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Go On: Win At All Costas Trailer
01:47 — Mr K. finds new purpose Ryan gets a golden opportunity to audition for his idol, Bob Costas.
Live from Brazil: 100 Days Until the Rio 2016 Olympics
02:06 — With the torch now officially on its way to Brazil, NBC Sports’ Bob Costas shares the Olympic storylines to watch for with 100 days to go before Rio.
#TheTag: Bob Costas Puts His Olympics Knowledge to the Test
01:12 — With just 100 days to go before the Rio Olympics, Bob Costas is preparing to host NBC's primetime Games coverage for the 11th time. Find out how the v (more…)
100 Days Until Olympic Games in Rio
03:58 — NBC News’ Bob Costas reports on the political and environmental climate in Brazil – as well as concerns over the Zika virus -ahead of the summer Olymp (more…)
Rio 2016: Bob Costas Previews the Games With 100 Days to Go
01:04 — With the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics just 100 days away, Bob Costas, host of NBC’s primetime Olympics coverage, reports from Rio de Janeir (more…)
Head Games - Official Trailer
02:26 — From acclaimed director Steve James (Academy Award-nominated "Hoop Dreams," "The Interrupters"), HEAD GAMES is a revealing documentary about the silen (more…)
Open Season - Official Trailer
02:01 — When a computer glitch sets off a TV ratings war, a loyal tour guide for the omnipotent Fielding Ratings Service watches his own life go from lacklust (more…)
Monk: Mr. Monk Makes The Playoffs Trailer
00:21 — Jan 30th at 9pm/8c on USA Network. About to attend the big playoff game, Monk is distracted by a fan who is injured at a tail-gating party. Guest star (more…)
Super Bowl 50 Is Here! Bob Costas Gives Us His Predictions
03:25 — It's finally time to watch Super Bowl 50! On Sunday, the Panthers will face off with the Broncos at Levi’s stadium for football fame. For TODAY, NBC’s (more…)
Intro - Stephen Wins the Olympics
Stephen needs a score of 74.52 in order to beat Bob Costas and win the Vancouver Olympics.
Bob Costas
Bob Costas doesn't care who wins at the Olympics he just wants good, interesting stories.
Intro - 12/13/05
Stephen determines what makes a great coach and learns about performance-enhancing steroids. Plus, Bob Costas will judge Stephen's triple salchow.
Bob Costas
Bob Costas reveals which sports are manly and which ones are just low-scoring European prance parties.
Stephen Distracts Bob Costas
Stephen just wants to tell Bob Costas he's doing a great job hosting the Olympic Games.
Sign Off - Bob Costas Rides the Moose
Bob Costas climbs up on Stephen's giant moose, Ebersol.
5 x Five - Colbert Moments: Olympic Coverage
Stephen learns to bobsled, tries his hand at curling and beats Bob Costas to win the Olympics.
Kenya Moore & Wayne Brady
MAZEL: Goes to University of Missouri, all-American football star, Michael Sam, who announced that he is gay. We want to congratulate him for doing so (more…)
Bob Costas's Advice on Life After Late Night TV
Bob Costas offered more realistic advice to Jay Leno on life after the Tonight Show.
Flashback: Yogi Berra On Meet the Press
09:49 — Bob Costas and Tim Russert interview Yogi Berra on Meet the Press about his time in the league, the state of baseball and his famous Yogisms.
Bob Costas' Pink Eye Has Spread
Bob Costas has anchored the network's Olympics coverage for several decades, to the point where many American viewers of the event consider him a feat (more…)
Costas Talks Guns On SNF
Full Segment: NBC broadcaster Bob Costas used his half-time slot Sunday night to advocate for gun control following Jovan Belcher's suicide, causing (more…)
Costas Talks Guns On SNF - Chiefs' Homicide-Suicide Becomes Halftime Topic
NBC broadcaster Bob Costas used his half-time slot Sunday night to advocate for gun control following Jovan Belcher's suicide, causing a social media (more…)
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