Murphy's Romance - Official Trailer
01:07 — A divorcee who wishes to be a horse trainer and an older small-town Arizona druggist fall for each other with comical complications.
Love Field - Official Trailer
01:46 — A white hairdresser and a black man travelling with his daughter cross paths on their way to Washington D.C. after President Kennedy's assassination.
A Gifted Man: In Case Of All Hell Breaking Loose Trailer
01:22 — Michael works double duty trying to save a pregnant friend he recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and a little boy with sickle cell disease.
Highway To Heaven: Hotel Of Dreams Trailer
01:19 — A seemingly hapless young man running his father's hotel finds true love and a new vocation with a little help from his new bellhops, Johnathan and Ma (more…)
Angel Falls
Venezuela's Angel Falls are twice as tall as the Empire State Building.
27 Dresses - Trailer No. 1
27 Dresses - Trailer No. 1
Codename: Chaos - Official Trailer
01:05 — Secret agents provoke an international incident for monetary gain. Also known as "Spies, Lies and Alibis".
Torch Song Trilogy - Official Trailer
02:03 — Adapted from the Tony Award-winning play about a sensitive homosexual's search for love and his relationship with his mother. Good mixture of funny an (more…)
Getting Away With Murder - Official Trailer
01:57 — Convinced (without proof) that his neighbor is a killer, a man concocts a plan to rid the world of the evil fiend. But who is really getting away with (more…)
Gold Diggers: The Secret Of Bear Mountain - Official Trailer
02:05 — A city girl, who's just moved to a small town in the Pacific Northwest, makes friends with a woodsy tomboy. Following clues from an old legend, they v (more…)
Hard Promises - Official Trailer
01:59 — A no-good ex-husband shows up at his former wife's second wedding to win her back.
The Myth Of Fingerprints - Official Trailer
02:20 — Sure to strike a chord with anyone who's ever gone home for the holidays, this bittersweet comedy takes a heartfelt, sometimes painful look at an Amer (more…)
Murphy's Romance - (Original Trailer)
A divorced woman (Sally Field) and her son move to small town to take on a horse ranch in Murphy's Romance (1985).
05:00 — A weekend getaway turns into a horrific nightmare when two couples engage in a perverse pumpkin slaughter invoking vicious revenge when their other pu (more…)
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