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Mon Mar 2 6:00am
CaillouThe World Around Me! PBS

Caillou goes to the park with his teacher and classmates; he's given a special plate by his Grandma; he and his dad search for an old model train; he makes a doghouse; and he goes with Grandma to a sheep farm, where he learns about spinning wool.

Tue Mar 3 6:00am
CaillouMachines! Brrrrrmmm! PBS

Caillou takes a subway ride with Mom; Dad helps Caillou decorate his bike; Caillou sees a construction site; he and his family shop for a new car; Caillou takes a boat ride and learns to steer.

Wed Mar 4 6:00am
CaillouNew Places and New Things! PBS

Caillou takes a boat ride with his family; pretends to be at a restaurant; dresses like a grown-up; visits a ranch; learns about horses and gets a cowboy hat.