Brennan Elliot



December 4, 2006: 200 Cupcakes and Baby Steps

"I think getting married was a mistake." Phew. Me too, Heather. She definitely had a point with the whole my-life-is-in-your-hands thing — it is kind of weird to think about being so connected to someone whom you've just met... who possibly did marry you because he's on the rebound after a traumatic experience. But in a surprising twist — at least to me — they decide to try being married after all. This should be interesting.In another fast lane, speed-dating at Ivy's was pretty funny, especially when she prematurely blew the horn when her husband sat down in front of an attractive woman who looked excited to meet him. The whole competitive story line between Brian and Bridget showed both of their weaknesses... and strengths. Brian is that guy who can't say no to anyone, who loves to be liked, and who doesn't want to disappoint. I find that's only a minor downfall, because his nice, friendly demeanor is endearing enough to bring in clients and to get Bridget's atte... read more

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