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February 14, 2007: This Is Starting to Get Out of Hand Really Fast

I had always heard that high-school football in Texas was a religion, but I didn’t realize it was something worth morally bankrupting oneself over. I cannot believe that those cops were willing to arrest Smash without a warrant for assault when the other guy tackled him in the end zone, unprovoked. Plus, if we want to be technical here, Tim threw the first punch — but they weren’t going to go after a white player. Why did it take a far more insidious form of racism to vindicate Mac MacGill? Of course, that begs the question of whether Mac MacGill is vindicated. He acknowledged that, “stuff like this kind of works its way into you if you’re around it long enough,” and he certainly fixed the situation on the highway. But as Tami rightly pointed out, he’s a government employee, and his was an offense worthy of being fired for. This show makes me think way too hard.Smash is a character I like more and more every week. He is really rising to the occasio... read more

February 7, 2007: I Think You Got Your Story

In the aftermath of Mel Gibson, Michael Richards and Isaiah Washington, did we really need yet another perspective on celebrities saying stupid, insensitive and utterly indefensible things? I was fatigued by it all (though I am still disgusted). However, after watching this episode, my appreciation for this gem of a show was yet again renewed. I’m not sure whether this had anything to do with the recent spate of somewhat similar incidents in the entertainment industry — certainly it was written before Greysgate, part II occurred — but the story line was mercifully subtler than anything I would have expected it to be, which I definitely appreciated.I refer to Mac McGill as a celebrity because I am sure that in the town of Dillon, he is. He was caught in a somewhat relaxed and unguarded moment, so one has to ask, is he racist or is he a terrible speaker? I’m leaning heavily toward racist, even though he may not think of himself in that regard. However, dismissing ... read more

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