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Wed Sep 20 11:00am
Storage WarsGhosts Don't Need Money(Season 5, Episode 16) A&E

Casey tries to curb Rene's spending habits.

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Wed Sep 20 11:30am
Storage WarsThe Mom Factor(Season 5, Episode 20) A&E

Casey tries her hand at bidding; Ivy transforms his store into an auction house.

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Wed Sep 20 12:00pm
Storage WarsThe Robot Cowboy(Season 5, Episode 18) A&E

Jarrod and Brandi try out a new strategy.

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Wed Sep 20 12:30pm
Storage WarsThe Emperor of El Monte(Season 6, Episode 4) A&E

El Monte, Cal., is toured in the Season 7 premiere.

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Wed Sep 20 1:00pm
Storage WarsIt's Bring Your Kids to Work Day(Season 5, Episode 19) A&E

Jarrod and Brandi bring their kids to an auction.

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Wed Sep 20 1:30pm
Storage WarsPay the Dan(Season 5, Episode 17) A&E

Darrell pulls pranks in an attempt to distract the competition.

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Wed Sep 20 2:00pm
Storage WarsSuper Bros. Shuffle(Season 4, Episode 22) A&E

A visit to Costa Mesa, Cal.

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Wed Sep 20 2:30pm
Storage WarsThe Return of the King of Montebello(Season 5, Episode 5) A&E

Ivy hires a new employee to run his shop.

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Wed Sep 20 3:00pm
Storage WarsNerds of the Round Tablez(Season 5, Episode 3) A&E

Darrell and Rene play mind games with each other.

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Wed Sep 20 3:30pm
Storage WarsFor a Good Time Call...Ivy(Season 5, Episode 6) A&E

Ivy pranks the competition.

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Wed Sep 20 4:00pm
Storage WarsFlight of the Gambler(Season 5, Episode 1) A&E

Montebello, Cal., is visited in the Season 5 premiere.

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Wed Sep 20 4:30pm
Storage WarsLBC U LTR(Season 5, Episode 7) A&E

Rene outspends everyone.

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Wed Sep 20 5:00pm
Storage WarsOperation: Intimidation(Season 5, Episode 4) A&E

Ivy tries to intimidate other buyers.

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Wed Sep 20 5:30pm
Storage WarsNuthin' But a G Thang, Rene(Season 5, Episode 8) A&E

Gossip surrounds Jarrod and Brandi.

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Wed Sep 20 6:00pm
Storage WarsThe Hills Have Buys(Season 5, Episode 2) A&E

Darrell discovers an interesting locker.

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Wed Sep 20 6:30pm
Storage WarsBoom Goes the Dynamite?(Season 5, Episode 9) A&E

The buyers visit Rene's territory.

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Fri Sep 22 4:00pm
Storage WarsThe Fast and the Curious(Season 3, Episode 8) FYI

Lancaster, Cal., is visited.

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Fri Sep 22 4:30pm
Storage WarsStraight Into Compton: Biddaz With Attitude(Season 3, Episode 21) FYI

A unique suit is found in Compton, Cal.

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Fri Sep 22 5:00pm
Storage WarsFire in the Hole(Season 2, Episode 7) FYI

A return to Mission Hills, Cal., includes a locker that has a mysterious hole in the wall; and Dave facing his nemesis bidder.

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Fri Sep 22 5:30pm
Storage WarsLand of the Loss(Season 2, Episode 10) FYI

A trip to Santa Ana, Cal., is profitable trip for some, but Jarrod and Brandi take a loss.

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Fri Sep 22 6:00pm
Storage WarsBowling for Dollars(Season 2, Episode 12) FYI

The buyers go to Upland, Cal. Included: a furniture locker and a jewelry unit are explored.

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Fri Sep 22 6:30pm
Storage WarsThe Ship Just Hit the Sand(Season 3, Episode 12) FYI

Irvine, Cal., is visited.

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Fri Sep 22 7:00pm
Storage Wars...More Like WRONG Beach(Season 3, Episode 6) FYI

Long Beach, Cal., is toured.

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Fri Sep 22 7:30pm
Storage WarsDowntown Lockers And Uptown Dreams(Season 9, Episode 4) FYI

The buyers tackle a tower of lockers in L.A. where Darrell and Brandon seek items for their store; Ivy aims for a room filled with tools and Mary battles heavy hitters.

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