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What's the Secret to Blockbuster Success?

What, if anything, do Star Wars, Mission: Impossible, and Jaws have in common?

What is the formula for blockbuster-movie success? And how does it differ from the recipe for disaster? The new book Boffo! How I Learned to Love the Blockbuster and Fear the Bomb, by Variety editor-in-chief and former studio exec Peter Bart, explores those much-asked questions, as does an accompanying HBO documentary, Boffo! Tinseltown's Bombs and Blockbusters, premiering June 29 and featuring almost as many A-list talking heads as fantastic clips from films both great and... so-so. Bart says that  — especially as cohost of AMC's Sunday read more


Brad Pitt

According to the Sunday Times of South Africa, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie informed a government official that they plan to have their baby in Namibia — as speculated weeks ago, when the couple first holed up in a heavily guarded resort — and as such are considering giving the tot a Namibian name. This is all because "Moses" was taken, isn't it? read more


Jennifer Aniston

Film fans have spoken, and they want Jennifer Aniston to ride off into the sunset with Vince Vaughn.The New York Post reports that as the result of poorly received test screenings, the lovers recently reshot the ending to their upcoming romantic comedy, The Break Up. "People want to see Jennifer happy after she was thrown over by Brad Pitt for Angelina Jolie," a source tells the paper. "And the original ending was... just too much of the same." read more


Michael Douglas tells Extra he was misquoted in a GQ interview that had him questioning Brad Pitt's decision to dump you-know-who for you-know-lips. ("Leaving that beautiful wife to go hold orphans for Angelina? I mean, how long is that going to last?" the mag quoted Douglas as saying.) "I didn't say it," he reportedly told GQ, which responded with the statement, "We stand by [the quotes] 100 percent. For him to suggest we made them up is laughable." read more


Angelina Jolie

Wire reports say that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are holed up this week in a secluded Namibian resort surrounded by tight security, prompting spec that the couple's love child will be born in Africa. Two things: 1) Isn't Angie not due until the summer? (If so, just how big is the time difference in Africa?) And 2) does Namibia have a Babies R Us? I mean, a good one that carries the Huggies Overnites. read more


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

"Where were you on March 18, 2006?" That may be the question li'l ones ask their nanas decades from now, if, as rumored, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie tie the knot this weekend. Buzz has placed the nuptials on the shores of Lake Como, where Pitt pal George Clooney has a villa. (A rep for Clooney insists he is in New York this weekend, working on a film.) Guests are expected to stay at the Motel Sei Villa d'Este, although a rep for the luxe hotel claims no celeb bookings have been made. But just to be safe, everyone, remember the next day or two well so that you may regale the next generations with colorful stories. read more

An Outsider Infiltrates 24's CTU

C.Thomas Howell on 24

If C. Thomas Howell's recent MIA status frustrates those who've had to rely on the USA network to air such memorable '80s fare as The Outsiders, Red Dawn and Soul Man, fear not. The drought has ended. During tonight's two-hour 24 "event" (starting at 8 pm/ET), the former Greaser makes his first of a handful of appearances as Barry Landes, a therapist whose ties to Jack Bauer are, shall we say, "complicated." As a result of this casting coup, longtime fans can finally allow their obsession to continue into the 21st century. As uncovered in our interview with Howell, there's a lot more to him than what all those "Stay gold, Pony!" lobbyists would like us to believe. For starters, he read more


Tom Cruise

War of the Worlds' Tom Cruise has been declared the numero uno babymaking moneymaking film star of 2005, per an annual survey of movie exhibitors. In making his record seventh appearance atop the list, Cruise bested (in order) Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (tied for third; make your own bondage joke), Vince Vaughn, and George Clooney. read more


Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

Might "Baby X" Jolie-Pitt not be born out of wedlock? Don't look to the parents for consensus. According to the Star, Brad Pitt was overheard telling The Constant Gardener director Fernando Meirelles on Jan. 17 that he and ladylove Angelina Jolie plan to marry "very soon." Yet that same day, Angie allegedly told Sin City helmer Robert Rodriguez that she and her baby-daddy "will never marry." I'm less fascinated with the disagreement than with the fact that being a Hollywood director apparently makes you privy to all sorts of scoop. read more


Jennifer Aniston

Contrary to rumors, Brad Pitt did not give ex-wife Jennifer Aniston an early heads-up that he and Angelina Jolie are expecting a child together. "The reports about phone calls between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt... are all made-up lies," the former Friends star's publicist told Extra on Thursday night. As such, Aniston — whose marriage to Pitt reportedly crumbled, in part, due to family-planning issues — is "devastated" by the pregnancy news, a source tells the New York Daily News. read more

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