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Gordon Ramsay Questions Brandi from "5 Star Food"
00:50 — Brandi tells Gordon Ramsay a little about her home town.
Gordon Ramsay Compliments Brandi From "Hot Potato"
00:39 — Brandi impresses Gordon with her perfect french fries.
Haute Dog! How to Make the Perfect Bacon-wrapped Beef Dog
04:29 — Popsugar’s host of “Eat the Trend” Brandi Milloy shows TODAY how to make a “swanky” bacon-wrapped beef dog. She also shows us how to cook up a lighter (more…)
Olive Garden-style Breadsticks and Salad Recipes to Try at Home
04:28 — Make your own Olive Garden-style breadsticks and salad, courtesy of a recipe from Brandi Milloy, host of “Eat the Trend” on POPSUGAR, who shows Hoda a (more…)
Brandi Glanville, Kenya Moore Shake Hands
05:34 — Ian Ziering, Kenya Moore, Johnny Damon and Brandi Glanville join TODAY to talk about getting fired from “Celebrity Apprentice” on Monday. Moore insist (more…)
How to Make the Perfect Marinade
04:29 — PopSugar lifestyle expert Brandi Milloy demonstrates how to make a delicious marinade using such unusual ingredients as tea, tomatoes and beer.
How Drunk Did Brandi Glanville Get?
01:13 — She had trouble getting into a car.
Brandi Glanville Fan Gets a Handful!
00:56 — We got Brandi Glanville leaving dinner and a fan asked for a photo Brandi says yes but the fan gets more than just a photo!
First Date Habits: How Guys Think Women Prepare
02:12 — TODAY’s Willie Geist and Natalie Morales and guest co-host Brandi Milloy talk about a new survey that found most men think women spend more than half (more…)
Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates: Beauty Queen Jailed After Faking Cancer
02:27 — Pennsylvania beauty queen Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates is behind bars this morning after authorities claim she faked cancer in an elaborate scheme to decei (more…)
Uncensored Brandi Glanville On LeAnn, Botox & Sex
03:23 — Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville recently sat down with Beth Stern to chat about her new book Drinking and Dating, and it's safe (more…)
Make a Beef and Broccoli Stir-fry in 10 Minutes
04:41 — PopSugar lifestyle expert Brandi Milloy joins TODAY to help you make the perfect stir-fry with sirloin steak, broccoli and soy sauce in just a few min (more…)
Brandi Glanville Flashes Nip On “Real Housewives”
01:45 — And whoops! Bravo failed to cover it up.
More Vagina Drama With the Housewives!
01:46 — Brandi Glanville sent Joanna Krupa a piece of salmon at a restaurant to say, remember the time I told the world your vagina smelled bad?! Bon appetit!
Billy Ray Cyrus Gushes Over Talented Kids
01:30 — The country crooner praises Brandi, Noah, Trace, Miley, Christopher and Braison for their creative talents--but have they made plans for Father's Day (more…)
Brandi Glanville: I'm Done Talking About Eddie
01:25 — Brandi Glanville's new tell-all, Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders, is full of stories of her ex husband Eddie Cibrian, but she says th (more…)
Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Appetizers
03:42 — PopSugar lifestyle expert Brandi Milloy joins TODAY to demonstrate how to make a meat and cheese board and and a veggie platter look festive.
Johanna Krupa Suing Over Smelly Claims?
01:09 — Brandi Glanville may be heading to court soon if Johanna Krupa goes through with filing a defamation lawsuit over the smelly vagina claims!
Funnel Cake Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe: Enjoy the Sweet Treat at Home
04:39 — It’s Sweet Treat Week on TODAY Food, and Brandi Milloy of Popsugar’s “Eat the Trend” is in the kitchen to demonstrate how to make a great one: funnel (more…)
Make a ‘Supreme Pizza Dip’ for Super Bowl Party
03:40 — PopSugar lifestyle expert Brandi Milloy joins TODAY to demonstrate how to make the perfect appetizers for every football fan, including a hoagie dip a (more…)
“Real Housewives” Full of Poo??
01:40 — “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Vanderpump says Brandi Glanville’s been lying about quitting the show … and it stinks! Literally.
Fuel for School: 5 Creative Sandwiches for Kids’ Lunchboxes
04:47 — Brandi Milloy of POPSUGAR, shows the anchors fun kid lunch ideas and creative sandwiches for lunchboxes.
Brownie-bottom Peanut Butter Pie: Make Brandi Milloy’s Recipe
04:28 — To help celebrate the launch of TODAY Food Club, Brandi Milloy of Popsugar’s “Eat the Trend” joins Matt Lauer to demonstrate a recipe to perfectly top (more…)
The Secret to Whipping up the Creamiest Mashed Potatoes
02:20 — Pop Sugar’s Brandi Milloy has the secret to the creamiest potatoes ever. The “Eat the Trend” host explains how to choose the right potato, the magic o (more…)
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