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Behind the Scenes
02:03 — Go behind the scenes of the new comedy The Odd Couple.
The Odd Couple: All The Residents' Men Trailer
00:55 — Oscar and Felix run a heated campaign for President of their building’s tenants’ association, but Oscar doesn’t fully realize everything the position (more…)
The Odd Couple - The Campaign Trail
02:30 — Oscar and Felix go head-to-head to be the next building president.
The Odd Couple: Heal Thyself Trailer
03:05 — Felix's hypochondria flares up, perhaps not so coincidentally, at the same time Oscar starts dating his doctor.
The Odd Couple: The Audit Couple Trailer
02:06 — When the IRS decides to audit Oscar and his ex-wife, Gaby and Felix offers to mediate between the contentious exes and suddenly realizes that he might (more…)
Season 5: Desperate Housewives: Clip 2 Trailer
01:31 — Season 5 picks up five years after the events of the season four finale and continues to focus on the lives of Wisteria Lane residents Susan Mayer, Ly (more…)
The Odd Couple - No Parking
01:08 — Felix overcomes his fear of driving, but at the expense of Oscar's car.
The Odd Couple - More Like Oscar
02:17 — Felix takes Emily's advice to be "more like Oscar" a little too far.
The Odd Couple - Felix Takes the Wheel
02:02 — Felix enlists the help of Murph while getting used to driving a car.
The Odd Couple - A Friendly Dinner
01:56 — An unlikely dinner date ends with Oscar and Emily bonding.
The Odd Couple - Chess Chump
01:57 — Felix rediscovers his passion for competitive chess playing.
The Odd Couple - This Isn't Chess Camp
02:23 — Oscar and Emily confront Felix about his new chess obsession.
The Odd Couple: Odd Man Out Trailer
01:01 — Felix forces Oscar and Emily to go on a date to get to know each other better in the hope that they’ll become friends. Also, Teddy agrees to help Dani (more…)
The Odd Couple: Chess Nuts Trailer
01:16 — Oscar learns that Felix was nationally ranked chess player as a child and convinces him to return to the game to make money. Also, Emily investigates (more…)
The Odd Couple - A Little Pain
04:03 — Painful truths are brought up during Emily's birthday dinner.
The Odd Couple - Breaking the Birthday Curse
02:27 — Felix is preparing a birthday dinner for Emily that he hopes she won't want to forget.
The Odd Couple: A Dinner Engagement Trailer
01:47 — Felix attempts to reverse Emily’s birthday curse and plans a nice dinner to celebrate with friends. Also, Oscar and Charlotte face another obstacle in (more…)
The Odd Couple - Felix the Great
01:32 — Felix has a magical evening planned with Emily that quickly goes up in smoke.
The Odd Couple: An Oscar Named Desire Trailer
00:48 — Oscar and Charlotte hit a speed bump when they hesitate to take their relationship to the next level. Also, Felix attempts to overcome his fear of dog (more…)
The Odd Couple - Waiting For Oscar
01:31 — Oscar has trouble concentrating on a date with Charlotte.
The Odd Couple - Felix Football
02:21 — Felix tells Oscar to be honest before pretending to be a football super fan.
The Odd Couple - Oscar Takes the Mound
02:43 — Oscar gets worked up before throwing out the first pitch at a Mets game.
The Odd Couple - Parental Pranks
01:16 — Oscar thanks Felix for inviting his father to town in his own special way.
The Odd Couple - Madison & Son (Behind the Scenes)
02:44 — Oscar's dream comes true when he is asked to throw out the first pitch at a New York Mets game. Also, Felix surprises Oscar and invites his father to (more…)
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