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A Foggy Day
10:38 — Pinkey stays with her friends Mumfie and Scarecrow. It is misty when she leaves and her friends decide to keep her company on the way home. They are s (more…)
The Guest
10:38 — Mrs. Admiral comes to visit Scarecrow and Mumfie. They soon find out that you don’t always know someone until you live with them! Mrs. Admiral's inter (more…)
Davy Jones' Story
10:40 — Mumfie and Scarecrow find out that there friend Davy Jones is feeling sad. They invite him to stay but it is too quiet for him so he finds his old mat (more…)
Making a Stand
10:39 — Mumfie learns how hard Scarecrow's job in the field can be when he is asked by Bristle to stand in the royal garden with his arms out for a long time (more…)
Scarecrow's New Best Friend
10:37 — Scarecrow makes a friends with a Canada Goose and Mumfie becomes jealous. They both learn that there is room for many friends in our lives.
An Age Old Problem
10:39 — When Napoleon Jones has a reunion with his flying squad he feels old and tries to make himself look younger. His friends help him to value his age and (more…)
A Grouper's Tooth
10:39 — A grumpy grouper has been scaring other fish in the sea because he lost his dentures! The friends find out where they are so that everyone can feel be (more…)
Days Without Night
10:38 — Pinkey wishes the daytime to never end because she loves playing so much! The Queen of Night grants her wish but Pinkey soon finds why night is as imp (more…)
Bring the Mountain to Whale
10:39 — Whale is sad because he thinks he can never see a mountain. Mumfie thinks it would be a good idea to bring the mountain to Whale by skiing and tobogga (more…)
When You Wish Upon a Tree
10:39 — Mumfie plants a plum tree from a plum the Queen of Night gives him but it does not grow. Scarecrow does not want him to be sad so he outs a stick in t (more…)
Scarecrow's Birthday Surprise
10:38 — Mumfie plans a birthday party for his friend who has never had one before. Scarecrow does not know as Mumfie is planning a party and he thinks his fri (more…)
The Whole Tooth
10:38 — Whale has a toothache but his friend Davy Jones does not notice because he is very distracted learning to be an artist. Mumfie helps Whale when he dis (more…)
Napoleon Moves In
10:37 — Napoleon the Raven stays with Mumfie while his home is redecorated. He tells his friends of a raven he used to know called Fifi who he misses but with (more…)
Bristle's Holiday
10:38 — Bristle visits Mumfie and Scarecrow when the Queen of Night suggests he has a holiday to have fun. Bristle has to learn to have fun as he is not used (more…)
Reindeers Keep Dropping On My Head
10:39 — You-Are the reindeer is unhappy because he only works on Christmas Eve. He finds other jobs helping Mumfie and Scarecrow around their home. He is not (more…)
The Bird House
10:39 — Mumfie wants to build a new home for a bird who has lost its nest in a storm. All the friends have suggestions and cannot agree. The house is not made (more…)
Captain Jellybean's Treasure
10:38 — Mumfie and Scarecrow accidently break a picture while playing ball but inside there is a treasure map. The follow the map to find what the treasure ma (more…)
Let's Go Fly a Kite
10:39 — Scarecrow shows Mumfie how to make a kite but it gets tangled in trees and blown away. They are sad until at the beach they find it torn and wrapped i (more…)
A Fishy Tale
10:38 — Mumfie wins a goldfish at the fair but decides the goldfish is too sad living in a jam jar. He tries to find it a home and finds one in the royal gold (more…)
The Black Cat Disappears
10:38 — The Black Cat is having trouble with her magic, she is changing color and shape and things around her! The friends discover this is because the Queen (more…)
Mumfie and the Wellwisher
10:39 — Mumfie falls down a wishing well and finds a sick Wellwisher who is sad as he does not receive 'thank you's' for wishes. They teach each other the uns (more…)
If the Hat Fits
10:38 — Scarecrow loses his beloved hat in a wayward breeze. The friends try to find replacements but none fit. Scarecrow finds his hat but on the way discove (more…)
A Day at the Seaside
10:39 — Napoleon wins a prize in a sandcastle competition and Mumfie and co decide they would like to try and build one too! They do but it learn that sandcas (more…)
The Perils of Pearl
10:39 — Eel loses her glow when she fails a class in electronification. The other eels are also finding out why the lamp in the Lighthouse has gone out. On th (more…)
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