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Baggage Claim - Trailer
02:24 — Determined to get engaged before her youngest sister's wedding, flight attendant Montana Moore (Paula Patton) finds herself with only 30 days to find (more…)
Fart Face from "Pitch Black"
01:01 — Mike has a dream about his younger brother Phil.
Bloopers from "Valhalla" & "Fish in the Dish"
01:23 — Forgotten lines, farts, and whiplash is what you can expect from THE LAST MAN ON EARTH bloopers.
The Last Casanova On Earth
01:05 — Todd has become quite the ladies’ man in Malibu. Here’s a look at some of his best romantic moments.
Painting The Picture from "Fourth Finger"
01:10 — Gail wants Todd to be honest with her about when he visits Melissa.
Three Things For Season 2
01:05 — Will Forte teases what the fans will see in the new season of THE LAST MAN ON EARTH.
Bacon Freak Out from "Smart and Stupid"
02:01 — Todd freaks out when he finds out that Tandy and Mike finished all the bacon.
Bloopers from "Falling Slowly"
01:08 — This isn't a rehearsal? Enjoy more flubs from THE LAST MAN ON EARTH.
A Closer Look from "Valhalla"
00:43 — Phil tries to show Erica the real Phil.
Bloopers from "Smart and Stupid"
00:53 — A cow interruption, a boompole inquisition, and a little but pronounced fart is what you'll find here.
Please Refrain from "Skidmark"
01:06 — Mike reveals Tandy's old nickname.
Let The Good Times Roll
01:15 — Will Forte and Kristen Schaal talk about all the fun Phil and Carol are having at the beginning of season two.
Bloopers from "Fourth Finger"
00:59 — Flubbed lines have never been so fun.
Tandy Talks: Bull Hunters
01:10 — Tandy tries to rally the troops, and finds a new way to keep quiet.
Feeling Used from "Fish in the Dish"
00:56 — Phil asks Todd for a favor but the request won't be an easy one to fill thanks to Melissa and Gail.
Bloopers from "Silent Night"
01:01 — Sometimes the best moments are the moments that aren't planned.
The Down Under from "Smart and Stupid"
01:28 — Mike learns something really interesting about Erica's past.
Good Catch from "Valhalla"
00:43 — Phil entrusts Carol with a secret.
Bloopers from "Skidmark"
01:23 — Hilariousness ensues with B.J's, Ashley Simpson, and hot stoves.
A Little Help from "Fish in the Dish"
01:31 — Carol makes a Phil a cheat sheet for his big test.
Oh Farts from "Smart and Stupid"
01:18 — Gail is beginning to think that she drinks too much.
Business & Party all In One from "Fourth Finger"
01:38 — Phil reveals Mike's handiwork.
Tit For Tat from "Fourth Finger"
00:53 — Carol urges Tandy to stop trying to get even.
The Old Fashioned Way from "Falling Slowly"
01:49 — Carol figures another way for her and Tandy to have a baby.
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