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Dems Reportedly Upset As Senate Russia Investigation Stalls
12:12 — Sitting in for Brian Williams, MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace discusses the news that things aren't going so well with the Senate Intelligence Committee's Ru (more…)
Josh Earnest On Keith Ellison's Critique of Pres. Obama
03:24 — MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, sitting in for Brian Williams, discusses the criticism Pres. Obama is receiving from fellow Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison. Nico (more…)
The Big Bang Theory - The Cognition Regeneration (Preview)
00:30 — Leonard isn't thrilled when Penny considers taking a new job offered by her ex-boyfriend, Zack (Brian Thomas Smith), on The Big Bang Theory, Thursday, (more…)
Porter ready for Thurman rematch
01:43 — Brian Campell breaks down Shawn Porter's win over Andre Berto and what it means for the 29-year-old's next fight, including footage from Porter's post (more…)
Chicago Med: Deliver Us Trailer
01:12 — Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell) fights to save a mother who's desperate to help her daughter beat cancer. Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) asks Sarah (Rachel DiP (more…)
Apple leak, Galaxy 8 and more this week in tech
07:00 — Apple leak details possible iPhone 8 specs. Samsung releases the new Galaxy 8 smartphone. Facebook wants us to use our minds to control computers. Sci (more…)
In "Genius," Brian Grazer explores private life of Albert Einstein
04:46 — Brian Grazer is the Academy Award-winning producer behind hit movies like "A Beautiful Mind" and Emmy-winning TV series "24." Grazer joins "CBS This M (more…)
Pres. Trump Shrugs Off 100 Day Benchmark Candidate Trump Loved
12:49 — Calling the 100 day goal post 'ridiculous' on Twitter, when he was a candidate Pres. Trump talked over and over about what he could do in his first 10 (more…)
Chris Matthews On Trump's First 100 Days: 'It's an F So Far...'
08:36 — MSNBC's Brian Williams talks to 'Hardball' host Chris Matthews who gives his grim and honest take so far on how Donald Trump is doing in office.
NYC Officials Blast Trump's DOJ for Calling City 'Soft on Crime'
04:24 — Trump's Attorney General Jeff Sessions says New York City is soft on crime. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses the firestorm that created with his polit (more…)
Candidate vs. President: Trump Changes His Tune On First 100 Days
01:30 — On the campaign trail, candidate Trump repeatedly boasted about what he'd do in his first 100 days. As President, he sounds very different.
Fmr. Obama Official Sally Yates to Testify in House Russia Probe
04:51 — MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses the latest headlines on the Russia investigation on Capitol Hill - including the news former acting Attorney General (more…)
Hoda and Matt Faceoff in Storybook Showdown
03:09 — Hoda and Matt go head to head to see who knows more about classic children’s books. Brian Balthazar of POPgoesTheWeek joins the anchors live on the TO (more…)
Alabama QB Jalen Hurts on his improvement, dropping back
01:43 — Alabama rising sophomore quarterback Jalen Hurts on where he's improved the most this spring, drop-back passes and picking up Brian Daboll's offense.
Truck Driver Doesn't Realize He's Dragging Car Along Highway for a Half Mile
01:19 — One driver is lucky to be alive after his car was stuck under a truck on a California highway Wednesday. The scene was filmed on the 15 Freeway in Los (more…)
Minkah Fitzpatrick talks Alabama's offense, Jalen Hurts progress
01:19 — Alabama rising junior defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick on the differences he's seen in quarterback Jalen Hurts and the Crimson Tide offense under Bri (more…)
Attorney General Calls Hawaii 'an Island in the Pacific'
07:47 — Two Senators from Hawaii fire back at Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ comments about Hawaii, asking the Justice Department to “use the google.”
Trump Prepares for a Possible North Korea Nuclear Test
15:17 — Nicolle Wallace and George Will discuss what the President meant when he said “we are in very good shape” when it comes to North Korea.
Panetta: Unpredictability Okay if There Is an Underlying Strategy
07:44 — Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta discusses President Trump’s approach to North Korea and grades him on foreign policy.
Shadows Fall's Brian Fair Chats with Jose Mangin at Paul Booth's Last Rites Studio
01:27 — The Shadows Fall frontman discusses tattoos and old-school skateboards, from Headbangers Ball 20th Anniversary
Shadows Fall's Brian Fair talks HBB with Jose Mangin at Paul Booth's Last Rites Studio
00:31 — The Shadows Fall frontman discusses growing up with Headbangers Ball, from Headbangers Ball 20th Anniversary.
How One Man Defeated His Cystic Acne through Changing What He Ate
05:24 — Brian took control of his cystic acne by changing the food he ate. Learn what he eliminated and added to his diet to dramatically change his complexio (more…)
Now We Know Why the FBI Pursued Fmr. Trump Aide Carter Page
07:22 — MSNBC's Brian Williams talks to fmr. CIA Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash and The Huffington Post's Sam Stein about the new report detailing why the FBI inv (more…)
Trump White House Defends Comments On Whereabouts of Navy Ships
15:46 — MSNBC's Brian Williams talks to Jeremy Bash, Andrea Mitchell, & Ali Velshi, about the administration's comments on Navy ships moving toward North Kore (more…)
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