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Lucky Dog - Call Of Duty
03:15 — Atlas is picked out for a special needs veteran.
Lucky Dog - On His Shoulders
01:26 — Atlas masters the "Brace" command.
Lucky Dog - The Medicine Dog
01:44 — Otto learns how to deliver medicine on demand.
Lucky Dog - Otto And Lex
02:21 — Otto and Lex bond and form an amazing relationship.
Lucky Dog - Dog at work
01:19 — Dottie gets the proper training for the workplace.
Lucky Dog - Old Dog New Trick
01:46 — Brandon takes his time teaching Dottie the right way.
Lucky Dog - Meet and Greet
03:00 — Brandon talks with the Duartes' to get a better idea of how a dog can contribute to the family.
Lucky Dog - Dodger's Home Base
03:36 — Dodger reaches home base with his new forever home.
Lucky Dog - Hand Shy
01:30 — Brandon test Stewie for abuse.
Lucky Dog - Defensive Aggression
02:52 — Brandon works on Stewie's defensive aggression toward other dogs.
Lucky Dog - A Dog and a Bike
01:19 — Scarlett is trained to run alongside a bike.
Lucky Dog - Going For A Ride
02:50 — Brandon teaches Scarlett proper car etiquette.
Lucky Dog - Makeover
02:05 — Hachi gets a much needed makeover.
Lucky Dog - Business Cards
02:56 — Hachi helps the family pass out business cards.
Lucky Dog - Chances Are
02:26 — Casey and Odie first meet up.
Lucky Dog - Odie Graduates
01:12 — It's official, Odie passes his training.
Lucky Dog - Video Chat
02:32 — Brandon has a video chat with Dustin and his family.
Lucky Dog - Teaching Dustin
02:20 — Brandon teaches Dustin how to give proper commands to Maverick.
Lucky Dog - Joys Of Travel
01:17 — Brandon trains JoJo and Rhi Rhi on becoming great travel companions.
Lucky Dog - Paddleboard Pups
02:16 — JoJo and Rhi Rhi are naturals on the high seas.
Lucky Dog - Fetching On Command
01:16 — Brandon trains Bandit in the art of fetching.
Lucky Dog - PTSD Service Dog
02:31 — Brandon trains Kyrie to be a great service dog for a veteran.
Lucky Dog - Quality Of Life
02:21 — Brandon reaches out to help Maggie obtain quality of life.
Lucky Dog - A Forever Home
02:34 — Maggie arrives to her forever home.
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