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Burning Questions: Where Were Brad and Ben? What Was Gary Busey Thinking?

Where Was Renfro?Following the Oscars' montage of actors who died this past year, audiences asked why Brad Renfro (who on Jan. 15 died of an overdose) was not included. "It was really an editing decision, because we can't fit everyone in," a rep for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences said Monday. Being even more vague, he added, "There was no specific reason."What Was Gary Busey Thinking?Having become a part of red-carpet history by accosting Jennifer Garner's neck, Busey hardly explained himself on Ryan Seacrest's Monday radio show, telling E!'s pre-show emcee, "I was trying to pay you a compliment, but I didn't realize you were in the middle of an interview." Busey's rep tells, "Thank god for Gary spicing things up! [He] is a good ol' Southern boy with a big personality." Watch and discuss a video of the incident here.Where Was Ben?While his wife's neck met Busey's lips, Ben Affleck was conspicuously MIA, this despite his brother Casey and Amy Ryan (whom... read more

Brad Renfro's Death Attributed to Heroin Overdose

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Actor Brad Renfro, who was found dead in an apartment Jan. 15, died from a heroin overdose, according to a coroner's report. Specifically, the document attributes Renfro's death to "acute heroin/morphine intoxication." The coroner's office also said that "the final manner of death has been ruled an accident," and that the drugs had been injected. Renfro, who was 25, starred in the 1994 film The Client, and had recently finished shooting a film with Winona Ryder and Billy Bob Thornton. Renfro had had several run-ins with the law over the years, starting in 1997 when he tried to steal a yacht, and was sentenced to two years probation. By some accounts, the actor said in August that he was trying to get clean and back on track. He had been scheduled for a status check in court on Feb. 27. — Anna Dimond read more

Brad Renfro's Family Challenges Those Who Would Cast Stones

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At a Monday funeral and memorial service for Brad Renfro in his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee, the actor's officiating great-uncle Michael Earl insured that no one in the gathering of 600 would speak ill of the actor, the Knoxville News Sentinel reports. "Brad had problems just like I have problems, just like you have problems, just like all of us have trials and tribulations that we go through," he said in his sermon. "Was Brad perfect? Well, I can tell you, I'm not. Are you?"Later, the paper quotes Earl as saying that Brad "lived life, and he enjoyed it. Whatever he did, he did it hard as he could. If he messed up, he'd go after it 100 percent." The results of Renfro's autopsy are expected back in six weeks. read more

Actor Brad Renfro, 25, Found Dead

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25-year old actor, Brad Renfro was found dead Tuesday morning in his Los Angeles home. The cause of death is still unknown, and it’s unclear if it was connected with the actor’s history of drug and alcohol problems. The Tennessee native began his acting career at age 12 and is best known for his roles in the popular movies Apt Pupil and The Client. Watch it now! | More online videos read more

Actor Brad Renfro Found Dead at Age 25

Brad Renfro, age 25, was found dead this morning at his home in Los Angeles. People reports that he had spent the night with friends, but was not breathing in the morning. The cause of death has not yet been determined.Renfro, who has a history of drug problems and skirmishes with the law, had recently shot a film with Winona Ryder and Billy Bob Thornton, and previously appeared in The Client and Apt Pupil. He was said to have had a tough transition from his home in Tennessee to the acting biz in Los Angeles. — Anna DimondRelated:• Online Video Guide: Watch clips of Brad Renfro• Actor Brad Renfro Pleads Guilty to Attempted Possession• Brad Renfro cast in Freddy vs. Jason read more


Actor Brad Renfro pleaded guilty Thursday to attempted possession of heroin in a case stemming from his December arrest during a sting in the Los Angeles Skid Row area. He was given three years' probation and must enter a rehab program.... Film director Lee Tamahori pleaded no-contest to criminal-trespass charges, in return for having a pair of prostitution charges against him dropped. Tamahori was arrested Jan. 8 for allegedly soliciting an undercover cop while wearing a dress and, um, a black wig. read more


Leif Garrett pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of heroin possession (as well as subway-fare evasion, but who can pass judgment on that, really?). The former teen idol's mother, Carolyn Stellar, claims her son is addicted: "He needs rehab. This is a disease," she tells the New York Daily News — and blames the hard-partying rocker lifestyle. "Leif idolized rock stars... that whole life of rock 'n' roll and drugs... the Rolling Stones. He figured if they could do it, so could he." Similarly, actor Brad Renfro (Ghost World) has entered a not-guilty plea to charges of attempted possession of heroin and is due back in court on Feb. 23. read more

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