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Fri Jan 30 6:00am
CaillouWords PBS

Caillou reads comic strips, with interruptions by the wind and the cat. Later, he writes a letter to Mom and accompanies Sarah to school for a “little brother” day.

Mon Feb 2 6:00am
CaillouNature PBS

Caillou discovers nature: Grandma points out many birds and gives him a birdhouse for his yard; and he and Sarah find a baby bird that fell from its nest and nurse it back to health. Also: a treasure hunt; camping in the woods.

Mon Feb 9 6:00am
CaillouAll in a Day PBS

Caillou has a busy day. He plays a dressing game with Daddy's old clothes, prepares a picnic lunch with Mom, but eats too much. Also: Caillou watches squirrels store food; Daddy turns bath time into playtime; the family car breaks down.