Brandon Jay McLaren

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Place: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Profession: Actor
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Ransom - Insight
02:08 — A new discovery may shed light on an intense situation.
Ransom - Escalation
02:13 — The team gets briefed on a situation that needs to be ended quickly.
Ransom - She Really Did Love You
01:21 — The victim of two tragic losses shows signs of improvement.
Ransom - Where Is The Money?
03:31 — The team gets word of a family being kidnapped.
Ransom - Bullied To Death
02:14 — Eric and team inform a group of concerned parents that their children became familiar with each other within the confines of an online chat room.
Ransom - Ranting Eulogy
02:06 — Eric checks in with his teenage social media expert after one player lured to the castle breaks the pattern of the team's chat room theory.
Ransom - Persuasion
05:15 — The team finds a lead in their search for Jasper and the stolen art.
Ransom - The Rubens
05:03 — Eric comes up with a plan to keep the painting and save Jasper.
Ransom - Video Game
02:20 — A fight between the kidnappers gives Samuel the opportunity to report himself missing.
Ransom - Negotiating to Save Lives
04:11 — The kidnappers receive the money they are after as Eric arrives to meet in person and save Celina.
Ransom - Common Ground
02:14 — Eric disarms Joe by finding common ground with him.
Ransom - Searching the House
03:17 — Maxine and Oliver find some answers.
Ransom - It's Not Over
03:26 — Eric offers Mary a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation.
Ransom - Connected
03:36 — Eric reunites a mother and daughter by clearing up the past.
Ransom - Rookie To The Rescue
02:58 — Eric decides to stay behind to assess the situation from inside the grounds which leaves Maxine in charge for the first time.
Ransom - French Foreign Legion
01:57 — The team gathers info on a dangerous target.
Ransom - Hand of Death
04:23 — The team is called in when a loving couple's illegal surrogate carrier is taken at gunpoint.
Ransom - 9:00 AM Sharp
04:50 — Eric learns about a terrorist plot that will be carried out in New York City in a matter of hours if he cannot stop it in time.
Ransom - Diffuse or Detonate?
04:02 — Eric takes an enormous leap of faith in his negotiation with a violent ethnic nationalist.
Ransom - The Spread of Terror
03:38 — Eric tries to reason with members of the militia by gaining their trust.
Ransom - Good Job Dad
00:45 — Eric apologizes to his daughter.
Ransom - Sheer Luck
01:09 — Eric and his team pay a final visit to Jaquan and his family.
Ransom - In the Cards
01:40 — Oliver makes the most of the time he has left with his dying father.
Ransom - Why Do You Do It?
01:33 — Eric gives a victim some much needed closure.
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  • Birth Place: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Profession: Actor

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