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Bonnie Raitt: Need You Tonight
03:22 — Bonnie Raitt Performs "Need You Tonight"
Calvin Klein's Eternity
04:47 — Two contestants compete on Calvin Klein's Eternity, a game show where the questions revolve around deep, philosophical themes like love and despair.
Piercing Today
05:38 — On "Piercing Today," host Dana Frilig welcomes a lesbian couple chained together through nose piercings, and Viper, the human pin cushion.
Dysfunctional Family Feud
08:15 — Ray Combs hosts as The Rileys and the Thortons compete in a twisted version of the classic TV gameshow.
Mikhail Gorbachev and the Diceman On Johnny Carson Cold Open
06:43 — Johnny Carson talks comedy with Andrew Dice Clay, the Soviet Union with Mikhail Gorbachev and banters to pre-recorded commentary by Ed McMahon.
My Worst Summer Job: John Cena
01:26 — For the first time ever, John Cena shares the story of a summer he spent experimenting with ice cream ingredients like Milk-Bone and Chef Boyardee Bee (more…)
WFPA's Monsters of Monologue '94
02:38 — A ring announcer promotes a performance art event that pits Eric Bogosian against Spalding Gray to find out who's the top monologist.
01:33 — A man's impersonation of Jack Nicholson doesn't go over so well, until he straps on the Nich-Aid, a device gives the wearer that Nicholson look.
Attitudes: Rainbow Head
06:41 — Talk show hosts Linda Dano and Dee Kelly welcome Rainbow Head to discuss being a prominent sports fan and why he started wearing a bright-colored wig.
Mona Lisa Vito Testifies at the O. J. Simpson Trial
05:57 — The defense in the O. J. Simpson trial calls automobile expert Mona Lisa Vito to testify about the white Ford Bronco and the forensic evidence inside.
Super Fire Hot Wings
05:25 — A man at Ron's Wings 'N' Things orders the Super Fire Hot Wings, so the manager comes to the table to talk him out of it.
The Meddler Sends Susan Sarandon and Jimmy Into a Laughing Fit
02:47 — Susan Sarandon and Jimmy dissolve into giggles when talk about her dramatic-comedy film The Meddler turns into a long non-story about his mom's travel (more…)
Susan Sarandon Turned Down a Thelma & Louise Sequel
03:17 — Susan Sarandon explains the boot on her foot, and Jimmy recommends some supernatural ideas for a sequel to Thelma & Louise in honor of the movie's 25- (more…)
Jimmy Fallon Hurt John Cena's Feelings
01:53 — Jimmy tries to coax a sad John Cena back to the couch after admitting he didn't expect the WWE wrestler-turned-actor to be so funny in comedies like T (more…)
John Cena's American Grit Is the Greatest Show You'll Ever See
02:52 — John Cena chats with Jimmy about his Fox reality-competition show, American Grit.
How Hillary Clinton Is Preparing to Debate Donald Trump
02:17 — Secretary Hillary Clinton explains how she is preparing to debate.
Lie Witness News: Hillary Clinton's Big Announcement
02:49 — We asked people if they heard Hilary's big announcement.
John Krasinski's New Movie "The Hollars"
03:51 — John talks about the great cast for his new movie "The Hollars."
John Krasinski Has Started Cooking for Emily Blunt
03:49 — John explains how a bet involving Leonardo DiCaprio led to him cooking more at home.
Hillary Clinton On a Jimmy Kimmel Vice Presidency
03:12 — Secretary Hillary Clinton debates her pick for Vice President
Hillary Clinton Tries to Read Donald Trump Quotes With a Straight Face
02:17 — Secretary Hillary Clinton reads real quotes from Donald Trump.
Hillary Clinton Proves She's in Good Health
01:28 — Secretary Hillary Clinton demonstrates her good health.
Hillary Clinton Isn't Worried About Her Unreleased Emails
00:49 — Secretary Hillary Clinton says she isn't worried about the emails of hers that will be released shortly before her debate with Donald Trump.
Hillary Clinton Didn’t Look at Her Family's Speeches About Her
01:28 — Secretary Hillary Clinton talks about her famiy's speeches.
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