Extra Terrorist-rial
11:17 — Trent's nephew harbors a seemingly peaceful extraterrestrial, but the NTSF team knows there's no such thing as a peaceful illegal alien.
TGI Murder
11:18 — The agents of NTSF:SD:SUV trade in their badges and guns for suspenders and flair in order to save the President of the Navy's Chain Restaurant from i (more…)
A Hard Drive to Swallow
11:18 — When Robot S.A.M. is taken prisoner outside of NTSF:SD:SUV:: jurisdiction, the team becomes a viral video film crew in hopes it will help disguise the (more…)
Burn After Killing
11:04 — Kove's little black book is stolen by someone from her past, and the only NTSF agent talented enough to help her is dead. Or is he?
Trading Faces
11:18 — For Trent and Sam, swapping faces to foil a terrorist ring is easy. Giving the faces back is hard. Guest Stars: Jack McBrayer (30 Rock), Kristen Schaa (more…)
The Great Train Stoppery
11:12 — The Time Angels return and this time the hot time traveling trio protects the future by traveling to the Wild Wild West.
The Birthday Party That Was Neither
11:13 — Each member of NTSF gets a mysterious call from a person who claims they have secret information about them. Unbeknownst to the other members, they ea (more…)
Hawaii Die-0
11:17 — On the eve of delivering the commencement address at USSD, The President of the Navy has three big problems: He can't speak in public without a river (more…)
Full Hauser
11:33 — An international terrorist who avoids NTSF capture by staying out if their jurisdiction is finally corned on a cruise ship... or is he? Trent goes rog (more…)
Comic Con-Air
11:18 — Trent struggles to regain control of a hijacked plane filled with Comic Con convicts, while Kove and Alphonse debate whether or not to remotely blow i (more…)
Unfrozen Agent Man
11:16 — An early, sexist-ier NTSF agent from 1963 is called in to fight his old hippie nemesis, recently thawed out andescaped from cryo-jail. Guest Star: Rob (more…)
Shake It Up Volume Made in Japan
After facing off against crews from across the country in an epic dance battle, Rocky and CeCe win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Japan to star in a new (more…)
Brandon Johnson
00:11 — vs. Moore Dec 17th 2015
California team pulls off insane 4th down score
00:55 — Northwood (CA) was facing 4th and goal from Irvine's 24-yard line with 2-minutes left in the game and Brandon Johnson escapes the pressure and throws (more…)
Butch Jones: Injured Tennessee players coming back soon
01:16 — Tennessee football coach Butch Jones speaks to reporters on Monday, August 15, about injured players Brandon Johnson, Evan Berry and Latrell Williams.
Brandon Johnson
00:08 — vs. Manual Dec 20th 2015
Brandon Johnson
00:09 — vs Ballard Jan 9th 2016
Not Since College
00:32 — Piper gets intimate with a nurse.
Against the Rules
01:03 — Nothing is against the rules for a million dollars.
Special Delivery
00:50 — Jessie connects the dots, but does she do it with enough time to save her life?
No Touching!
00:42 — Dollars fly as the girls brawl.
00:54 — Trent moves in for a checkmate.
Same Old Trent
00:53 — Trent's ex reveals his secrets.
Zilch Just Left Town
00:34 — Tensions run high when Frank Forest shows up.
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