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Blake's Take: American Idol Needs to Keep Current

Not only does Blake Lewis have no regrets or have done anything differently during his American Idol run, but he says the competition actually ended on the highest of notes for him. "It was amazing, every week a different experience, and I ended with a bang, [playing] with Doug E. Fresh," he told during a conference call. In fact, rather than have season-finale jitters, he says, "The most calm I have been this entire season was playing the Kodak Theatre both nights."Blake may best be remembered for bringing his special something to the Idol stage, an arena previously known for proffering traditional pop music versus his beatboxing flair. Hopefully, Blake says, a precedent was set by his near-winning run. "I can only hope that [Idol] keeps a contemporary edge," he told reporters. "There was definitely a lot of 'classics' going on this year, and I think that the show, to have continued success, needs to play more in favor to what's out there, what's current."As for his own... read more

Inside Idol's Finale: Blake and Doug, "Crying Girl" and More

Idol's Blake scored his own big "W," beatboxing with Doug E. Fresh.

In the end, the only person who didn't know that Jordin Sparks was going to be crowned the newest American Idol was... Jordin Sparks. After host Ryan Seacrest (finally!) got around to announcing Sparks as the winner, the 17-year-old high-school junior from Arizona said that she had no idea she was the odds-on favorite to join Kelly, Reuben, Fantasia, Carrie and Taylor as America's favorite singer. "I've been in a bubble," Sparks told after being crowned the youngest Idol to date. "When I went home [after making the finals] there was so much support, but that was from my home state. I had no idea what everyone was thinking." Sparks needed to go no further than the red carpet outside the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood and Highland Wednes read more

Heir Jordin: Yes, She Is Your New American Idol

Jordin Sparks by Frank Micelotta/Fox

To those of you watching Lost and TiVoing American Idol, which ran six minutes over (and counting...), hi, I am your new best friend. I suppose you could say that "this is her now" — though she reserves the right to come up with a new theme for her victory at a later date. With a record 74 million votes cast in this, the final salvo of American Idol 6 — and after sitting through 124 minutes of filler (albeit rather entertaining filler) — Jordin Sparks beat 'boxer Blake Lewis to emerge as the last crooner standing. Overcome with emotion as Ryan ripped open the envelope and then read her name, the verklempt 17-year-old from Arizona — the youngest Idol in the show's history, mind you — thanked America "for everything," gave props to the fam, and then launched into her rendition of this year's Idol original, "This Is My Now."As mentioned above, the telecast was chock-a-block with musical entertainment in a fun and frothy way you kinda wish "Idol Gives Back" had ... read more

May 22, 2007: Finally, Finale Eve

Woo-hoo! The final countdown is here. We've been together since January, and I feel like I know each and every one of you. OK, maybe that's a bit over the top, but it has been an interesting ride, wouldn't you agree? This was a fairly entertaining show. Both Blake and Jordin really went for broke. It will just come down to who the American public will choose when they vote. These are two very different types of contestants, and that makes it difficult to predict the winner. Blake has his “Blaker Girls” and his beatboxing and his ability to make even out-of-date songs seem contemporary and hip. Jordin can make anything sound good with her huge, beautiful voice. Do you go for entertainment value or singing ability? It’s a tough call and could prove to be one of the closest contests yet. Simon looked very nice tonight. Too bad he doesn’t wear a jacket more often, it was quite becoming!On with the show: Blake wore not one, but two different argyle jumpers (that’... read more

Idol Chat: Which Finalist Has the Most to Gain by Winning?

Kimberly Caldwell and Rosanna Tavarez take on American Idol.

What is running through the respective minds of Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis, as American Idol's big finale looms? Might Blake pull an upset and win this thing? And how does this Idol showdown compare to years past? We asked Rosanna Tavarez, who with Kimberly Caldwell cohosts TV Guide Channel's Idol Chat, Idol Tonight and Reality Chat, for her ta read more

Previewing the American Idol Finale, Simon Says....

