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Brad Garrett Knocks a Paparazzo's Lights Out

Brad Garrett by Scott Schafer/Fox

Emerging from an L.A. sushi restaurant late Sunday night, 'Til Death star Brad Garrett grew agitated during a verbal sparring with an old foe, then allegedly directed his anger at a cameraman for TMZ. Glaring into the lens, Garrett said, "Excuse me," before striking the camera, knocking a light from the top of it. When the photog questioned the attack, Garrett claimed the camera had bumped into him. Said paparazzo came away with a swollen eye, but will not press charges. The whole videotaped encounter can be seen at TMZ, aka The Site Whose Cameramen You Don't Want to Beat On Because They Are Cameramen and Will Post the Incriminating Video the Next Day. read more

Short Cuts: TV's Funniest, Most Wanted, Extras

During Saturday's America's Most Wanted, the FBI's latest top-10 fugitive list will be revealed. Uh-oh. Sounds like I'm going to be writing another Lindsay Lohan update over the weekend.... On July 10, HBO Video is releasing the second season of Ricky Gervais' Extras with over 100 minutes of, well, extras. None of which makes me the least bit bitter all over again about the fate of The Comeback. OK, maybe a little.... 'Til Death's Brad Garrett has been tapped to emcee the Museum of Television & Radio's Fox special, TV's Funniest Moments, airing Friday. Kinda embarrassing, though, since I have a hunch he won't be introducing any clips from his own show. Today's News was written by Ben Katner. read more

Is their any chance that 'Til ...

Question: Is their any chance that 'Til Death will be renewed for next season and possibly paired up with the new sitcom starring Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammer? Since Heaton and Grammer are so well-known for the characters that they have played on other series, what are the chances that their new show will be successful? Sure, they have name recognition, and perhaps people will tune in to watch the first week. Will those viewers accept the actors in their new roles, or will they expect to see Frasier Crane and Debra Barone? Answer: Case in point regarding the previous question: 'Til Death is now looking more and more like a contender for renewal, thanks in large part to the ratings spike that occurred once it was scheduled behind the American Idol results show on Wednesdays. And given the fact that 'Til Death is something of a star vehicle, with the Brad Garrett-Joely Fisher squabbling the primary reason to tune in, it probably would be a good fit with the star-driven ... read more

I Have Never Taken Nude Photos

The episode we are working on this week, "The Italian Affair," deals with secret pasts. In cleaning out their storage closet, Eddie (Brad Garrett) and Joy (Joely Fisher) find a roll of film with photos from a trip to Italy they've done their best to forget. The reason they've tried to bury the whole vacation is that on their way home, Eddie spanked Joy like a toddler. She was so humiliated that she left him, and he had to do everything he could to get her back. For the last 20 years, Eddie and Joy have not spoken of their trip to Italy, lest they dredge up the old feelings of resentment sparked by this terrible event. We also learn yet a little more about the sordid past of Steph (me). As far as we knew at the beginning of the series, Steph was as sweet and innocent as could be. True, she did trade sex for furniture, but for the most part, a joyful post-wedding romantic haze surrounded her. Things have changed since the wedding.Before I bring us to this week's episode, let's do a br... read more

My Dancer Within

This week’s episode of 'Til Death is called “The Bachelor Party.” Eddie (Brad Garrett) finds out that Jeff (Eddie Kaye Thomas) never had a bachelor party and decides to throw him one. So Eddie, Jeff, Cofeld (Anthony Anderson) and Stan (Jerry Lambert) go out to a strip club to “celebrate Jeff’s bachelorhood” even though he’s been married to Steph (me) for six months.So when I walked in Monday morning for the table read, I couldn’t help but notice that the set of our strip club was fully equipped with a beautiful, shiny brass pole, situated at the end of a glossy black catwalk. On a whole third of our stage, a large and well-appointed strip club had been expertly replicated by our fantastic ‘Til Death set-design and set-decoration team. The club is called Flesh Gardens.We did the table read and it went great — the script is fantastic — but secretly there was a part of me that couldn't stop thinking about the stripper pole. I just ... read more

Exclusive: Ray Romano's Sitcom Comeback!

History is being made in the Ausiello Report this morning, folks. For the first time ever, I'm going to write a sentence that contains the words "'Til" and "Death" in it. But I think it's warranted since, well, it's a big ol' piece of prattle. A tipster with close ties to the Fox sitcom tells me that Brad Garrett has persuaded his former TV bro Ray Romano to make a guest appearance in an upcoming episode (airdate TBD). This would mark the duo's first on-screen reunion since Everybody Loves Raymond signed off in May '05. Garrett's no doubt hoping this bit of stunt casting will bring Death to life in the ratings, where it's been struggling pretty much since day one. The show is also expected to get a boost when it moves to Wednesdays after the American Idol results show beginning Feb. 27. Thoughts? Will a Romano cameo get you to watch 'Til Death? Do you think less of me for giving the show more press? read more

BFFs Britney and Paris to Put On a Show?

"In a move that may cause a black hole of stupidity to implode in the middle of Las Vegas," as the New York Post's Page Six so snarkily puts it, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have supposedly been tapped to cohost the 2006 Billboard Music Awards, airing live from Las Vegas this coming Monday night on Fox. Accordingly, the view from the front-row seats is now being sponsored by the Gillette Daisy.UPDATE: Britney has abruptly and mysteriously bailed on the gig, Us is reporting. "We really don't know the reason," a source at Fox tells the mag. "But we're disappointed." Brad Garrett is said to be next on the net's wish list, so please, totally forget that Gillette Daisy imagery, thanks. read more

The Back Nine: Any Other Keepers?

ABC's Brothers & Sisters has joined the charmed, and so far rather tiny, circle of new fall series rewarded with what is known as "the back nine," as in a full-series renewal taking the original order of 13 episodes to 22 (sometimes expanded further for true breakthrough shows). At the moment, only three other shows have this honor: ABC's delightful Ugly Betty and two speculative fantasies that defied the odds to capture an early following: NBC's intriguing Heroes and, to the surprise of many skeptics (including this one), CBS's dark-hued Jericho.Over the next few weeks, we'll find out which other newbies will get the full-season order and which will bite the dust in 13, if they even get that far. Here's my educated guess, by network.CBS The network with the most solid and consistent schedule was the first to cancel a show (Smith), and has only two other new series to decide upon.While Shark on Thursdays has been a bit of a disappointment, relative to its CSI lead-in by being up... read more

Death Doesn't Become Brad Garrett

Fox freshman 'Til Death, which was already slated for a one-week production hiatus, will stay off the air for an additional week because series star Brad Garrett was dissatisfied with the most recent script, sources tell the Hollywood Reporter. The Emmy winner's primary beef: That the script wasn't for a show called "Everybody Loves Robert." read more

September 21, 2006: Awkward Hole in My Pajamas

There was a comment left on last week's blog that it should be a requirement to be married to review this show. Well hey, I'm engaged so that will have to count for now. I can certainly relate to a diamond ring in the middle of a cantaloupe, though. I mean, I shoved it deep inside a watermelon when I proposed and that worked out well. OK, I'm just kidding about that ? it was actually a pineapple. Seriously though, most of you seem to think this show is crap. For some reason I think it's getting funnier. Maybe I'm demented (and maybe so are the four of you who said you liked it last week, too), but I think the five of us are right. This is really a quality comedy if you like lowbrow put-downs for 30 minutes. How about Eddie throwing the engagement ring at Joy? When she complains about the ring hitting her in the boob he compares it to "pitching softball to a slow kid." Ha. The way he proposed the first time around was better, though ? straight out of Top Gun when he asked her to "rid... read more

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