To Live And Die In L.A. - Trailer
01:15 — A Secret Service agent becomes obsessed with vengeance while tracking down a ruthless counterfeiter responsible for his partner's murder.
Uncle Buck, Season 1
The family black sheep helps raise his brother's kids.
To Live And Die In L.A. - Official Trailer
02:06 — A Secret Service agent becomes obsessed with vengeance while tracking down a ruthless counterfeiter responsible for his partner's murder.
The Five Heartbeats - Official Trailer
01:25 — Coming in on the tail end of a rhythm and blues singing group explosion, The Five Heartbeats (Robert Townsend, Michael Wright, Leon, Harry J. Lennix, (more…)
Flipcam Fun: "Zoe Levin: Talk Show Diva"
00:40 — Take a ride with Zoe Levin as she heads to her very first talk show while on the RED BAND SOCIETY Banding Together For Good Tour!
Flipcam Fun: "Nolan Sotillo's Dinner Shenanigans"
00:55 — Hungry? Join Nolan Sotillo and the cast of RED BAND SOCIETY as they get to know each other a little too well over dinner.
Scoring RED BAND SOCIETY: Ludwig Goransson
02:15 — Go behind the scenes with the composer and musician behind RED BAND SOCIETY!
Flipcam Fun: "Griffin's Antics"
00:45 — Griffin Gluck may be a "Come Boy" onscreen, but in real life he's "Dude Perfect," which means he's good at pretty much everything!
Based On An Amazing True Story
02:40 — Meet the man, the true inspiration behind RED BAND SOCIETY: Albert Espinosa. His attitude about life, his genuine personality, and his gentle spirit (more…)
Miami University Visits Dayton Children's Hospital
01:04 — Dayton Children's Hospital partners up with FOX and Miami University's marching band to bring patients food, fun and music.
Temple University And Shriner's Hospital For Children In Philadelphia Team Up
01:07 — Shiner's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia teams up with FOX and hosts Temple University's marching band to bring some positive energy to the kids (more…)
Actor Profile: Octavia Spencer
00:50 — Acting has always come so naturally to the Academy Award-winning actress that she feels as if it's in her DNA.
Actor Profile: Charlie Rowe
01:05 — Charlie loves that his role as Leo allows him to do things that he would never do in real life.
Actor Profile: Nolan Sotillo
01:20 — Nolan, a man of many talents, talks about his opportunity to showcase his musical skills in some of the episodes of RED BAND SOCIETY.
Actor Profile: Zoe Levin
01:40 — Apparently Zoe was born to play "the mean girl" role - she has been cast just as that in her school plays since she was in the 8th grade.
Actor Profile: Dave Annable
01:10 — Dave shares his experiences of his first paid acting gigs and his over-enthusiasm shooting a Starbucks commercial.
Actor Profile: Ciara Bravo
01:25 — Get to know actress Ciara Bravo outside of her role on RED BAND SOCIETY.
Cardon Children's Medical Center Hosts The University Of Arizona Marching Band
01:23 — The U of A Marching Band teams up with RED BAND SOCIETY to hang out with the kids of Cardon Children's Medical Center in Arizona for an exciting day o (more…)
ISU Marching Band Plays At Shriner's Hospital For Children In Chicago
01:12 — Illinois State University's big red marching machine and FOX visit Shriner's Hospital for Children in Chicago for a fun-filled day of music and food.
Actor Profile: Astro
00:55 — The resident jokester on set, Astro appreciates all of the talent surrounding him on RED BAND SOCIETY.
Actor Profile: Rebecca Rittenhouse
01:00 — Rebecca Rittenhouse talks about her big break - playing a dancing bear in "La Boheme" at age 12.
Actor Profile: Griffin Gluck
00:45 — Here are five important things you should know about Griffin - and more!
Will We See A Shirtless Dave Annable, aka "The Hot Doc?"
01:15 — We know what the cast thinks. Now it's YOUR turn to cast your vote at #redbandsociety – don’t wait another second!
Banding Together For Good At Children's Healthcare Of Atlanta
00:55 — The Georgia Institute of Technology Marching Band and RED BAND SOCIETY's Griffin Gluck pay a visit to the Henrietta Egleston Hospital for Children.
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