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Tue Sep 6 10:00am
Storage WarsAuctioning for Dummies(Season 4, Episode 1) A&E

A visit to Stanton, Cal.

I’ll Watch117 Watching
Tue Sep 6 10:30am
Storage WarsBreathalyze This(Season 4, Episode 2) A&E

Huntington Beach, Cal., is visited.

I’ll Watch97 Watching
Tue Sep 6 11:00am
Storage WarsThe Big Boy vs. the Heavyweight(Season 3, Episode 27) A&E

La Habra, Cal., is toured.

I’ll Watch124 Watching
Tue Sep 6 11:30am
Storage WarsThe Kook, the Chief, His Son and the Brothers(Season 3, Episode 28) A&E

Lake Elsinore, Cal., is visited.

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Tue Sep 6 12:00pm
Storage WarsNobody's Vault But Mine(Season 3, Episode 29) A&E

Part 1 of 2. The buyers visit Chatsworth, Cal.

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Tue Sep 6 12:30pm
Storage WarsStill Nobody's Vault But Mine(Season 3, Episode 30) A&E

Conclusion. The buyers visit Chatsworth, Cal.

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Tue Sep 6 1:00pm
Storage WarsThe PA Stays in the Picture(Season 4, Episode 3) A&E

A visit to Rancho Cucamonga, Cal.

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Tue Sep 6 1:30pm
Storage WarsAll's Well That Urns Well(Season 4, Episode 4) A&E

The buyers visit Orange, Cal.

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Tue Sep 6 2:00pm
Storage WarsA Time to Kiln(Season 4, Episode 5) A&E

A rainy auction day in San Jacinto, Cal., finds Jarrod and Brandi teaming up with Barry to turn a profit. At the same time, Darrell makes a discovery that is music to his ears; and Nabila tries expanding into new territory.

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Tue Sep 6 2:30pm
Storage WarsLike a Kung Pao Cowboy(Season 4, Episode 6) A&E

Montebello, Cal., is visited.

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Tue Sep 13 10:00am
Storage WarsOysters on the Half Plate(Season 4, Episode 7) A&E

Long Beach is toured.

I’ll Watch67 Watching
Tue Sep 13 10:30am
Storage WarsOld Tricks, New Treats(Season 4, Episode 9) A&E

A trip to Inglewood, Cal.

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Tue Sep 13 11:00am
Storage WarsOrange You Glad Dan Sold It Again?(Season 4, Episode 12) A&E

A visit to Burbank, Cal.

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Tue Sep 13 11:30am
Storage WarsThe Monster Hash(Season 4, Episode 8) A&E

The buyers visit Costa Mesa, Cal.

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Tue Sep 13 12:00pm
Storage WarsThe French Job(Season 4, Episode 13) A&E

Laguna Niguel, Cal., is visited.

I’ll Watch78 Watching
Tue Sep 13 12:30pm
Storage WarsBarry's Angels(Season 4, Episode 11) A&E

Rowdy Roddy Piper visits Barry.

I’ll Watch69 Watching
Tue Sep 13 1:00pm
Storage WarsThe Shrining(Season 4, Episode 10) A&E

El Monte, Cal., is toured.

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Tue Sep 13 1:30pm
Storage WarsThat's My Jerry!(Season 4, Episode 14) A&E

The buyers tour Compton, Cal.

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Tue Sep 13 2:00pm
Storage WarsThis Lamp's for You(Season 4, Episode 15) A&E

A tour of Orange, Cal.

I’ll Watch89 Watching
Tue Sep 13 2:30pm
Storage WarsThere's No Place Like Homeland(Season 4, Episode 16) A&E

Homeland, Cal., is visited.

I’ll Watch72 Watching

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