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Motive's Brendan Penny: Viewers Will "Really Sympathize" with This Week's Killer

Kristin Lehman, Cameron Bright, Brendan Penny

ABC's Motive returns from a brief hiatus on Thursday, and star Brendan Penny says the episode, titled "Against All Odds," may present a moral quandary for viewers.

"I think in all of our episodes, you can kind of relate to the decisions of the killers at times," Penny, who plays young Det. Brian Lucas, tells "I like this one a lot because this is one of the stories where you really, really, really do sympathize with the killer." read more

Stargate Atlantis: Your Burning Questions Answered!

Joe Flanigan and Jason Momoa by Eike Schroter/Sci Fi Channel

With the July 11 Season 5 premiere of Sci Fi Channels Stargate Atlantis just a week-and-a-half away we thought it a good time to reveal exec producer Joseph Mallozzis answers to many of your questions posted to the TVGuidecom Asks blog Will Lt Ford return Is a new alien race on the horizon Will the Midway station be rebuilt Read on for those answers and moreId like to know if there is any chance of seeing another hot SheppardTeyla kiss And will these two get together romantically TheUnitLoverJoseph Mallozzi Romance blossoms in Season 5 of Atlantis but alas not between Sheppard and Teyla Last we left our favorite Athosian back in Season 4 she had a man in her life or more accurately a half-man half-iratus bug with very conflicted feelings My question is about Lt Ford from the beginning of the series I enjoyed his character and was wondering if they will ever do a show where he is located and maybe healed or should we assume he is gone for good read more

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