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Saturday Sessions: Bonnie Raitt performs "Gypsy in Me"
04:18 — Bonnie Raitt is a true American original. She's racked up 10 Grammys, been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and been named to Rolling ston (more…)
Bonnie Raitt on loss, success and life on the road
04:24 — The daughter of a famous Broadway star, Bonnie Raitt has made her career singing the blues. Over 45 years, Raitt has racked up 10 Grammys, been induct (more…)
Saturday Sessions: Bonnie Raitt performs "Love Letter"
04:11 — Bonnie Raitt is a true American original. She's racked up 10 Grammys, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was named to Rolling stone' (more…)
Crooked cop pairs up with man he framed
02:48 — Jameel McGee and former police officer Andrew Collins' lives became intertwined when Collins put McGee in jail for a crime he didn't commit. So what h (more…)
Approval junkies: Always looking for validation
02:32 — Many people perform actions for approval. Faith Sallie is no different. She has a message for those in society who seek affirmation from others, and " (more…)
Massive Ecuador quake leads to widespread damage
01:05 — A very powerful 7.8 earthquake shook large portions of Ecuador Saturday. Nearly 80 are reported dead. Reporter Stephan Kufner has the latest from Quit (more…)
On The Trail: Biscayne National Park
04:11 — Contuning his year-long exploration of America's National Parks, Conor Knighton's latest destination is Biscayne National Park, where the best scenery (more…)
The Vatican rolls out the welcome mat for refugees
01:14 — It's the first day in a new country for 12 Syrian refugees taken in by Pope Francis after he visited a migrant camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. Cha (more…)
Bonnie Raitt: You don't go into rock and roll to get a lot of sleep
02:01 — In this preview of an interview to air on "Sunday Morning," the multiple-Grammy-winning singer-songwriter talks to Tracy Smith about her start in the (more…)
Heart Condition - Trailer
01:30 — A racist Los Angeles cop receives a heart transplant from a murdered black lawyer, whose ghost then teams up with him to find the killer. Good cast ma (more…)
My Worst Summer Job: John Cena
01:26 — For the first time ever, John Cena shares the story of a summer he spent experimenting with ice cream ingredients like Milk-Bone and Chef Boyardee Bee (more…)
Bonnie Raitt: Gypsy in Me
04:17 — Music guest Bonnie Raitt performs 'Gypsy in Me' for the Tonight Show audience.
The Meddler Sends Susan Sarandon and Jimmy Into a Laughing Fit
02:47 — Susan Sarandon and Jimmy dissolve into giggles when talk about her dramatic-comedy film The Meddler turns into a long non-story about his mom's travel (more…)
Susan Sarandon Turned Down a Thelma & Louise Sequel
03:17 — Susan Sarandon explains the boot on her foot, and Jimmy recommends some supernatural ideas for a sequel to Thelma & Louise in honor of the movie's 25- (more…)
Wheel of Fortune Gets Political, Cuba Doesn't Want U.S. Presents
03:45 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Tuesday, March 29. Part 1 of 2.
Jimmy Fallon Hurt John Cena's Feelings
01:53 — Jimmy tries to coax a sad John Cena back to the couch after admitting he didn't expect the WWE wrestler-turned-actor to be so funny in comedies like T (more…)
Novak Djokovic Catches Tennis Ball in His Pocket Mid-Match
03:04 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Tuesday, March 29. Part 2 of 2.
John Cena's American Grit Is the Greatest Show You'll Ever See
02:52 — John Cena chats with Jimmy about his Fox reality-competition show, American Grit.
Pros and Cons: Taking a Carnival Cruise to Cuba
03:01 — Jimmy weighs the good and bad of taking one of the first tourist cruises to Cuba from the U.S. for the first time in over 50 years.
Sticky Balls With John Cena
03:52 — Jimmy and John Cena slip into Velcro suits and attempt to stick as many balls to each other as possible before time runs up.
Ellen: Ellen Unplugged Trailer
01:05 — An adolescent fantasy comes true.
The Talk - Cam Discusses Breakout Album And Best Red Carpet Moment
01:19 — Country music star Cam stops by "The Talk" to discuss her Academy of Country Music award nominations and what it was like to meet one of her idols, Bo (more…)
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