Bree Turner



  • Homeland "I haven't been that excited about something on television since Lost. This last season of Homeland was overwhelming each week. It was better than any movie I'd seen in the theaters. There was not one moment I was let down in that whole [first] season. "
  • Lost "Season 1 blew my mind. I watched the whole first season on DVD when I was filming in Toronto. I get so into series that the people on the show are like my friends. I start thinking, 'What's Jack doing right now?' It can get a little scary actually. It's like nothing I'd ever seen. People keep trying to replicate that now. You can't do it. It was the magic of everything coming together. "
  • Friends "What show can you turn on and watch on TBS at 2 in the morning? It still makes me laugh. It was just lightning in a bottle with all those actors together on that show. "
  • So You Think You Can Dance "I was a dancer, and so a lot of those choreographers and judges are my peers. So it's been really fun to see my friends take the next step with their career. What you can do with your dance career now; there are so many options. The talent this show has exposed to this country is just incredible. I think Cat Deeley is adorable. "
  • Sex and the City "I'm a girl and I like shoes and I love New York. I thought Sarah Jessica Parker was just a perfect comedic and dramatic actress, just such a beautiful blend of realism in such a crazy world that they created. She always brought such truth to all of her scenes in that show. "

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