Hurricane Matthew: Storm Surge Threatens U.S. Eastern Seaboard
01:38 — While Hurricane Matthew’s strongest winds have stayed just off the U.S. coast, the power of winds and tides have brought significant storm surge to ma (more…)
Hurricane Matthew: Storm Surge, Wind, Rain Pound Jacksonville
00:52 — Even though Matthew’s eye is offshore and heading north, Jacksonville Beach is still getting pelted with heavy winds and rain.
Hundreds in Haiti Lose Their Lives to Hurricane Matthew
01:31 — While millions begin the cleanup from Hurricane Matthew, the full extent of the damage in Haiti is still emerging.
'Granny Does Graffiti': a Denver Art Gallery Helps Bring Out Seniors' Artistic Side
01:49 — Armed with water-based spray paint, the seniors at the Johnson adult day-program are defying stereotypes — using art to to help battle memory loss.
Speaker Ryan Breaks from Trump, to Focus On Congressional Races
02:11 — The speaker’s announcement follows other GOP leaders who rescinded their endorsements of Donald Trump. Despite backing away from Trump, Speaker Ryan d (more…)
Trump: More Attacks if More Tapes Surface
06:02 — The day after the second debate saw harsh attacks from Trump on the campaign trail, including a promise he'd continue to go after the Clintons' marria (more…)
Clinton Campaign Says Timing On Trump’s Words Is ‘A Gift’
03:55 — Hillary Clinton’s campaign is dealing with the revelations in her leaked emails of what she reportedly said in some of her highly paid speeches to Wa (more…)
Trump Defiant Even As Support Wanes for Candidacy
02:30 — Donald Trump remained defiant Sunday even as sources close to Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus told NBC News that Priebus was “devastated” abo (more…)
Debate: Campaign Aides Say Clinton “Prepared for Anything” Trump Throws at Her
01:57 — According to reports, the Trump tape will be a focus early on in the debate, potentially sparking a response aimed at Bill Clinton's marital infidelit (more…)
A Widower's Powerful Love Letter to Those Who Cared for His Dying Wife
01:39 — When 34-year-old Laura Levis died from a massive asthma attack, her husband could have easily melted away into grief. But he decided to pen an emotion (more…)
Decades-Old Video Shows Trump Predict His Campaign Problems With Women
01:51 — For decades, Donald Trump flaunted his interactions with women. In one such instance - a 1998 interview with Chris Matthews - he predicted his behavio (more…)
John McCain: I Can't Vote for Clinton or Trump
01:36 — During his Senate debate in Arizona, Sen. John McCain said he couldn't vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. So who will the veteran Republ (more…)
7-Year-Old Aleppo Girl Tweets Daily Struggle to Live Amid Bombings
01:56 — With the help of her mother, Bana al-Abed has been “live-tweeting” from the war-torn city that’s being bombarded by the Syrian and Russian governments (more…)
Palm Springs Community Mourns Death of Two Police Officers
01:34 — The city of Palm Springs, California, is in shock after two officers were killed in the line of duty Saturday. Police say the suspect surrendered afte (more…)
Hurricane Matthew: Nearly 1,000 Rescued in 24 Hours in North Carolina
02:16 — After nearly a foot of rain fell in some cities, historic flood waters are swamping neighborhoods well inland. The damage in the state, officials say, (more…)
Tavis Smiley On the Last Days of the Election
05:01 — PBS host Tavis Smiley joins MSNBC's Brian Williams to discuss what he calls the "low point" that the 2016 campaign has hit, and what he thinks it mean (more…)
U.S. Gov’t Officially Blames Russia Russian Gov’t for Election Hacks
01:29 — In a significant move Friday, the Obama administration publicly accused Russia of being behind email hacks targeting the U.S. election process, claimi (more…)
More Than a Million Women Share Stories of Sexual Assaults, One Tweet at a Time
01:57 — It started with Kelly Oxford's appeal on Twitter. With the hashtag #NotOkay, Oxford posted several personal experiences of sexual assault and the floo (more…)
Reports: Major Cell Phone Providers Halting Sales of Galaxy Note 7
01:38 — Federal investigators are looking into whether replacement Galaxy Note 7 smartphones pose the same risk of going up in smoke and causing fires as the (more…)
Hurricane Matthew: More Than 1 Million in Florida Without Power
03:46 — Florida’s governor is urgently requesting food, water and generators from FEMA, and the damage from the monster hurricane is still being tallied as it (more…)
Beating the Odds for a New Generation Through 'The Education Effect'
02:29 — Getting a college education for many young people is still a difficult goal to accomplish, but it's now possible all thanks to an unusual partnership.
'Clowning': What's Behind the Clown-Inspired Attacks?
01:32 — Officials are investigating rash of creepy clown sightings across the country in recent weeks have led to several arrests and at least one injury — wi (more…)
Analysis: GOP Civil War Breaks Wide Open
01:19 — A flood of GOP lawmakers are abandoning Donald Trump just 29 days until the election hoping to save themselves, but what happens now?
Hurricane Matthew Threatens Georgia Coast With Devastating Storm Surge
01:46 — As the storm barrels towards Georgia, 10 inches of rain is forecasted to hit the coastal area to go along with massive storm surge.
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