Brian Doyle-Murray

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Brian Doyle-Murray
  • Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Writer, Comedian
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00:48 — Punsie McKale unleashes puns at Peppermint Larry and Flapjack.
00:30 — Flapjack has the worst problem a sailor can have. He is in love.
Bearded Pirates
00:31 — Flapjack and K'Nuckles encounter bearded pirates.
Sweet Serenade
00:41 — Flapjack serenades a little old lady.
Cammie Island
00:39 — Sailors declare their journey to the Cammie Islands.
Lost Limbs
00:45 — Bubbie demands Captain K'Nuckles to help return a pair of legs lost at sea.
This is the Life
00:37 — Captain K'Nuckles reflects on how good life is.
Easily Startled
00:35 — Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles insight a water panic inside a nervous club.
Captain K'Nuckles' Hand
00:54 — Captain K'Nuckles bids farewell to his hand.
00:51 — Cheeks can't walk, but he can sure dance.
Little Fleabag gets a New Name
01:01 — Flapjack names his rat after the greatest adventurer in the world, Captain K'Nuckles
00:38 — Mr. Captain K'nuckles gets hypnotized.
00:42 — Flapjack's vision is impaired, but he just needs to cut his hair.
00:31 — Flapjack tries to make some enemies.
Boyhood Bottle Cap
00:34 — Flapjack gives Sir Nickelbottoms a bottle cap.
Flirting Whales
01:01 — Bubbie flirts with another whale. Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles disapprove.
Mistaken Identity
00:59 — Flapjack gets mistaken for a girl in Stormalong.
Grow Up!
00:36 — Flapjack tells a kid to grow up, but the kid has a surprise.
Fruit Folly
00:31 — Peppermint Larry's plan is foiled by Captain K'Nuckles.
The Snark Ship Arrives
00:54 — Captain K'Nuckles warns Flapjack about the Snarks.
Sixteen Candles - Trailer
02:41 — An insecure Midwestern teen longs for Mr. Right while fending off the advances of the class clown.
As Good As It Gets - Trailer
01:38 — A cantankerous, obsessive-compulsive writer fights himself for the affections of a down to earth waitress. It's love at first sight, but she doesn't k (more…)
Imaginary Friends
10:51 — The doctors fight to save the hospital ward that houses ailing imaginary friends … and also has great cell reception. Brian Doyle-Murray (Sullivan & S (more…)
Zoo Trouble
11:29 — Tom and the Mayor team up to renovate the Public Zoo. Special Guest: Brian Doyle Murray
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  • Birth Name: Brian Doyle-Murray
  • Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Writer, Comedian

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