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Aniston's Friendly Face Is Magazines' Best Seller

Jennifer Aniston by John Shearer/

America's (if not Brad's) sweetheart makes people want to pick her up and take her home with them. So says a survey by of the faces that best sell magazines. According to an analysis of six celebrity weeklies over a six-month span, putting Jennifer Aniston on the cover boosted sales to the tune of five million total copies. Following Jen in gotta-read-about-it-ness was ex-hubby Pitt (the only gent to make the top 10), while ScarJo, Angelina and Reese Witherspoon rounded out the top five.According to Forbes, beleaguered and oversaturated Britney, interestingly, does not move mags, but instead resulted in sales 600,000 below average. The only celeb to have a lower appeal rating than Brit was Paris Hilton. read more

Has Lincoln's Plan Tragically Backfired?

Episode Recap Call WaitingYikes Im afraid Brad Pitt may have been down this road before Does that box contain nah sweet lil Prison Break wouldnt do that Right But the look on Lincs face Maybe it was just full of Celine Dion CDsLets back up So James Whistler is wanted back on the outside because he like took some scientist type to a remote location on his charter boat I was having trouble following that if only because it was so much exposition and so soon What happened to the Prison Break that fed us crumbsI have to say Im a bit disappointed in Sucre He came back to Linc only to get some of the lost millions I thought he was back to join Team Scofield-Burrows Do you think weve seen the last of him or will he resurface later to help save the dayThis episode answered one burning question I had how an inmate is notified of a visitor since there are no guards Somehow they are expected to hear the PA speaker over all that jail-yard clamor Great s read more

Justice League Recasts Supe and Bat, More Movie News

Happy Feet helmer George Miller's big-screen adaptation of the Justice League of America comic books will feature Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter, as well as two familiar yet "new" faces. With Christian Bale and Brandon Routh engaged in new entries in the Batman and Superman franchises, JLA is expected to cast other actors, likely unknowns, in the key roles.... Also per the Reporter, Brad Pitt is in talks to play the brother/trainer of Mark Wahlberg's "Irish" Mickey Ward in The Fighter. Pitt would replace Matt Damon, who had to bow out due to scheduling.... Giovanni Ribisi is joining Sigourney Weaver and Michelle Rodriguez for James Cameron's 3-D Avatar.... Katherine Heigl has optioned rights to the best-selling novel Lost & Found, which she will produce with her mom, says Variety. read more

Jesse James, Inspector Clouseau and More Movie Questions

Brad Pitt in The Assassination of Jesse James... courtesy Warner Bros.

Question Theres a new movie with Brad Pitt as Jesse James can you tell me who else has played him and who was the best in the part SeanFlickChick The role of the legendary bad man most recently undertaken by Brad Pitt in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford has traditionally been a favorite of handsome leading men including Colin Farrell in American Outlaws 2001 Rob Lowe in the made-for-cable Frank and Jesse 1994 Tyrone Power in 1939s Jesse James he appears briefly in 1940s highly historically inaccurate sequel The Return of Frank James but Jesses older brother Frank was played by Henry Fonda future TV Superman George Reeves in The Kansan 1943 and Robert Wagner in The True Story of Jesse James 1957 Even James Dean gave it a whirl in the second episode of popular historical reenactment series You Are There 1953-56 hosted by Walter Cronkite But pretty boys dont have a lock on the role Witness Kris Kristofferson in th read more

Russell Crowe's Rumored Star Trek, More Film News

Russell Crowe courtesy Lionsgate

Will J.J. Abrams' Star Trek feature take its villainy to the Maximus? With the Enterprise's fledgling crew gradually getting cast — Zachary Quinto (as Spock) and Anton Yelchin (Chekov), to name two — there is a story in the New York Post that Russell Crowe is being courted to play the central baddie.... Per Variety, Fight Club members Brad Pitt and Edward Norton will reunite for an adaptation of State of Play.... Director Roman Polanski has pulled out of the $100-million Pompeii, and preparations on the big-budget epic have been halted due to fear of a looming actors' strike. read more

