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Lucky Dog - Welcome to Class
01:23 — Brandon quickly learns that Jemma has no training, so now he has to start from the bottom. See how Brandon teach the "sit" command.
Lucky Dog - Jemma's New Home
03:29 — Jemma is welcomed to her new forever home.
Lucky Dog - Active Pet Parent
00:32 — Being an active pet parent is good for everybody.
Lucky Dog - The Horse Dilemma.
01:45 — Skye's training brings her to her last obstacle.
Lucky Dog - Doctor's Visit
03:49 — Skye goes in for a check up.
Lucky Dog - A Good Fit
02:08 — Kyrie and James meet and the fit is perfect.
Lucky Dog - Pick And Drop
01:21 — Kyrie trains hard on being the best service dog.
Lucky Dog - Healthy Tips
00:30 — Here are some health advice to keep your pooch safe from the sun.
Lucky Dog - Training Pays Off
02:07 — Murphy the pup gets the Control Train Treat training.
Lucky Dog - Doggie Door
01:05 — Murphy gets trained on using the doggie door.
Lucky Dog - Glory
20:33 — After the tragic loss of her husband, a grandmother reaches out to Brandon in hopes of finding a furry new companion. But before Glory, an overweight (more…)
Lucky Dog - Business School
02:05 — Glory's new home does not have grass in the back yard, so Brandon teaches this Poodle mix how to handle her business using an artificial turf.
Lucky Dog - Health and Wellness Tip
00:34 — See this week's health and wellness tip.
Lucky Dog - Hazel Meets The Family
01:40 — Hazel is finally ready to meet her new family, but how will their other dog feel about the new addition?
Lucky Dog - Conquering The Stairs
01:18 — For a small dog a simple stair case is a big challenge.
Lucky Dog - Hazel vs. Table
01:43 — Hazel learns quickly that furniture is not a play toy.
Lucky Dog - Perfect Family Dog
03:21 — Bandit meets his new family and it's the right fit.
Lucky Dog - Bandit Learning Quickly
02:41 — Bandit learns quickly and he is a great listener.
Lucky Dog - Kayaking Motu Meets Mommy
02:57 — Motu skills are put to test as Brandon and Motu hit the waves.
Lucky Dog - Balance
02:04 — Motu, the spunky Maltese mix, adapts to standing his ground while on a kayak. (TV-G)
Animal Planet Hunk Brandon McMillan
05:51 — Animal Planet's Brandon McMillan talks to Lara Spencer about his new show "Night."
Baby Camel on 'The Insider' set
02:42 — Animal Planet's Brandon McMillan is back with a baby camel on "The Insider" set.
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