Branka Katic



"Vision Thing"

Having gone to Catholic school for 16 years yep all the way through college I could really sympathize with Nickys plight tonight as she attempted to navigate the black magic hocus pocus Catholic pageantry of Waynes summer school I will be the first to admit that it all must seem somewhat surreal daunting and intimidating to an outsider but I did think that Nicki let her paranoia get the best of her For Bill this was an opportunity to publicly claim Wayne as his son and I can certainly understand why that was important to him As he searched the neighborhood for his missing progeny I thought about how difficult it would be to have to pretend that your own son was no more than a neighbor yet another aspect of their lifestyle that resonates beyond the secure little enclave theyve created Little Miss Margene was quite the instigator tonight providing a devils advocate for Nicki as she struggled with her choice She was also the first of the w read more

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