can't the evil just get jobs like the rest of us?" Good question posed by our heroine, who is tasked with investigating a string of pizza-delivery robberies. I guess if they worked 9-to-5 gigs, Mars Investigations would be kaput and Veronica would be clocking a bunch more hours over at Java the Hut. Actually Mars Investigations might be taking a bit of a hit anyway if Terrence Cook turns out to be guilty, though can anyone really blame Keith for wanting to think the best of his idol? And my money is still on Steve Guttenberg as the person responsible for the bus crash. His whole separate privileged Neptune idea never sat well with me, and it is in his airplane hangar where Veronica found the explosives in question. Loved when Keith was teasi read more


Zach Braff (reprising his animated big-screen alter ego, Chicken Little), James Woods (as Hades), Mena Suvari (as Final Fantasy VII's Aerith), Rachael Leigh Cook, Brittany Snow, Jesse McCartney and General Hospital's Steve Burton are some of the many stars lending their voices to the video game Disney's Kingdom Hearts II, in stores March 30. read more

I'm sure you're inundated ...

The Carver, Nip/Tuck

Question: I'm sure you're inundated with comments as to the revelation of the Carver's identity on the season finale of Nip/Tuck. Is the response generally negative? 'Cause I am totally let down, and utterly disappointed in the creative team. A story line that had been carefully constructed and nurtured over the course of 1.5 seasons devolved into bad camp — in a single episode. I hate naysaying, but this denouement felt tacked-on, forced and full of holes. All of Kit and Quentin's exposition: sloppy. This is the only show on television that continually surprises me (Lost and Veronica Mars included) — see the brilliant plane-crash episode. To have ended the season on this note... I feel that they've lowered the bar for themselves. Answer: And on that note: Happy New Year, everyone! Catching up on mail from over the holiday, I'll give Nip/Tuck credit for giving us one last big, juicy gripe to dish over from 2005 before we start tackling the avalanche of new programming coming our way ... read more

Nip/Tuck Definitely my least favorite...

Nip/TuckDefinitely my least favorite episode ever. I was going to write "worst episode ever" until the ending redeemed things a bit for me. I liked that Julia decided not to abort Sean's baby and I liked that the rain washed away the paint Ariel (Brittany Snow) and Matt covered the nativity scene with. Hey — I am aware that there are hateful people in this world, but I guess I don't like to be reminded of it. I mean, a girl tries bleaching her skin because she finds out that she's 1/16 African-American? A woman who appears as Mrs. Claus at the local mall goes in for lipo and finds out she has a dead fetus inside of her left over from 17 years earlier? And then her Santa-impersonating husband leaves her? What a pleasant holiday-themed episode. At least we found o read more

Nip/Tuck has been more uneven ...

Question: Nip/Tuck has been more uneven this season, but I'm still really enjoying the show. What do you think, though, about what the show's writers have done to Matt this season? Is it possible for a show to take a character in too dark a direction? Now Matt's not only committed a hate crime, but he's dating a neo-Nazi and doing favors for her white-supremacist dad? I know Matt had his share of shocks last season, but aren't the show's writers taking this way too far, to the point where viewers may no longer care if Matt's conscience wakes up again or if he's eventually redeemed? Unless it's revealed that Matt is also a rapist and/or pedophile, it's hard to imagine how the show could take the character in a more loathsome direction. Maybe it makes for a surprising "twist" or something, but it just feels to me like a betrayal of what we know about his character from the past two seasons. What do you think? Does there come a point when a show gets too addicted to shock value and ... read more

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