Brian Williams

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  • Birth Place: Elmira, New York, United States
  • Profession: TV news anchorman
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Family Accuses Police of Excessive Force at Traffic Stop
02:20 — A family has filed a federal lawsuit against the Hammond Police Department, accusing officers of using excessive force during a traffic stop.
FBI Wants Help Identifying English-Speaking ISIS Militant
02:08 — The FBI is calling on the public to help identify a man from an ISIS propaganda video who speaks with what could be a North American accent.
Whales Put On Rare Show Off Southern California Coast
00:28 — A large pod of sperm whales off the coast of Southern California put on a show for hours and at one point were even playing with dolphins.
Dallas Ebola Patient Had 103-Degree Fever in First E.R. Visit
02:55 — When Thomas Eric Duncan first sought treatment at a Dallas hospital, he was sent home despite several red flags.
Severe Weather Threatens More Than 76 Million Americans
01:02 — Severe weather is looming across the country, putting more than 76 million people at risk over the next three days.
Kim Jong Un Reappears in Public After Six-Week Absence
00:31 — North Korean state media released pictures of Kim Jong Un visiting a housing complex and using a cane.  No explanation was given for his long absence.
Florida Governor Race Begins With Fight Over Charlie Crist's Fan
01:27 — In one of the strangest debate moments in modern politics, Florida Gov. Rick Scott initially refused to come onstage because of a small electric fan.
Frontier Airlines Contacts Passengers On Ebola Patient's Flight
02:36 — Experts say it is highly unlikely that Amber Vinson, the second nurse infected with Ebola in Dallas, was contagious on the plane.
Baby Bear Reunites With Mom After Getting Stuck in Trash Bin
01:58 — A bear cub that got stuck in a Pasadena trash bin is safe thanks to a few human helpers.
American Woman Helps Forgotten Liberian Kids
02:53 — New Jersey native Katie Meyler left her home to care for Liberian orphans in a country where she says people aren’t only dying from Ebola, but also fr (more…)
High Court Upholds Texas' Voter ID Law
02:16 — Just ahead of the midterm elections, the Supreme Court upheld Texas' controversial voter ID law that requires people to present identification before (more…)
Go On the Hunt With a U.S. Marshal
03:10 — They're a team that tracks fugitives and now you can get an up-close look at just how they work.
Confusion Over Common Core Math Is Causing a Stir
02:53 — While most agree on the need to enhance student achievement, which is the purpose of common core, there's growing disagreement over how to do it.
Could There Be Another Bush in the White House?
02:28 — There has been a Bush 41, a Bush 43 and now Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, consistently ranks among Republican presidential frontrunners.
Could Michelle Obama Make a Big Impact On Midterm Elections?
02:12 — Michelle Obama is hitting the campaign trail for congressional candidates at a time when many seek to distance themselves from her husband.
Washington Debates Ebola-Fighting Measures
02:41 — The political debate intensifies over the appropriate response to the Ebola threat.
Frank Mankiewicz, RFK’s Press Secretary, Passes Away
01:15 — Born into Hollywood royalty, Mankiewicz instead chose a life of politics, news and public service.
Queen Elizabeth II of England Joins Twitter
00:30 — She’ll be known as Elizabeth R, the R stands for Regina which is Latin for Queen.
Ebola Quarantine Period Ends for 44 People in Dallas
03:18 — Across Texas, 120 people are still being asked to monitor their temperature, including 75 hospital workers who treated Thomas Eric Duncan.
Authorities Hunt for Motive in Marysville School Shooting
02:27 — Officials are investigating why alleged gunman Jaylen Fryberg walked into his school cafeteria and began shooting his friends.
Ebola Survivor Nina Pham Feels 'Fortunate to Be Free'
02:04 — The first nurse to contract Ebola in the U.S. walked out of the National Institutes of Health free of the deadly disease.
Adorable Puppy Wears Boston Police Department Bulletproof Vest
00:18 — The "awws" were heard all around the Internet when a Massachusetts non-profit posted a photo of a future K-9 puppy wearing a bulletproof vest.
Air Bag Recall Faces Scrutiny As Car Owners Wait for Repairs
01:44 — Many dealers say they don't have the replacement parts for the recalled Takata air bags, with one Texas car dealer saying it could take months.
Races to Watch: Georgia Senate Race Is Tight Contest
02:19 — As election day nears, all eyes are on Georgia, where the race for the Senate is neck-and-neck.
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  • Birth Place: Elmira, New York, United States
  • Profession: TV news anchorman