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Sons & Daughters: Movies and Meat

Fred Goss and Jerry Lambert sing for their supper on Sons & Daughters.

We had our big red-carpet premiere last week at Universal Studios in Hollywood. The producers invited the entire cast and crew, and we ate popcorn and watched the first two episodes in a movie theater. It was so great to be together once again with everyone involved in this show. Several cast members of The Office showed up to support us. After the screening we moved to a nearby restaurant for food, drinks and sparkling conversation. Let me fill you in on what's fappenin' on Sons and Daughters this week. ABC is broadcasting two episodes back-to-back again on Tuesday at 9 pm/ET. The first episode is called "Film Festival." Cameron tries to connect with his son Henry by getting the whole family to attend the screening of one of Henry's short films. Henry is extreme read more


Brad Garrett

Did you hear the one about Brad Garrett and the sitcom about a married couple living adjacent to a jaded and argumentative duo? The Everybody Loves Raymond alum, who at one time was eyeing a Robert-centered spin-off of the hit CBS comedy, now is in talks to join Fox's 'Til Death, a laffer about newlyweds (the groom is played by American Pie's Eddie Kaye Thomas) who move in next door to a long-married couple, of which Garrett would play half. read more


Brad Garrett

If everybody at CBS loves the idea of a Robert-based Everybody Loves Raymond spin-off, they have a funny way of showing it. "CBS waited so long [to put it in motion] that we've lost most of the writers," Brad Garrett, now costarring in Broadway's The Odd Couple, tells Fox News. "We're in limbo now, so it looks like it won't happen." There goes Chris Elliott's nest egg. read more

Oh, my Lord in Heaven, this ...

Question: Oh, my Lord in Heaven, this is the worst thing I've ever seen. Earth, Wind & Fire?? Ellen DeGeneres not funny?? Brad Garrett over Jeremy Piven? William Shatner??? The Emmys are soooo over. It's only 42 minutes in and I'm screaming at my TV. OK, Donald Trump in overalls is something but.... The pacing is completely off. It's almost moribund. Please, Matt, what is going on? Are the Emmy voters all 85 now? I'm no spring chicken. I'm 53 years old, for god's sake. Hugh Jackman over Jon Stewart??? This is one of the worst and stupidest things I've ever seen. This may be my last year watching this travesty. Answer: I liked this rant because it’s almost bloggish and pretty well describes how I felt watching an East Coast feed from a Los Angeles hotel in the company of colleagues and invited guests (all of whose jaws dropped multiple times). Thankfully, TV Guide hosted an awesome after-party, and many movers and shakers came, including much of the Lost cast and crew, celebrating thei ... read more

Today's news was written by Matt Webb Mitovich.


Brad Garrett

As Brad Garrett joked on stage — and then later verified in the pressroom — at the Emmys, where he grabbed his third win in the supporting actor in a comedy category, talks have heated up in recent weeks regarding a possible Everybody Loves Raymond spin-off centered on big (and freakishly so) brother Robert. Not only are Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal and several scribes said to be on board for the follow-up, but also cast members Monica Horan, Fred Willard, Georgia Engel and Chris Elliott. And in my own honest opinion, you can never get enough Chris Elliott. read more

If it weren't for Lost, you might...

If it weren't for Lost, you might never have known what year was being honored at Sunday's Emmy Awards. James Spader and William Shatner— didn't they win last year? A Raymond sweep — haven't we seen that before? Tony Shalhoub winning again? Wake me when it's over. I think Felicity Huffman (prior to her own surprise, but not undeserved, win) summed it up best when she muttered, "Clunk." She was referring to some lame banter during a joint presentation by the five main Desperate Housewives, but she could have been talking about the night itself. Poor Ellen DeGeneres did her droll best to keep this bloated show afloat, but not even the second coming of Johnny Carson (who was paid generous, if solemn, tribute by David Letterman) could have rescued this long, unsatisfying evening. Few awards are as capricious and as maddening as the Emmys. Even when you s read more

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