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Britney: Oops... She'll Do It Again at the Emmys?

Britney Spears by Kevin Mazur/

According to Us, Fox is "in negotiations" with La Spears to, ahem, perform at Sunday's Emmy Awards. "The idea," says a source, "is to have her come on and apologize for the VMAs. She's weighing the offer." The offer, they said. She's weighing the offer, not herself. (You guys can be, like, so mean.) Meanwhile, the New York Times is reporting a number of additional reasons why the beautiful disaster tanked so bad at the VMAs. Among them:1) As soon as she hit Vegas, she all but abandoned her training regimen and instead spent one wild night after another trying to keep up with party animals the likes of Diddy.2) An hour before showtime, she had a tiff with her hairstylist. (Well, that much was obvious.)3) At the last minute, she ditched the custom-fitted corset that had been designed to ward off the appearance of a matronly midriff. (Hello, eBay!)Matt is en route to the Emmys in Los Angeles. Friday's Take was written by Ben Katner. read more

American Idol Judges to Britney: Help Us Help You!

Simon Cowell courtesy Fox; Britney Spears by Kevin Mazur/

American Idol triumvirate Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul have reached out to Britney Spears, offering to collectively manage the further-fallen popstress' careening career. "We have decided we can bring Britney back," Cowell tells Fox News, stressing, "We are serious. We plan to buy her some underpants, get her bigger shorts to perform in, and get her away from her stupid friends." (Quite the ambitious trifecta, if you ask me.) "MTV ratings are up," notes Cowell, "and all we're hearing is 'Britney, Britney, Britney!' She can turn it around."Adds Randy, "We'd love to take care of you, Spears! We will make you a superstar again!"Britney's reaction to the overture... after the break. read more

Britney Was "Exploited," Claims Peer; Plus, VMAs Draw "More" Viewers

Britney Spears and dancer by John Shearer/

Kanye West's beef with MTV extends beyond the fact that he was shut out, again, at the Video Music Awards. The outspoken rapper believes the cabler preyed on the potential for a Britney Spears screwup. (Watch the video here.) "Man, they were just trying to get ratings," he opined Tuesday on Sirius' Morning Mash Up. "They knew she wasn't ready and they exploited her." Did Brit's big comeback beget boffo numbers? And how. Sunday's VMAs drew 7.08 million viewers, a 23 percent surge over last year.Other new Brit bits:• Following her performance, Spears "came running off the stage, yelling, 'Oh my god, I looked like a fat pig! I looked like a fat pig!' She was inconsolable," a backstage spy tells Us.• Spears' go-to hair guy, Ken Paves, "bailed" when he arrived at the VMAs only to get the cold shoulder from his client. "Ken made the professional decision not to do her hair," a source tells People. Another mystery solved there.Related: Inside Britney's VMAs Blunder; Britney's Bus... read more

Catching Up with the Good (Closer) and the Bad (TMZ)

Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer by Ben Kaller/TNT

This week’s crackling finale of TNT's The Closer was a splendid reminder of why Kyra Sedgwick is so deserving of the best-actress Emmy this year (yes, she'll be getting it for last season, but the character was just as strong a year ago). Being on basic cable, it's possible she'll once again by upstaged in what is one of the more crowded categories — her five other nominees include Sally Field (my second pick), Minnie Driver and past winners (in order of preference) Edie Falco, Mariska Hargitay and Patricia Arquette. But if for whatever reason she fails to score, this season's finale once again puts her at the top of my list for next year's competition.It was a great two-parter, with Brenda really on the ropes both professionally and personally. First, her case is in tatters after she fails to get a confession from her suspect. Then, midway through the high-profile trial, the defendant’s alibi turns up out of nowhere with rock-solid video evidence that he couldn’... read more

Inside Britney's VMAs Blunder: Reports Blame Rushed Rehearsals, Margaritas

Britney Spears by Kevin Mazur/

What's the real story behind Britney's unfortunate "Oops!" at Sunday's VMAs? (Watch video here.) As sources weigh in, a recurring theme suggests that a last-minute change in plans — perhaps not at all helped by frozen margaritas — led to the pop tart's onstage bewilderment. TV's Extra, for one, hears that a more elaborate number orchestrated by illusionist Criss Angel was pared down just before the show got under way. It would not have been an entirely insurmountable hurdle if Spears had hit rehearsals hard. Instead, a source tells the New York Daily News, "She showed up three and a half hours late, and she walked in with a frozen margarita. It was so disrespectful." Not just to MTV suits and her fans, but to her fellow dancers as well. "The dance number was spectacular — without her," a spy tells the New York Post. "Then Britney showed up and refused to do anything. The more complicated moves had to be erased."Wardrobe-wise, Spears has taken hits for underdressing, a... read more