In the Works: Brad Pitt Is Feeling Trans-sexy, and More

Brad Pitt by Dimitrios Kambouris/

FX has greenlit the pilot for 4 Oz., a drama cocreated by Nip/Tuck's Ryan Murphy and featuring Brad Pitt as an executive producer, and concerning a family man who realizes he is a transsexual and embraces it. Since the original pitch, the as-yet-uncast lead character has been changed (as it were) from a sportswriter to a gynecologist.... Also says Variety, A&E has signed off on a pair of pilots: The Beast, about an FBI vet mentoring a young partner, and The Cleaner, based on the true story of a former addict turned interventionist.... Lifetime is adapting Kim Edwards' The Memory Keeper's Daughter as a TV-movie. read more

Bargain Bourne: Damon Delivers Biggest Bang for Buck

Matt Damon in The Bourne Ultimatum courtesy Universal Pictures

The inaugural edition of's "payback" list declares the Bourne films' Matt Damon to be Hollywood's biggest bargain, delivering $29 in box-office revenue for every dollar poured into his paycheck. (Damon was paid $26 million for the trilogy, which to date has drawn $850 mil in gross income.) Ocean's mate Brad Pitt places second with a $24-to-$1 ROI, followed by Vince Vaughn and Johnny Depp, each at $21.Coming in at No. 5 and the top investment actress-wise is Jennifer Aniston, who gives her bosses $17 on the dollar. Hot on Jen's heels is one Angelina Jolie ($15).I'm no statistician, but what I think this all means is that Aniston will either date Matt or Johnny next. read more

The "Definitive" Blade Runner, More Movie News

Blade Runner courtesy Warner Home Video

Ridley Scott is at work on Blade Runner: The Final Cut, a "definitive" version of his 25-year-old sci-fier remastered from original elements and containing never-seen and extended scenes. Per the Reporter, the film hits select theaters Oct. 5, then DVDs Dec. 18.... Tim Blake Nelson has joined The Incredible Hulk in the role of scientist Samuel Sterns aka The Leader aka he of the oversized brain.... Per Variety, DreamWorks has grabbed film rights to the comic-book series The Damned and Courtney Crumrin.... Guy Ritchie plans to direct a film version of his Gatekeeper Virgin Comics series.... Brad Pitt may reunite with Gwyneth Paltrow for the Watergate-themed Dirty Tricks, says the New York Post. read more

Jessica Alba Deems Beau Less Than Fantastic

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren by Kevin Mazur/

The 28-year-old dude recently named Luckiest Bastard of 2007 by Spike TV is now the unluckiest lunk alive. Jessica Alba last week called it quits with her beau of two and a half years, Cash Warren — and over the phone, no less, says Us. "It happened... almost out of nowhere. [Cash] thinks it's [because of] another guy, but doesn't know," a source tells the glossy. "He's totally devastated." As he should be.In other love notes, a spokesperson for Brad Pitt tells Us that a Brangelina breakup story being spun by two of the more fantastical tabs is bogus: "They are on vacation, and all is well." And thus, so are we. read more

Angelina Jolie: Don't Remember Me as an Actress

Angelina Jolie by Jeff Vespa/

Gia is officially Mother Theresa — or so thespian-cum-humanitarian Angelina Jolie hints in an interview for the July Esquire. "I have no animosity toward Hollywood or the demands of the red carpet, all that silliness. That's my job, and I'm happy to have it," she says. "But when I die, do I want to be remembered as an actress? No." Citing an op-ed piece she recently penned, Jolie says, "At the end, it didn't say I was an actress; it said that I was a U.N. goodwill ambassador. And I was really proud."Jolie also shares that she, Brad and their brood bond in bed on Sundays — "Everybody sleeps together," she says, turning what at one time for her male fans would have been a provocative three-word phrase into terribly G-rated fare. "Some people have their lives together and then they have their children. Brad and I are starting with the children and are planning to have our time together in our later years." OK, I'll go first: Awwwww! read more

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