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Poll: Britney/K-Fed Was the Year's Juiciest Jilting

You like to see slackers get their comeuppance, dontcha? The results of's year-end Pop Culture Poll are out, and Britney's booting of Mr. Federline (earning 22 percent of the vote) was deemed the most deliciously rocky celeb romance of 2006. Other findings: — Y'all would rather smooch your real-life honeys than, say, Angelina Jolie (14 percent) or George Clooney (19 percent) on New Year's Eve. Um, OK....— Thirty-eight percent of the 15,013 respondents pick Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban as the next celeb union to go south. (How many times did that Nashville lingerie model vote?)— Jennifer Aniston boasts the closet most women want to raid. (And frankly, she may welcome the company.)— Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Alba, meanwhile, are those you imagine look best unclothed, topping their respective gender's lists with 48 and 24 percent of the hottest-bod votes. Good to see that folks have been renting Into the Blue.For more categories and results, go to... read more

Eschewing the Pooch: Britney Tops Worst List

Keeping in mind that Natasha Lyonne didn't herself own the dog discussed in Saturday's unsettling news item, Britney Spears has been named the World's Worst Celebrity Dog Owner, unseating last year's dishonoree, Paris Hilton. "Britney was the overwhelming choice," the editor of New York Dog and Hollywood Dog magazines tells the New York Daily News. "She had three Chihuahuas and never left home without at least one of them. [But] as soon as she met K-Fed and had kids, they disappeared." Yeah, at least the dogs only humped peoples' legs. read more

Britney and Paris: The Party(ing) Is Over

The insta-BFFship that transfixed America has ended: Sources tell the New York Post's Page Six that Britney Spears has declared Paris Hilton persona non grata (Latin for "really bad news"), and hasn't hopped a single club (no, not a euphemism) with the celebutante in ages (OK, like, a week). Says the snitch, "Britney has been told that if she ever wants a comeback, she has to stay far away from Paris and start acting like an adult [who wears panties]." (My brackets.) read more

December 12, 2006: Whoopee!

Here's a rerun you didn't want to miss. I am tempted to go off on Luke for his horrendous comments when he ran into Lorelai on the street: "It's not as big a deal for me as it is for you. So we're not getting married. It's fine by me. You're the one who proposed in the first place." Ouch!But you know what? Enough agita. I'd rather talk about Lane and Zack, Stars Hollow's best couple. Naturally Pedro's Paradise turned out to be anything but... the poor couple spent their Mexican honeymoon in Pedro's dirty apartment, nowhere near the beach, overlooking an ad for Mexican nasal spray (of all things). I'm surprised a control freak like Lane actually let Zack plan the honeymoon in the first place, but we'll let that one slide. If that's not bad enough, Lane is convinced that her mother was right about sex all along, "that women are maintaining this pervasive media-supported charade, that sex is normal, that sex is wonderful, that sex is sexy." You too would think sex was pretty awful if ... read more

Love Notes: Britney's New Man, Tori's Boy and More!

Who is Britney's new fella? The New York Post's Page Six says that the gent Spears has been spied out with, most recently necking in public this past Sunday night, is Jonathan "J.R." Rotem, a multiplatinum music producer who has worked with Rihanna, 50 Cent, Paris Hilton and, oh yeah, Kevin Federline.... Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott's first child together will be a boy, and "his middle name will be Aaron," Spelling tells People.... Jenna Jameson filed court papers on Monday seeking legal separation from Jay Grdina, her hubby of three years and a fellow adult-film star, Reuters reports. Estranged from Grdina since July 1, Jameson has been dating ultimate-fighting champ Tito Ortiz for several months — but still hasn't let him get to second base, rumor has it. read more

Britney's Overexposure Arouses Family Services

A source close to Britney Spears tells the New York Post's Page Six that in the wake of the pop tart's recent rash of hard partying and bidness-flashing, the Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services "has been calling, trying to set up a meeting with her, so they can check on [sons Sean Preston and Jaden James]." Or as SNL Weekend Updater Amy Poehler so deftly put it last Saturday, in her rousing recap of Brit's antics: "Oh yeah — you have a 1-month-old baby at home." read more

Inside the Brit/K-Fed Divorce: "I'm Sure He's Scared"

Appearing on this coming Monday's The Dr. Keith Ablow Show, Shar Jackson stands by the man who didn't stand by her and their own two offspring, when asked about Britney Spears' divorce from Kevin Federline. "Kevin is a good guy," says Shar, "and I don't have anything bad to say about him." As for whether K-Fed might actually fight for custody of li'l Sean Preston and newborn what's-his-name, Shar says, "I'm sure he's scared that Britney might take the kids to Louisiana or somewhere, and he might not see them, so probably. He loves his kids." To hear more doses of irony from Shar — as well as the insights on Brit's first short-term hubby, Jason Alexander — tune in Monday. (Just don't watch while drinking a soda.) read more

BFFs Britney and Paris to Put On a Show?

"In a move that may cause a black hole of stupidity to implode in the middle of Las Vegas," as the New York Post's Page Six so snarkily puts it, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have supposedly been tapped to cohost the 2006 Billboard Music Awards, airing live from Las Vegas this coming Monday night on Fox. Accordingly, the view from the front-row seats is now being sponsored by the Gillette Daisy.UPDATE: Britney has abruptly and mysteriously bailed on the gig, Us is reporting. "We really don't know the reason," a source at Fox tells the mag. "But we're disappointed." Brad Garrett is said to be next on the net's wish list, so please, totally forget that Gillette Daisy imagery, thanks. read more

Music Video Musings from the Treadmill

Buttonz? Yodeling? Paul Wall? If I am at all current on the music kids are listening to these days — and my niece Phoenix will be the first to say I am not — it's only because my weekend routine finds me watching VH1 videos while doing cardio (and reading the latest periodicals, because I'm such the multi-tasker) at the local health club. Herewith are my thoughts on some of today's heavily-played "tracks," in no particular order other than how they pop into my mind:"About Us," Brooke Hogan (with the aforementioned Paul Wall)So, this is Hulk's daughter, eh? I read something somewhere about how she whipped herself into shape for this, partly via mad amounts of jump-roping, hence (I can only assume) the activity's inclusion in the vid. Mr. Wall's orthodontic issues aside, it's a catchy tune, though I must opine that Brooke and her posse get served in the video's dance-off at the end. I mean, did you see that one chick's crazy leg moves? It's like she has no femur."My Love," J... read more

Is Paris Hilton Soiling Britney's Comeback?

Just when I thought Ms. Spears had gotten her act together, a source tells the New York Post that Britney's recent rash of late-night partying while glued to the side of brand-new BFF Paris Hilton is already taking its toll on the legit songstress' career resuscitation. "[Britney has] been missing recording sessions because she was been out all night," says the snitch. "The [record] label is very worried." In her defense, K-Fed's soon-to-be ex has reportedly been telling friends, "I gave birth for two and a half years, and now I want to party" — which, I have to say, could make for a catchy title for her next single. read more

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