Brandon McMillan

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Lucky Dog - Escape Artist
02:42 — Sebastian has a reputation for escaping, so Brandon takes a home visit with the Rexx family to assess the backyard.
Lucky Dog - Finding the Exit
01:08 — Brandon explains the importance of exits in swimming pools.
Lucky Dog - Aussie's Forever Home
02:03 — Aussie, a Golden Retriever-Collie mix, feels right at home with Madison and her family.
Lucky Dog - Trust
01:35 — Brandon teaches Dakota to trust and believe in himself.
Lucky Dog - The Secret Weapon
03:09 — Brandon uses the daisy chain to help train Groot.
Lucky Dog - Perfect Family Dog
03:21 — Bandit meets his new family and it's the right fit.
Lucky Dog - Hazel Meets The Family
01:40 — Hazel is finally ready to meet her new family, but how will their other dog feel about the new addition?
Lucky Dog - Active Pet Parent
00:32 — Being an active pet parent is good for everybody.
Lucky Dog - The Final Test Run
01:15 — Riley does the final obstacle course and finishes strong.
Lucky Dog - Quality Of Life
02:21 — Brandon reaches out to help Maggie obtain quality of life.
Lucky Dog - Fetching On Command
01:16 — Brandon trains Bandit in the art of fetching.
Lucky Dog - Hand Shy
01:30 — Brandon test Stewie for abuse.
Lucky Dog - The Medicine Dog
01:44 — Otto learns how to deliver medicine on demand.
Lucky Dog - Easy Lessons
01:54 — Spirit starts understanding personal space the hard way.
The Talk - Friday Preview, Oct. 14th
00:20 — Friday's special guest is Jane Lynch.
Lucky Dog - Going Advanced
01:39 — Olive training goes from normal to advanced.
Lucky Dog - Life Lessons
01:49 — Bean learns valuable life lessons.
Lucky Dog - Bonding
01:47 — Brandon is training two dogs to be friends.
Lucky Dog - The Stay Command
02:13 — Leah has a hard time with some of the 7 common commands, so Brandon has a lot of work to do. Watch Brandon's preferred way to teach Leah the stay comm (more…)
Lucky Dog - Odd Pair
02:23 — Biscuit must prove that he can get along with cats. So Brandon gets help from a feline friend.
Lucky Dog - Welcome to Class
01:23 — Brandon quickly learns that Jemma has no training, so now he has to start from the bottom. See how Brandon teach the "sit" command.
Lucky Dog - Acrobatic Riley
01:13 — Brandon has his work cut out for him with Riley the acrobatic dog.
Lucky Dog - She's A Jumper
01:57 — Brandon has his hands full with Sheela.
Lucky Dog - 7 Common Commands
01:52 — All dogs need to know these commands.
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