Simon Cowell by Dimitrios Kambouris/

Jordin's got pipes that cannot be beat. Blake rocks a contemporary beat. For that reason alone, Simon Cowell has no prediction to make about the forthcoming American Idol finale. "I can't call it, because I think they’ve both got different strengths," he told during a conference call to tout the new (and totally improved) season of that other AI, ABC's American Inventor (premiering June 6). "One is a better entertainer, and one is a better singer. It will come down to what they do on [Tuesday]."Later in the call, Cowell dissed the dismissal of critical darling Melinda Doolittle, but stopped short of saying it cripples Idol's credibility. "I didn’t agree with the vote, but more people should have dialed for Melinda," he said plainly. "When you allow the public to choose, you’ve got to live and die by the vote. It's as simple as that."Reflecting on Idol's season gone by — one marked by a famously coiffed crooner — Simon confessed, "I like crazy. Th... read more

Singin' a Happy Teen: Will Jordin Heed Simon's Words?

Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis by Frank Micelotta/Fox

American Idol finalist Blake Lewis tells that come Tuesday night, he and Jordin Sparks will sing one song they have performed previously; a new tune of their own choosing; and, to complete their set, the winning ditty from this season's songwriting competition-within-a-competition — "but that's all I can reveal."In a separate conference call, Jordin told reporters that Simon Cowell's comments — namely, his recent riffs that her song picks sometimes skew too old for someone all of 17 — "always stay with you. But at the same time, I can't really base what I'm going to do off of that, even though I can and sometimes do." But in this particular, kinda-important instance, will she embrace a "youth" movement? "Next week, I have a more youthful song in my repertoire that I'm going to pull out," Jordin previewed. "So I'm really excited."POLL: Might beat-boxer Blake best Jordin to win? Vote here. read more

May 16, 2007: Didn't See That Coming

Homer Simpson opened the show and wanted to know if he could still vote for Fantasia. "Who is heading for glory and who is heading home?" Just the way Ryan said that line made me worried. The problem was I didn’t want to wade through an hour of dreg to hear the final tally. I found it very hard to get through this show. While waiting (im)patiently to hear the results, we were subjected to the following: — A plug for the upcoming Idol tour.— The emotional journeys back home for the final three. — Haley, Brandon and LaKisha in the audience.— Why are the challenges so stupid easy?— Another Ford commercial.— Elliot Yamin (See below.)— Maroon 5 (What does that mean, anyway?)— The continuous, drawn-out torture of the final three as Ryan read the judges' comments from the previous night and refused to tell them how America voted in order to build anticipation. (Which in my case was already so built up, I thought I might have a heart attack –... read more

Melinda Doolittle Eliminated from American Idol

Melinda Doolittle by Frank Micelotta/Fox

In a shocking turn of events, frontrunner Melinda Doolittle received the least amount of votes and was sent home. Despite earning high praise from all of the judges of her three songs on Tuesday, she failed to win America's approval. The talented performer graciously smiled and applauded the two remaining finalists. Simon Cowell looked stunned behind the judges' table. His initial reaction was, "Congratulations to you two [as he gestured to Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks]; my commiserations to you, Melinda, because you are one heck of a singer."Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul complimented Melinda's consistency, and reassured her that she'd have an incredible career in the future. Doolittle delivered her song choice from Tuesday's episode, a sassy rendition of "I'm a Woman," for her final performance on the Idol stage. She slowly walked over to the backup singers at the end of her tune, perhaps as a silent nod to her pre-Idol profession.Next week's finale will be a showdown between 17-y... read more

May 15, 2007: "Do or Die for the Final Three"

As we wind down to the last few shows of Season 6, excitement is in the air. Each of the three final contestants has a shot at stardom, and will have a decent career whether they win this thing or not. This week, the final three each sang three songs — songs picked by the judges, the producers and the contestants themselves, and running the musical gamut from the old to the new. (By the by, I love Paula’s hair!)The Jordin ShowSimon chose “Wishing on a Star” by Rose Royce, and Jordin did a fine job. The judges thought she “sang it brilliantly,” but Simon didn’t like the “weird jazz arrangement.”The producers chose “She Works Hard for the Money” by Donna Summer. Jordin sounded great — but there was no "wow" factor for me. “You [are] working it out up there!” shouted Randy. Paula thought Jordin “worked hard for the money,” and Simon found it a “very good performance.”Jordin chose “I (Who Have... read more

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