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Wilson Phillips' Reality Series Still Holding On Gets Real About Weight Loss, Relationships

Wilsons Phillips: Still Holding On

When TV Guide Network's new reality series Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On premieres Sunday, viewers will get a glimpse into the lives of band members Wendy Wilson, Carnie Wilson and Chynna Phillips — and not all of it will be pretty. read more

Carnie Wilson Undergoes a Second Weight-Loss Surgery

Carnie Wilson

Carnie Wilson is holding on to her career and health, thanks to a second weight-loss surgery.
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Bridesmaids Scene-Stealers Wilson Phillips Launch Reality Show for TV Guide Network

Wendy Wilson, Carnie Wilson, Chynna Phillips

The Wilson Phillips cameo at the end of producer Judd Apatow's comedy Bridesmaids was perfect timing for the band, who is now attempting a comeback with a new album and a reality show for TV Guide Network, Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On, which premieres on Sunday, April 8 at 9/8c.

"We got a random phone call from Judd Apatow's people," bandmate Chynna Phillips told reporters at the network's winter previews on Saturday. "We just thought it was a real honor, and we love Judd Apatow's movies and thought he was hysterical, so we wanted to be a part of it. But we had absolutely no idea the impact our one baby cameo was going to have in this film. We were pretty taken aback and excited that it gave our careers the boost, the shot in the arm that we needed."

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Original Beach Boys Reuniting for Tour, Album

The Beach Boys

Wouldn't it be nice if The Beach Boys reunited? That wish has been granted.

The members of the group will join forces for a new album and a 50th anniversary tour, the band announced on its website Friday. The effort reunites original band leader and chief songwriter Brian Wilson with fellow members Al Jardine, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, and David Marks.

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At the Movies: "Out of Africa 2: Afghani Boogaloo"

Speaking of the future Mr. Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise is thisclose to making his first purchase as co-owner of United Artists, says the Hollywood Reporter. And the winner is... Lions for Lambs, a drama set in Afghanistan that would star Cruise (duh) and Out of Africa leads Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. Redford is also set to direct, meaning there's a 50/50 chance he got invited to the wedding.... Per Variety, MGM expects to begin production on new installments of its James Bond, Pink Panther and The Thomas Crown Affair franchises in 2007.... Beach Boy Brian Wilson has made a deal with producer Mark Gordon to tell his life story in a feature film. read more

Brit in the White House The Fox News anchor on the state of the State of the Union address

Brit Hume, Fox News

On Tuesday (Jan. 31), prime-time entertainment will take a break for President Bush's State of the Union address. Brit Hume, the Washington, D.C., managing editor for Fox News has sat through a couple dozen of these speeches, and he'll be there with his team from Special Report (the program broadcast-network newspeople have been known to take a peak at before their own evening shows go on the air). Hume talked to The Biz about what he expects that night and why he insists on catering his coverage to people who are actually interested in the news. So what should we look for when we watch on Tuesday?Brit Hume: The tradition of it is that the president tries to lay out some themes for the year. As important as that is, you try to lay out an agenda and try to develop a little momentum for it. Given the kind of year that the president has had, will he try to do anything different to move the needle a read more

Who sang the theme song for ...

Question: Who sang the theme song for The Golden Girls?

Answer: Cynthia Fee sang an abbreviated version of Andrew Gold's "Thank You for Being a Friend" for the show, which, as you know, ran on NBC from 1985-92 and starred Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty as four seniors living in Miami.

The song was a Top 25 hit from Gold's 1978 album, All This and Heaven Too. The singer-songwriter (a term popularized when you needed to do at least one to have a career in the music business) had a previous Top 5 hit with "Lonely Boy" in 1976 and, putting in time as a producer, studio musician and songwriter for others, has worked with such notable talent as Linda Ronstadt, Karla Bonoff, James Taylor, Ringo Starr, Brian Wilson, Jackson Browne, Don Henley, Dia read more

Before we begin, let's bang our...

Before we begin, let's bang our heads in a moment of silence for the recently departed Neal. What's that? He's not dead? Man, you could have fooled me, what with the way his former rocker roomies were crying over his ouster. Ty actually shed tears, while Heather offered some mystical mumbo jumbo about Neal being a "light" that will surely be missed. It sounded to me like the kind of stuff psychologist Eugene Landy tried to sell Brian Wilson when he "counseled" him. Even so, Neal's departure did prove that anyone could be deep-sixed. I just never thought he'd be shown the stage door before J.D.

Ah, J.D. I don't know what to make of that guy. On one hand, he's clearly a favorite of the boys in INXS, who are impressed with his stagecraft and arranging abilities. But on the other, he comes across as an impulsive head case, who out of nowhere hits on Jordis and turns all mush-mouthed when he drinks too much. I can't fault him read more

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