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Raquel Welch and Bo Derek Heading to CSI: Miami

Raquel Welch, Bo Derek

Raquel Welch and Bo Derek are going to heat up CSI: Miami.

The iconic sex symbols will guest-star in separate episodes of the crime drama early next year.

Bo Derek to guest-star as herself on Chuck

Derek will play a "well-preserved" mother who runs a horse ...
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Bo Derek to Guest-Star as Herself on Chuck

Bo Derek

Bo Derek will guest-star in the fifth and final season of NBC's Chuck, has confirmed.

The'80s sex symbol — who still looks great from where we sit — will portray... read more


My Network (you know, the network made up of all the WB and UPN affiliates left out in the cold by those networks' merger) has found its "face"... you know, its Jennifer Love Hewitt, its Lauren Graham, its Teri Hatcher — and she's... Bo Derek. No kidding, the onetime 10 has been chosen to play the feisty fashionista at the center of its nightly telenovela, Secret Obsessions. Of course, if My Network were my network, the part would've gone to Apollonia. read more

Linda Evans and John Forsythe ...

Oil that glitters: Dynasty's Forsythe and Evans

Question: Linda Evans and John Forsythe were in a nighttime soap with the name Carrington. What was the name of that show?

Answer: I'm happy to answer that, but I demand an explanation — unless you spent the better part of the '80s living in a vacuum or, at least, manning a missile silo, I simply don't see how you could forget the over-the-top Dynasty. A fixture of a time when alluring TV women were rightly defined as those over 20, the series was a classic and the definition of the overused term "guilty pleasure."

A ratings powerhouse in the mid-'80s, Dynasty ran on ABC from January 1981 to May 1989, making Forsythe, Evans (The Big Valley) and costar Joan Collins household names while doling out paychecks to what seemed like half of Hollywood and upping the profiles of actor read more

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