Bridget Fonda



Why A Nikita Reboot Can Work


Why bother remaking La Femme Nikita? The 1990 French action film about a criminal-turned-government assassin already has been remade as a U.S. feature film starring Bridget Fonda and as a basic cable TV series starring Peta Wilson.

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DVD Tuesday: A Simple Plan + the Love of Blood Money = Disaster

Billy Bob Thornton and Bill Paxton in A Simple Plan courtesy Paramount

Last week it seemed that everything was conspiring to remind me of A Simple Plan seeing the trailer for the Coen brothers upcoming No Country for Old Men based on the Cormac McCarthy novel stumbling across Stephen Kings rave review of Scott B Smiths second novel The Ruins having an argument about what The Bible says is the root of all evil So rather than ignore the signs and portents its my DVD Tuesday pick Directed by Sam Raimi and based on Smiths debut novel A Simple Plan is a terrific example of what may be my favorite kind of thriller the kind where someone makes a mistake that snowballs until he or she has lost everyone and everything that matters and all efforts to make things right just make them worse Its the quintessential noir plot and while the poor put-upon victim of cruel fate seems fated to get trapped in some cosmic web the fact is he or she consistently masochistically it often seems makes exactly the wrong decision which transf read more

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