Brad Neely Celebrity Watchlist

Kenny Winker Rules
22:37 — Rock & roll superstar Kenny Winker is coming to China, IL and giving away one ticket to hang out with him on his tour bus, The Garden of Hedon.
Brain Drop
01:08 — The Dean goes to dangerous lengths to up his checkers game.
Mayor Declares Pizza Law
00:40 — The Mayor bans eating anchovies in China, IL.
When Baby Cakes Met Steve
01:42 — Baby Cakes recalls an idyllic childhood of friendship, bike tricks, and gummy treats.
00:51 — With all due apologies to Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Yearbook Release
01:09 — Frank questions the journalistic integrity of the yearbook staff.
Baby Cakes Magical Pet Music Video
02:16 — All Disney princesses have magical animals. Baby Cakes is a Disney Princess. Therefore Baby Cakes needs a magical animal or he'll will himself dead.
Nurse Pony
01:11 — Pony's new assignment brings her to Professor Cakes' restricted research lab.
If You Call a White Guy 'Brother'
01:01 — The secret is out, white guys.
Matchmaker Frank
01:35 — Frank wants to hook up his "friend" on a "date."
Black Swan Teddy
01:27 — Frank explains the complicated spectrum that is his sexuality. Terribly.
The Diamond Castle
22:32 — Frank discovers that Thomas Jefferson's mythical Diamond Castle is real.
Life Coaches
22:37 — Steve, Frank, Pony & Baby Cakes become life coaches for each other.
Do You Know Who You Look Like?
22:32 — After Steve hires another history professor who coincidentally looks just like him, he immediately regrets his decision.
Is College Worth It?
22:32 — After The Dean raises tuition to 500 grand a semester, Pony must go to drastic measures in order to stay in school.
Gummie World
22:31 — Steve and Baby Cakes strike it rich, while Frank falls in love with a piece of a movie star.
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