Listless Britney, Offstage Fight Highlight MTV's VMAs

Britney Spears by Michael Caulfield/

The phone conversation went something like this, I imagine:Spears: It's Britney, bitch.Choreographer: You know, I have had it with your attitude. Figure out your own VMA dance moves! Britney Spears launched her comeback on Sunday night by opening the Video Music Awards with a lip-synched performance of "Gimme More" that can only be described as disappointing. (See video here.) I lied; it can also be described as ill-prepared, awkward to watch and unfortunate. "It definitely could have been a lot better," the AP quotes singer-producer Akon as saying afterward. "She seemed nervous.... Instead of just blocking [the audience] out... you could tell she was thinking about it."Spears' opener was followed by a so-so Sarah Silverman spiel featuring a recurring scatological term best left unsaid at this morning hour. Other "highlights" of the night included an off-camera (dang it!) fight between Pam Anderson's exes, triggered when Kid Rock "sucker smacked" Tommy Lee, says the Post. The scuffl... read more

I am really hoping that ...

Question: I am really hoping that Disney will do the right thing and pay the High School Musical cast what they are worth so they will all sign on for HSM3. My 7-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter absolutely love both movies, and we would all be sad if Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens sit out over money disputes. They seem like very level-headed kids, considering the whirlwind surrounding them right now. Didn't Disney make these movies for very little money? If so, who is profiting from the merchandising? We have both soundtracks, my daughter has some HSM clothes, and the stores are filling up with toys, party products, cards, etc. It seems only fair to give these young actors a cut of that money, since they are the reason the kids love the movies! I am praying that none of the HSM kids will turn into a Britney or LiLo. They all seem like good people who are aware of the tweens watching their every move. I hope they can enjoy this time in their lives and that they continue to make ... read more

It's Britney, Bi--h: VMAs Confirm Spears as Opening Act

courtesy Fanscape

This just in from the TV of M:"After weeks of mind-blowing media speculation, MTV confirms that Britney Spears will be opening the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. Celebrating her long-awaited comeback to her fans, Spears will be performing live her new song 'Gimme More' from her highly anticipated album due out Nov. 13. The star-studded awards show will air live Sunday at 9 pm/ET."Immediately following Spears' performance, fans can download two ringtones available exclusively through MTV Mobile — one for 'Gimme More' and the other featuring the much discussed 'It's Britney, B---h' catchphrase. MTV Mobile also will carry a live simulcast of the show, a first for an awards show." read more

"Gimme More," Britney Coos in Just-released Single

Britney Spears by Kevin Mazur/

Is the improbable comeback on track? Sidelining "subpoena this" and "custody battle that" talk for at least several minutes, Britney Spears on Thursday night premiered the first single off her new album at Z-100's website. "Gimme More" (which I gave a listen to in between reading stories to the moppets) kicks off with the pop tart snarling [Earmuffs!], "It's Britney, bitch," before launching into her famous breathy vocals and a techno, dance-friendly and very catchy beat.Spears' new album, says People, streets Nov. 13. read more

Zac Efron: The New David Cassidy?

Cover photos: Zac Efron by Matthew Rolston for Rolling Stone; David Cassidy by Annie Leibovitz for Rolling Stone

It's really really hard for me to even fake the slightest bit of interest in High School Musical 2 and its unprecedented success. As TV Guide Channel's Nikki Boyer put it so succinctly the other night on Watch This!, if the record-breaking numbers prove anything, it's simply that kids love crap. But like a lot of people, I was struck by the recent cover of Rolling Stone and the magazine's positioning of HSM2's squeaky-clean "hunk" Zac Efron as "America's Latest Heart Throb." I realize a lot has changed over the years, and Rolling Stone is hardly the countercultural force it was in the early '70s, but the Efron cover — and the toothless interview within — immediately brought to my mind the staggeringly popular teen idol David Cassidy's appearance on the cover of the same magazine back in 1972.Already a huge star thanks to the runaway success of The Partridge Family — and the grueling, nonstop touring schedule he endured over his weekends away from the set — Cassid... read more

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