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House Intel Chair Nunes Cancels Public Hearing Next Week
05:21 — As the investigation into Pres. Trump and Russia continues, there's been blowback after Rep. Nunes canceled a public hearing next week. MSNBC's Brian (more…)
In a Colossal Defeat, Trump-Ryan Health Care Bill Collapses
16:05 — The top two Republicans in Washington, Pres. Trump and Speaker Ryan, suffered an embarrassing defeat as the GOP health care bill fell apart. How did i (more…)
Candidate Trump Pledged to End Obamacare 'Immediately'
05:34 — Speaking after the GOP health care bill fell apart, Pres. Trump said he never pledged to repeal and replace Obamacare early in his administration. But (more…)
Trump in February: 'Nobody Knew' Health Care Was So Complicated
01:58 — After today's health care defeat, MSNBC's Brian Williams looks at the President's comments last month when he expressed surprise at how difficult heal (more…)
Intel. Cmte. Dem On Reports of New Evidence of Trump-Russia Ties
06:43 — Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) of the House Intelligence Committee reacts to the news from the committee's top Democrat that there is new evidence of possible (more…)
Defiant Trump Defends Blatant Falsehoods in New Interview
06:41 — MSNBC's Brian Williams talks to TIME Magazine Washington Bureau Chief Michael Scherer about his shocking interview with Pres. Trump where Trump didn't (more…)
Republican Party Fractured Over Looming Health Care Vote
12:07 — MSNBC's Brian Williams gets the latest from Capitol Hill and talks to two GOP lawmakers, Rep. Chris Collins & Rep. Leonard Lance, one voting yes and o (more…)
Will Trump Ask for Ryan to Resign if Health Care Vote Fails?
07:51 — MSNBC'S Brian Williams shares a breaking New York Times report that Trump is upset with Ryan over health care and Sean Spicer being asked if Ryan shou (more…)
Schiff: More Than Circumstantial Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion
08:24 — After GOP Intel. Chair Devin Nunes bypassed his committee taking info on intelligence reports to Pres. Trump, the top Democrat on the committee breaks (more…)
White House's Last Ditch Effort to Get Votes for Health Care Bill
05:07 — MSNBC's Brian Williams talks to Eugene Robinson, Ashley Parker, and Eli Stokols about the looming vote on the Republicans' health care plan which does (more…)
Dem Senator: Why Was Trump Team Talking to Surveillance Targets?
04:54 — MSNBC's Brian Williams talks to Senate Intelligence Committee member Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) about House GOP Intel. Chair Nunes sharing informatio (more…)
Dem Sen. Hirono Worries Neil Gorsuch Will Protect Big Business
04:38 — MSNBC's Brian Williams talks to Hawaii Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono about the concerns she still has ahead of the Senate Judiciary's vote on Pres. Tru (more…)
White House Tries to Distance Trump from Russia Investigation
08:29 — MSNBC's Brian Williams looks at the latest questions facing the Trump White House over wiretapping and Russia with Bianna Golodryga, Jeremy Bash, and (more…)
Rare Color Film of White House & Pres. Hoover Discovered
00:51 — MSNBC's Brian Williams shares the discovery of what may very well be the earliest color film ever taken of the White House from the Hoover administrat (more…)
Trump Pushes Health Care Bill, But Does He Have the Votes?
10:17 — MSNBC Brian Williams looks at the President's effort to rally Republicans behind his increasingly unpopular health care plan ahead of a Thursday Vote. (more…)
White House: Former Campaign Boss Manafort Had 'very Limited Role'
05:38 — Attempting to distance themselves from questions about Paul Manafort and Russia, the Trump White House now claims the former campaign manager for Pres (more…)
Republican & Democrat React to House Hearing On Russia
13:47 — MSNBC's Brian Williams talks to two members of the House Intelligence Committee, Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro & Republican Rep. Will Hurd, to get th (more…)
Sen. Warner: Trump White House Needs to Accept the Truth
05:04 — Ahead of the Senate hearing into Russia, MSNBC's Brian Williams talks with Senate Intelligence Cmte. Vice Chair Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) about the ques (more…)
Critics Warn Trump Budget Cuts Could Hurt Terrorism Fight
05:44 — From counterterrorism to public broadcasting, the new White House budget proposal has some deep cuts to popular programs. MSNBC's Brian Williams talks (more…)
Combative & Agitated, Spicer Again Defends Trump Wiretap Claim
11:15 — In a press briefing unlike any other in memory, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer read from media reports and was dismissive with the press corp (more…)
Trump Cites Same Media He Attacks to Defend Obama Wiretap Claim
06:38 — For the first time since he accusing Pres. Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower, Pres. Trump defended his allegation using a report from what he calls 'th (more…)
Hawaii Governor: Trump Travel Ban Violated Our State Constitution
02:14 — After Trump blasted a federal judge's decision in Hawaii to knock down his executive order, Hawaii's governor responds saying the President's action v (more…)
Pres. Trump: I Might Not Be President Without Twitter
05:32 — Defending his 140-character habit, in a new interview Pres. Trump says he might not have won the presidency without Twitter. Our expert political pane (more…)
Trump Plays Defense On Travel Ban, Wiretapping, & Health Care
06:37 — Breaking news on three fronts: a federal judge blocks Pres. Trump's executive order on travel, Trump responds on wiretap allegations, and goes on offe (more…)
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